Pyramid dimensions, multidimensionality &
shape of the pyramid.

The subtle energy & healing pyramids.
Structure of the multi dimensional pyramid.
Shapes, structure & its healing functions.

It is possible to show the influence of structure of elements which make a pyramid shape on its function on a following example.

In the literature there are descriptions and examples of work of magic scepter. New scepter have a pyramid shape. All data are received by a method radiesthesia (pendulum) and channeling. This scepter is constructed as a double pyramid or bipyramid.


The structure of the scepter as pyramid shape.

energy scepter

photo 1

Sceptre subtle energy.

Work on scepter creation proceeded for a long time.

The scepter has been constructed from the elements in the form of a sphere which have been made from of color glass, stone, ceramics, amber, different crystal, turquoise, corals, amethyst, azurite, nephrite, porcelain. Some elements in the form of a wire are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc, cupronickel and healing cedar. This scepter is presented on a photo 1

This design consists from two pyramids, each of which is made of many layers of elements of the spherical shape. The top is a bipyramid. The handle is applied to connect of their parts. The handle has been made from a cedar. But it not simply cedar, it is a healing cedar or Ringing Cedars.

In the literature there are data on such sort of a cedar (Ringing Cedars). Such cedar should have age not less than hundred years and is grown in a special place, a so-called place of force or "energy place".

What does such scepter?

One of experts could see the streams of subtle energy which are surrounded this scepter shape. She has seen four energy streams, which have been formed and moving the round scepter. These streams have been presented so:


The subtle energy streams of the sceptre.


subtle energy streams

The first stream from this group is presented on fig. 2. This stream of energy is moving quickly in a horizontal plane. The trajectory of a stream is a shape of eight with the centre in the middle of the handle of a scepter. This trajectory (a shape of eight) is slowly rotating on the circle in a horizontal plane clockwise.

The group second streams (External & Internal) of energy are presented on fig. 3. External stream of energy go out from the top part and enter into the bottom part of a scepter. This stream is going quickly over the circle in a vertical plane, is slowly rotating along the circle in a horizontal plane and forms torus shape energy. The axis of energy torus is on the central axis of the scepter. Internal energy streams is going quickly on trajectories a shape of eight in a vertical plane along the central axis of the scepter and too is slowly rotating along the circle in a horizontal plane.

The third stream is presented on fig. 4. This stream is similar to the first, but is shifted concerning a horizontal plane in one party. And the fourth stream will shift in an opposite side concerning the previous stream fig. 5. The trajectory of this stream too as the shape of eight with the centre in the middle of the handle of a scepter. These streams also have going quickly on a trajectory of a shape of eight and slowly rotating on a circle.

The direction of movement and rotation in drawings are shown by arrows. The schematic general view of all streams is presented on fig. 6.

In quantum theory of Dirak the vacuum (as a whole neutral) is represented, how «a boiling broth» from virtual particles - electrons, positrons. Physical means allow to define only the general influence such virtual particles. Probably, presented streams of energy represent movement of such virtual particles or movement of the etheric form of a matter (substance) in the form of a whirlwind. For example, according to equations Maxvell the variable magnetic field in any point of space creates electric field in the form of a whirlwind.

Magic sceptre



photo 2

Healing sceptre.

The information continued to arrive. New additional layers of elements have been established and the scepter has looked, as is shown on a photo 2.

It was interesting to me, what the expert will see? What additional fields of energy can be added? It has appeared so:

The expert began to list the influence of scepter on the patient. Here some of these data:


The functions of healing scepter.


1. Balancing of movement of energy streams (YIN - YANG) concerning a vertical axis of the patient. It movement of energy like the streams, as shown on fig. 3.

2. Information cleaning.

3. Balancing of the left and right hemisphere.

4. Adjustment of blood circulation and pressure of blood.

5. Cleaning of bones of a skeleton.

6. Supporting of relaxation.



Thus, introduction of additional elements  has led to change of  functions a previous structure. It's interesting demonstration of the law of transition of quantity of the elements in quality of work of all design.

But work has not ended on it. Further new additional layers of elements have been established (1) and then round a scepter the pyramid has been formed (2). New additional layers of elements are imposed on pyramid shape (3). The thin aluminums layer covers all design of pyramid. But from above too are added aluminums rings and many additional elements (4). Separate stages of these changes look so.


Restructuring of the Sceptre shape &

multi dimensional pyramids.

energy healing scepter


scepter in pyramid


3energy healing pyramid

energy healing pyramid


It's multi dimensional pyramid. It is one of complex's Healing pyramids of Atlantis. But the design № 4 not is an ending design. The work is proceeding, new elements in the form of spheres and rings will be established on around construction № 4.

What has turned out? Have established different materials, elements definitely and round them began to arise the streams of movement of an invisible substance or energy (invisible etheric substance). Have added different elements and the streams of energy begin to influence on mental processes of a person. It that an example of interrelation of structure of the physical form of a substance and movement of the energy or energy of moving streams of an invisible etheric substance?


The structure of the multi dimensional pyramid and

its functions.

This energy, in turn, can influence or to operate physiological and mental processes. Similar examples that properties of a substance depend on structure of a substance are known in the different sections of a science. So the structure and composition of a elementary (sub nuclear) particles defines properties of different atoms. Organic chemistry showed that only the structure of the same elements defines properties of a material. But the person is very elaborate structure too which is combined from separate chemical elements.

Thus the physical form which has been organized definitely (a photo 2.) can influence on the functioning of the physiological systems of the person. The supervision of experts, own sensations show that it is valid so.

It does not contradict laws of physics as it is known that at sub nuclear level physical distinctions between the physical and  form of a substance (energy & substance) disappear.

The further supervisions have shown that more elaborate structure of pyramids (Healing pyramids of Atlantis) influence not only on physiological systems of the persons, on a balancing of chakras system, on the functions of mentality of the person (energy of emotion), and also influence on group communications between the people (Karma from parents), functioning of sub consciousness including communications (embodiments) from past life and Karma Correction.

The structure of the multi dimensional pyramid  defines quantity of the past lives which can be cleared. The further complication of the pyramids structure allows to clear reincarnations (past lives) in other galaxies and star systems, in other plans, in other dimensions.


What is multi-dimensional structure?

In the center of the atom, 12 measurements (Kryon).


The structure of the pyramid becomes multidimensional when the pyramids receive orientation with respect to the universe, the constellations of the Milky Way, and the solar system.  


In this case, the pyramids affect on our components (multidimensional person)  in other star systems, in other worlds, dimensions, plans, in other galaxies, in multi-dimensional universe.


Multidimensional healing pyramids


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