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Here I will endeavour to post many of White Eagle's teachings and prayers. I will also bring you channelled messages of love, hope, healing and prayer.

About White Eagle:

WHITE Eagle speaks for himself when he says:

“WE come to you under the name of White Eagle, but would explain that we speak for a large company of shining beings, angels and illumined souls of men and women who are sometimes referred to as the Star Brotherhood.
We have the name of White Eagle because our message is the message of John, the beloved of the Lord Jesus. John is the ‘light bringer’; White Eagle is a humble servant, but the symbol of the white eagle is one used by John the Beloved, the teacher of the new age of Aquarius. This light is gradually being born upon your earth plan. Many messengers are coming to the earth from the higher spheres of life with the same message.
It is a very simple message – the one which Jesus left with his disciples – LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
We have worked for many incarnations in the personality we take on when we come into physical conditions, to bring to men and women an understanding of the brotherhood of all life, so that the kingdom of God shall come upon earth. But this can only happen when men and women have discovered that within their own souls is the light of the spirit of Christ, the Christ light which is the seed given to every one of them’ ………..THE LIGHT BRINGER

White Eagle often comes in the guise of a North American Indian. However, White Eagle has many ‘garments’ in his heavenly wardrobe. He has had many life experiences to draw upon and thus is described by those that have seen him as a Mayan Indian, a Tibetan, an Egyptian, or a Chinese person. Some see him as a radiant being of white light or one dressed in a simple white robe, not linked to any particular culture. Form may change, but the spirit shining through that form never changes and it s recognizable in whatever body it appears to manifest. The North American Indian had a particular soul-quality that is sorely needed today; so White Eagle brings that energy with him to give to us.

The work of the teacher, White Eagle is to help people awaken their own inner guidance, their intuition, or the light of the spirit that is within every human soul. His teachings are filled with love and understanding for the difficulties we all face. His humour and empathy makes spiritual law very real for us in our daily lives.

There are other reasons why White Eagle has chosen this particular symbolic name. It signifies one with spiritual vision. The Native Americas have a legend that the name White Eagle means a spiritual teacher because, ‘the white eagle flies straight towards the sun’. In the Ancient Mysteries, the eagle symbolized the higher psychic and spiritual powers of human kind. It indicated one who had developed the power to penetrate with clear vision (clairvoyance) into the inner and secret worlds.

The white eagle is also, as White Eagle says, the symbol of the new Age of Aquarius and of St John, just as the fishes were the symbol of the past age of Pisces. White Eagle prepares the way for the advance of humanity into this new Age of Aquarius, the age of spirit, the age of the brother-sisterhood of all life. He comes to remind us of the need for simplicity and purity of life and to revere Mother Earth.

Many of those who are closely associated with White Eagle’s work today recognize his Eastern personalities linked with Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism and Zen. It is believed he also had at least on incarnation lined with Islam and Sufism. In addition, he has been closely linked to Christianity. In the present time, White Eagle often appears in a universal guise, not linked to any one particular personality. Long before the dawning of the Aquarian Age, with its ideals of equality and brotherhood-sisterhood, White Eagle was pioneering in both religious and social areas. He has worked to break down the old Piscean Age barriers of class, colour, creed and gender. For instance, he has always referred to God as both Father and Mother.

It has been said that White Eagle’s blue sparkling eyes twinkle and convey love and all-knowing. No matter what form he presents, his eyes always seem to be the same. This is especially significant when he appears as an American Indian Chief of the Iroquois nation. However, no matter the form he chooses on nay given occasion, whether he is a high priest of the Egyptian mysteries or a teacher from far ages ago in the Andes, the message contains the same truths that are common to the foundation of many of the world’s religions.

White Eagle says:
“We would remind you that all esoteric truths spring from the one simple truth. We would like you to see this truth as a tree……..a tree of knowledge, shall we call it, planted in the infinite and eternal garden. That tree has many branches, big branches breaking up into smaller ones and even smaller and smaller, until you get a very fine skeleton of the tree. These branches are the innumerable aspects of esoteric truth. But individual men and women get hold of one little branch, or even one little twig, and think that they have the whole truth and it is the only truth! By doing so, they are enclosing themselves in a little dark box, which we will call the mind, and it becomes a very dark prison. Slowly, however, each man or woman is touched in their heart by the love of God and, even more slowly, awakens to the truth of the unity of all life and religions.’

White Eagle conveyed his message through medium, Grace Cooke. She was his human instrument who been related to him in many past life incarnations, He called her his ‘mouthpiece’, and often spoke of his complete harmony with her. He said:

'When a communication is to be given, we draw close to her and speak into a golden disc of light which we can see at the back of the head; it can be likened to an etheric microphone, built of substance extracted from the human soul and the physical nervous system. It is a finer form of matter; or, in other words, matter of a higher frequency than physical matter, therefore unseen by earthly people. When we desire to speak to you, we approach very close to the human instrument we are going to use and concentrate our thoughts on this golden disc of light. We transform our thoughts into words which are spoken through the voice of the human instrument. You tell us that this voice, when recorded on a tape or on record, convincingly registers an otherworldly personality.

White Eagle himself has always been reticent about who he is, neither would he make any big claims for himself. As he said, his is a spokesperson for the ‘White’ (meaning radiant) or ‘Star’ brother-sisterhood who have worked for all time to assist human evolution and unfoldment.

White Eagle comes to us from the centre of love and wisdom and is one of these special messengers to help humanity; He says: ‘From time to time, usually in periods of great need, and particularly at the time of transition from one great age to another, such as we today are experiencing, messengers come back to earth from this ancient brother-sisterhood to bring special help to humanity on their long journey home to the heart of the spiritual Sun. As human kind comes further and further down into the density of matter it seems that mean and women live totally enclosed by the limitations of their minds and their physical bodies. Thus, they have grown further away from the Source of all life from which they come.’

One particular aspect of White Eagle's work is to reveal to people what might be called the magic of the Star, an aspect of his teaching that has been most important from the very outset of his work. The symbol of the six-pointed Star is a symbol for the new Age of Aquarius, and its two completely integrated triangles portray the integration that needs to take place in this modern world between our spirituality and our material life. White Eagle’s teaching is very practical, and shows a way in which we can practice his spiritual message, no matter what our everyday circumstances, life or work.

Although Grace Cooke passed on to the world of light in 1979, White Eagle still brings inspiration clearly and strongly. I feel his presence and guidance everyday.

White Eagle Lodge first opened in 1936 and has been used as a platform for White Eagle’s teachings. The original group met as the English wing of a French mystical brotherhood inspired, similarly, by brethren ‘within a world of light’. It was called La Fraternite des Polaires. Their symbol was the six-pointed Star.

White Eagle has given us guidelines for healing both individuals and the world through the use of the symbol of the six-pointed Star. The six-pointed Star is a powerful focal point for healing and prayer. It can touch human minds and hearts to inspire change and transformation. It can inspire those who are in a position to bring about change at any level of life. It can help us make positive change in our individual lives and bodies. All prayer is good, but prayer in groups increases the power for good. Hence the suggestion that we have an opening prayer for our chat groups on Sunday nights. However, in the White Eagle method of healing, people have the opportunity to come together in groups to pray for the world through the visualization of the six-pointed Star symbol, radiating healing light over the whole world.

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