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Reiki Ethics

Reiki can be practiced amidst groups of people, healing lists and prayers lists. This art of healing can be shared with others to help the masses on a global level. Being a Reiki master or practitioner, the person should be ethical in his behavior and follow the code of ethics which has been laid out for him. The ethical codes in Reiki describe the relationship between the practitioner and his/her client. It must be followed by every Reiki practitioner while dealing with patients. Violation of ethics can cause breech of trust between them. Given here is a list of ethics to be followed by the Reiki practitioner.

* Absolute confidentiality and discretion should be observed while practicing Reiki. Confidentiality between a practitioner and his/her client must be maintained at any cost and no information should be disclosed to an outsider.
* Any personal detail of the clients, be it name or address, should never be revealed to others, unless and until the practitioner has the permission to do so. The healer cannot even verify or confirm the fact that a particular person had been his client, except if he has his consent.
* Client sessions should take place in a safe and comfortable place.
* Sessions should be held at places that have supportive and empowering environment for the benefit of clients.
* A client should always be treated with greatest respect and honor.
* A practitioner must give an oral/ written description regarding what the client would experience during the session. He should tell the client beforehand, what would happen before and after the initial session.
* A practitioner should respect the opinions, views and methods of all other practitioners. He has the freedom to decide whether to follow other practitioners' methods or to learn from them. He should always give his services rightly.
* A practitioner should inform the value of Reiki to the clients and make clear that sessions do not guarantee complete healing or resurgence.
* A client should be explained that Reiki is not an alternative for medical care. Rather, it is an important part of overall wellbeing.
* A practitioner must inquire whether the client is undergoing any medical treatment or he actually requires some professional help. If the patient needs medical guidance, then he should be encouraged to consult a doctor. Reiki is an appendage to medical treatment, so a practitioner must know about the medical record of the client.
* A practitioner is not expected to prescribe any change or interfere in the medical treatment of the client.
* A practitioner can never ask his clients to undress except when he is a legally licensed massage therapist in the country where he practices. He should never touch sensitive areas, including genitals or breasts. While treating such parts, he should use only hands-off techniques.

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