Here also is a healing prayer, a prayer of cooperation. It falls into three parts: first, attunement to God and God’s angels; second, attunement to the patient, third, the projection of power by a group (or by one person – with the substitution of ‘I’ and ‘me’ for ‘we’ and ‘us’). A unified and harmonious group is always the more powerful.


We bow our mind and heart in the prayer before GOD…We silence the other self and banish worldly matters and thoughts. With deep and compassionate love for all mankind we await the incoming of the Spirit…..Spiritual power now encompasses us. Steadily, quietly, deeply, we breathe in the Spirit of God…..We pray: Fill us, O Spirit – fill us – and bless our endeavour to heal.


Being thus attuned, and steadfast in the light of GOD and the power of GOD’s Angels, we remember all those who are sick and who suffer….We especially concentrate upon –

Here three times speak the full name of each patient


We hold him (or her) in a ray of spiritual light.  We concentrate on project healing power to –

Here again speak the sufferer’s full name

We behold him (or her) as helped, as healed, as made perfect in God…

Create this vision of the patient whole and perfect in the light

We thank thee Lord for thy presence, and the blessing of thy healing grace on these they children.


It is important that each word should be given its full value and that there be a pause between each sentence; for power is gathered during silence, whereas hasty, careless speech can disperse power. The three parts of the service should be carefully studied; first, the attunement to GOD; second, the linking with the patient; third, the sending forth of healing power to the patient. For each part has its definite purpose, combining to make a short but complete service.


Strength, encouragement or support can be sent to any man or woman, or to a group working for some ideal in social or national life. The wording or form of service can be correspondingly amended. The essence of the matter is simply that this is active prayer, whereas much prayer lacks this quality of purposefulness.


White Eagle says: ‘The early Christian Brotherhood learnt that by developing the inner light in themselves, by their life, their thought, their ready service, their attitude towards their fellow creatures – by developing warm love and sympathy, by manifesting joy and happiness within themselves, which reached out to touch the soul of others, they were able to give consolation and healing to all who suffered. This grace of which we speak is the power to console the dying, to console those who mourn.


‘When you become stronger in the light of the Star you will find that ill-health, pain and sorrow will recede. But this cannot happen to the man who lives entirely for material thoughts and objects. It comes to the meek, the simple and the lowly who are, in their souls, brothers of that inner light.


‘Each individual soul can make an effort to start to understand what is meant by this inner light. Every soul can give itself in service to humanity. Service on the other plan is of value. Service on the inner planes, in the silence, is of greater value still. Even in your loneliness you can work to send out this beautiful and true light, the Christ Light, which is LOVE. But you must direct it with purpose and with knowledge. Ordinary prayer is just asking for something for self, or for some-one else. Whilst the Brotherhood is endeavouring to teach mankind, is a positive, constructive, unshakeable thought of GOD….GOD in everything, GOD everywhere – GOD who has power to restore, to heal and to comfort man.’

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It is important that each word should be given its full value and that there be a pause between each sentence; for power is gathered during silence, whereas hasty, careless speech can disperse power.



Mentoring somebody toward a higher level of consciousness is not an easy process.  My old friend White Feather, author of "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce" wrote me a personal message a few weeks ago and I find myself reading over and over again....because I intuitively know that he is onto something extremely important for me to understand that goes against so much of what I had been taught over the years!!!!

As for, ".....used by God to save and transform a huge number of lives...." I
feel it is each of our own responsibility to save and transform ourselves.
Waiting for "God" to come down off "his" throne to save us is utterly
delusional. It's a way of shirking our own responsibility. Looking outside of
ourselves for salvation will never ever lead to salvation. We must look
within ourselves. We are the gods who will "save"
. Anyone saying that we should look to anything outside of
ourselves for "salvation" is helping to prevent us from ever attaining that
so-called salvation.

There is only one way to "save" the world and that
is to "save" ourselves. If we are trying to save the world by saving others then
we are missing the boat and nothing will ever be "saved." Personally, I don't
think the world needs saving. I see the world as an incredible paradise. It is
perfect even in the ugliness that some humans have brought to it. Humankind will
advance in its evolution of consciousness and the "new world" will be made
manifest once a certain amount of humans begin seeing the paradise that we live
in. It's not a matter of saving and transforming the world but rather a matter
of expanding and transforming our own personal awareness to the point that we
can actually see the paradise we're living in.

Christians offer the
promise of heaven as a reward for adhering to Christian dogma and ritual. To
Christians, heaven is a place far away in another dimension that can never be
experienced until you die. To me, heaven is right here on Earth. We are in
heaven right now. Hell, is our inability to see it.

White Feather


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