Basic Feng Shui Cure #6 - Use Electrical Devices to Activate Sections of the Bagua for Increased Wealth and Fame


Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.

When the ancient Chinese first began using Feng Shui, of course, there was
no such thing as electricity. Modern Feng Shui masters had to find ways
to account for these devices and their affects on the chi of a home,
apartment or business.

Today, electrical devices including stereo sound systems, television sets, and, of course, lights, are
employed as one of the nine basic Feng Shui cures. In general,
electrical objects have a very active, lively chi, and are useful to
brighten a space when more energy is needed.

No Place in the Bedroom
Electrically powered objects should be kept out of the bedroom -- and especially the
master bedroom -- as they can create stress and detract from a good
night's sleep and the peaceful, calming atmosphere of a bedroom.

If you require an electric or battery-powered alarm clock to wake up in
the morning, point the clock so it is facing away from you. The lights
may keep you awake at night, and, if you can't sleep, there's nothing
worse than watching the minutes rush by as morning approaches. This only
adds to insomnia.

Electrical Energy to Raise the Chi
In most areas of the home, electrical energy is positive, carrying uplifting chi that will activate that segment of the Ba Gua. An air conditioner in the wealth corner will have the same effect as a
water feature -- improving the financial situation of the home's
residents. A television in the fame corner is an effective way to become
more well-known in your industry or vocation.  

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