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In october and november I have entered through a relationship which became the most confused, hurting and dangerous situation I have ever lived , and recently, it was nearly now.

i though my head was going to explode.

I had to do so many tecnics of meditation and therapy schemes, even matial arts, beating and shouting, crying and weeping that I became much more relaxed, after al those horrible days.

I do not feel strange that I did not even had tried to write here, or articles or what...!]

But more strange... I discovered many things throught the stupidity which happened.

I got from friends even on NING here, lists and lists of HORMONES which are related to what happens to us in relationships like these.

Ocitocin, serotonin, vaso prssin, are only three... dopamin, a fourth element, a hormone, which happens to be liberated when you find a partner and your body starts to producer certain hormones.

Then you separate, you feell REALLY a hell... even you body hurts, as if it had been severely beaten...

Those inner drugs act, according to a relevant brazilian magazine, SUPER INTERESSANTE - (super interesting, is the meaning of that) - act exactly like severe drugs as cocaine and otheres who produces a syndrome called abstinence syndrom, or cold turkey for John Lennon and other drug users. I love John Lennon, don't wiorry, but he made this song, Cold Turkey, because iof this what happens when you are addicted and you come unto being without the drugs.

And it is the same story, same chemstry level even, BUT, these drugs are produced, BY the body. That's why some people kill the ex-lover after being rejected by the ex-partner, or they, being masochistic, they kill themselves.

In my University, I have again visited today after 35 years... I had a class years ago, that stated that there are three (INNER) drugs in our bodies, which CAN be synthesized by the organism, in certain situations.

They discovered in some psychotic people interned in Psychiatric Hospitals, some three drugs, in different (coluntary) patients..., absolutely similar (I saw the chemical structure of the composts), one similar to cocaine, one simla to the chemical structure of grass (cannabis sativa) and another simliar to the structure of LSD.

IMPRESSIVE, very strange and amazing...!

Absolutely similar, EXCEPT for ONE SINGLER and SIMPLE difference...:

in the end, on the TIP of the -c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c carbonic structure (Organic Chemestry) instead of -c-h2-oh  ther was an ending -c-h-oh, N (as to say, 40 years passed, I dont exactly remember... but something... OH is oxigen hidrigen. N might be Nitrogen, or so, but if you ask the chemistry deptm. of your University, they will tell you...

The three components exist spontaneously in several different psychiatric patients...!

And the reactions of these people are relatively similar... as you know, even by descriptions of some singers, LSD provokes some aberrations, in the perception - therefore they call these perceptions "lysergic". And some peopl as you know, when they have some strage reactions and feel they are having alucinations, uit is relatively similar, one group, and another group.

I feel very glad to share these deductions and taklings with you all.

So I wish you all the best, and feel free to cvomment about it.

I am not a chemist neither drug expert, just a singer parapsychologist, trying to make ends meet, and otherwise, to share some ideas.


sw. anand TAZA (h.lemke)


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Reply by TAZA on April 2, 2010 at 4:06am

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What I am trying to observe to you, as lovers, that the HURT you feel when you separate, is really BECAUSE of these hormones and their balances or IM-balances or UN-balances. So, when the lover's gone away, you feel VERY even bodily hurt, and when she or he returns, you feel marvelous, as peace returned and hell is gone away.
Reply by TAZA on April 8, 2010 at 2:12pm
Reading my own exposition (exposure) I realize I did not offer my gratitude to Existence for having put that lady in my life, so I could - rather than explode my brains of, to become much more round and soft after all the catarsis.
[I wrote her but did not thank.At all.]
I feel that feminism is a very hazardous and dangerous thing - women who do not like men at all, but I recognize i had a lot of anger in my inner world that happened to come out so io could heal my wonds, finding a woman so similar to all my mother's defects, which I hated the most.
Thank you, Existece, you are somehow very wise, obviously wiser than me.


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