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What is the connection between color and shape/geometry? Between sound and color? Between sound and shape/geometry? And all three? I believe this holds many secrets for mankind including but not limited to healing. . ..a deep mystery we have yet to unfold in full awareness. Love to hear what any body may know about this, if they care to share!
In Harmony, Miranda

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Dear Miranda,

With my humble experience & knowledge of the frequencies of sound therapy as a musician I can share a little information with you.
Every note in the octave vibrates at a certain colour which also corresponds to each chakra (wheel of energy) in the body.
I have actually experienced seeing the colours, feeling them in each chakra whilst meditating with the musical notes in a healing circle using mantra.
Much is to be discovered also through meditating with geometrical forms or "yantras".
These have their own power through shape & form.
One example is the healing power of the Reiki symbols.
The greatest discoveries of the formations of frozen water crystals reacting to different vibrations are thanks to Masuru Emoto; related & photographed in his book "The Secret Messages of Water".
This is a fascinating & revealing book which allows us to comprehend the transforming healing power of sound.
Therefore one can understand how our bodies, being around 80% water react to vibration on a celular level.
Love & gratitude create the most beautiful forms when expressed to water.
Therefore these are the greatest healing vibrations for our bodies.
My dedication to singing sacred sounds from the heart gives me this experience.
I hope this brief information on a very extensive subject may be of help to you.

Blessings, Love & Light,
♥ SiriSat
Hi SiriSat,

Ive been off line for some days...thanks for your shareings. Musicians know well about sound. Wonderful that you sing with the colors/sounds through the heart! I know of Dr Emotos work (yes very wonderful) and also of the colors of the chakras. I am a bodyworker/ CMT/healer and when I am with a client I sometimes see a rainbow over him/her and certain colors (bands on the rainbow) light up brightly over them. I interpret this to mean this is the color they need to heal at present. I work with that color then with them. I have an affinity for rainbows and i use it in meditation and in my own healing. Your comment about the reike symbols being yantas, i didnt know this, it is fascinating and it makes sense. I am researching this promising and very powerful arena. I came across something very fascininating info recently on this from recently i will share it with you soon.

In Universal Love,



Dear Miranda,

It is most interesting to hear about your healing work & your gift of healing through the perception of colour & meditation with rainbows.

I studied a very complex technological healing program which worked through recording a person´s speaking voice. The program would analise the voice in various emotional states & then give a result indicating the "excess" & "deficiency" of musical notes. These would also be displayed in their corresponding colour on a graph.

This in turn would give a detailed analisis of the meridians & organs of the body that could harbour illness, or those that were already affected.
The healing treatment consisted in applying the appropriate musical notes in a sutble recording to balance the energies.

This experience confirmed even further my belief of the power of healing through sound & colour.

After I wrote previously I remembered how many sacred geometric shapes there are, such as the Merkabah.

I find your topic inspiring; this is a wonderful way to share experiences & I look forward to your post with new information!

In Love, Light & Gratitude,
♥ SiriSat




Hi Miranda,
May this moment find you embraced in Peace.
I am so happy to find the healing group. I just feel so Blessed to find the Humanity Healing Foundation and now the healing group. What a great question. I am going to let it settle in for a while.
Many Blessings and thank you for the question.


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