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Through the use of Synergy (Love, Wisdom and Power), we, humanity can effortlessly expand the good, through our intention to do so . . . YES! . . . Synergy is natural magic, a universal law, which exists in our infinitely abundant and compassionate universe . . . Through the power of Synergy, we have an invaluable tool for healing the Earth and each other . . . Synergy dramatically promotes our ability to expand in consciousness, and thereby positively add to the greater good. Synergy allows us to become conscious co-creators, and thus become highly effective, active participants in the grand awakening into higher consciousness . . . The consciousness of oneness . . .

Simply put, Synergy is "energy that expands through cooperation." A power is generated in cooperative endeavors which far exceeds the capabilities of any individual acting alone. Synergy is a way in which the Universal Mind rewards loving relationships, especially those which are in purposeful service to the greater whole. Synergy is a key to the geometric expansion of consciousness . . . The whole is greater than the sum of its parts . . .

The cosmos actually expands when we are in agreement with the primal Will-to-Good. The ancient Greeks were aware of the law of increase through partnership. They observed that the Life Power responds to what they called agape, "brotherly/sisterly love." The Greek word synergos means "working together." Buckminster Fuller, who coined the word Synergy, defines it as "synthesis plus energy." According to Webster's Dictionary, synergism is "an ancient theological doctrine holding that in regeneration there is cooperation of divine grace and human activity."

The Law of Synergy appears in The Bible in Matthew 18:20,

"For where two or three gathered together in my name There Am I in the midst of them." . . .


In the regenerative process, our first and greatest partner is the universe itself. The affirmation, "I am in synergistic relationship with the universe," exponentially amplifies and enhances our effectiveness.

When we align with each other with pure intention for good, "The combined energy creates a power exponent which is the quotient of one third our number . . . God Geometrizes (Example: A group of twelve would create an exponent of four. 12 divided by 3 equals 4. Therefore the exponent would be 12 to the fourth power, or 20,736!)" Quote from Kryon: The End Times, by Lee Carroll.

Just imagine all the ways we can synergize to further our planetary and cosmic awakening! Gatherings of Lightworkers, networking groups, prayer groups, ritual circles, and extended families are rapidly forming all over the world, consciously using the power of Synergy to expand the light of Love, Peace and Freedom . . . Thus ushering in the Aquarian Age . . . The Golden Age . . . The Age of Spiritual Freedom . . .

Indeed, now is a good time to leave our isolated cubicles, join together in community, and empower each other to Synergize in Love, in Wisdom and in Power . . . Through The Power of Synergy, we have an unprecedented opportunity to collectively celebrate and ascend together now in Peace, Health, Love and Freedom . . . Ah-Om! Selah!! Allelujah!!!

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