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Children's Meditation Series
Feelings/Sensations Meditation
Choose a place to sit down for a few minutes. This is going to become a special place for you where you can be quiet, be alone, be comfortable and you're going to like it that way.

Now that you're sitting quietly practice your slow quiet breathing. Think about your breathing and try to ignore other thoughts that come to your mind. You can think about that later. Anything that comes to mind is for later. Close your eyes.

Breathe in through your nose – out through your mouth.

In… out.

In… out.

Start to notice what you feel. If your in a chair, does the material scratch your skin? Is it soft or hard.

You feel an itch on your nose. Don't scratch it, just feel it.

Your shoes are tied too tight.

Feel the breeze coming in through the window. Or, feel the heat on your back as the sun shines through the window.

Does your stomach feel full or empty?

Is your mouth dry?

These sensations will become so big because you are focusing on them. Pay attention to them. Try to just feel.

Don't shift to ease the scratchy material against your skin.

Don't move out of the sun.

Just let them be.

These feelings are real. They will go away later when you move but right now

just stay put and feel them.

What else do you feel?

Today you feel happy. Maybe the other day you were sad.

Do you like being alone or does it feel lonely?

Do you feel good about yourself right now? You did well in school today; that feels good. Last week someone was mean to you; that felt scary.

Pay attention to how you feel. What made you feel that way?

What do you call the feelings. Try to name them. Where in your body do you feel funny or good when you have these different emotions?

Now, put all the good feelings right inside of you. I bet you're smiling. I bet you feel like you do when you get a big hug. You can feel this way anytime.

Just remember what makes you feel good about yourself and how it makes you feel inside.

Give your self a hug!

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