Ascending With Crystals
by Linda Johnson

"Crystals are part of Earth's Mineral Kingdom. They are ALIVE! Just
because their bodies are harder than ours and they grow more slowly
and can't walk around doesn't mean they can't feel anything.

Crystals hold and accumulate energy and information. Think, for
example, how much pain a crystal holds before it even gets to you.
Most of these stones are blown up, smashed and hacked out of their
nice little caves, chucked in crates and sent off around the world
to be sold. They may be cleaned with acids, drilled, cut, tumbled
and polished. They may pass through the hands of people who are just
interested in making a profit before they finally get into the hands
of somebody who will take them home. If you were to use a crystal in
this state for healing you could get more depressed and shattered
than they are!

Often people are attracted to the look of a crystal or have read
about its' metaphysical properties and purchase one hoping to have
these properties tranfer to them or their home. Many times a crystal
is placed like an ornament and subsequently left to gather dust.
Its' energy level gets lower and lower. Eventually it becomes
depressed and neglected like a dead house plant.

When a crystal is 'adopted' by you and separated from its' species,
it's like taking a puppy from its' mother. YOU become its' link to
the rest of the world. You've got the legs to move it about and the
hands to hold it.

So, how can you help your crystals? Firstly, a newly acquired
crystal, or one that's been neglected needs to have a good clean and
blessing. I also suggest this for crystals used regularly so they
don't accumulate negative energy and by way of blessing and thanking
their species - putting some chi back. Then on a regular basis give
your crystals a re-charge.



For a good clean I recommend salt. Salt will help to dissipate
negative accumulated energy from your crystals. Choose a non-metal
container (like glass or wood) and fill it with enough rock salt to
bury your crystals. Hard minerals like quartz or amethyst can also
be immersed in a salt solution - thereby needing less salt. However,
soft minerals may disintegrate or lose their shine if left in water
too long. If in doubt, anything ending in 'ite' is usually a soft
mineral. If you are unable to ask the crystal if it's clean, leave
for 24 hours, rinse under clean water and place on the earth in the
sun to dry.

You could also clean most minerals under running water for a few
minutes asking them to release all accumulated negative energy and
pain and visualising this happening. Then place on the earth in the

If you are able to channel vibrations through your hands you can ask
for the vibrations of ultra-violet to re-charge the crystal if you
don't have access to the sun.

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