Pyramid dimensions, multidimensionality & shapes of pyramid.

The elementary pyramid shape works as a vacuum cleaner or the compressor for a substance of spirit, carrying out functions of an absorbing, a compression, and a filtration of subtle energy. An arrow show a way of movement of such stream of a subtle energy which enters into a pyramid in the top part. Subtle energy goes out from space (from the person) in pyramid, where streams roll up in a spiral and is compressing this substance.

Pyramid dimensions

After an input in a pyramid streams of subtle energy are braided in a spiral of black color and go lengthways an axial line to the pyramid basis. Being reflected from the basis a color of this stream is changed and these streams go out from surfaces in the bottom part of a pyramid. The streams, which go out from the basis are blue color. The pyramid basis carries out function of the filter (converter, transformer).

Let's try to increase capacity of such vacuum cleaner for spirit. We will add one more pyramids, but not nearby, and on the same bottom parts and we will turn it on 90 degrees. The octagonal pyramid has turned out. The basis of such pyramid is two squares, are shifted one concerning another. This figure has the following appearance ۞.

The increase in forces of an absorbing leads to necessity of maintenance of balance of all forces and accordingly to increase forces of compression. What to provide balance of forces it would be necessary to raise filtration degrees in the pyramid basis. For this purpose we will add a thickness in the basis, having entered additional sheets of metals, ceramics, glass and other materials.

If to continue analogy to a vacuum cleaner and to ask a question, and what design can have the maximum forces of a tightening, compression and a filtration?

Pyramid dimensions or multidimensionality of pyramid ?.

We will add in the bottom part under the basis the turned pyramid (top downwards), similar to its top part. Such form of a pyramid is similar to a crystal and works more effectively.
It is necessary to find out only where it is enough only one pyramid where two, and where to establish a cone or sphere and quantity of edges of a pyramid.

Having raised the question so, at what minimum quantity of edges the pyramidal design starts to show the properties, we come to the form of a pyramid with three sides.

pyramid shape

For effectively working necessary to execute balance of forces of a absorbing, a compression, a filtration and volume of accumulation a substance of spirit.
At infringement of the balance, specified above forces, the pyramid may work as a vacuum cleaner without the filter or without the dust collection, or the pyramid has no necessary force for a tightening or an absorbing. In that case the pyramid cannot work for effectively.

For example, the pyramid has saved up, has soaked up great volume a substance of spirit, but cannot quickly transform or clear. If someone concerns that subject, he will feel electric blow. Energy has passed from a pyramid to the person. But as a rule it not always can be felt.

The basis is the most important part of a pyramid. If the basis is execute in the form of a cone or a pyramid we receive the crystal form. This form has the greatest efficiency.

Complex designs of pyramid have wider range of medical functions of healing from negative energy of emotions and fobia.

Complex of the energy healing pyramids, which have crystal shape give life energy, subtle energy balancing and do healing chakras, aura, subtle bodies and karma correction (clearing past life – reincarnations), without contact, only on your photo on any distance.

Healing pyramids of Atlantis

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8 .

Multidimensional pyramids are more effective than pyramid dimensions.

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