Spiritual energy healing & Balancing subtle energy Rays.

On representation of philosophy Tao (道) the world has arisen from initial energy chi (Qi 氣), in which energy YIN and YANG are still mixed. Streams of this energy chi (similar to a wind), are influence all nature, including on the person. This energy can be operated by means of various subjects, for example, reflecting streams chi by means of mirrors, or disseminating it by means of trees, colors or interior elements.

On this basis has received development art the Feng - Shui, as system of rules on achievement of harmony of the person with surrounding nature, systems of Reiki, EFT, Polarity Therapy and all system energy healing.

The first researches with energy of a similar kind have been spent by W.Reich in 1930 which named it as «orgon» energy. His opinion it is universal (vital) subtle energy which is inherent in all live organisms. W. Reich has created orgon accumulators which do healing by accumulating negative emotional energy from people.

Further, Enel (Sarjatin M. V) has revealed that the pyramid or a hemisphere accumulate this subtle energy most effectively. His data show that beam of energy ( π) destroys tumoral cages and do mummification of organisms. Energy beam ( ) promotes preservation of products and well influences a human body.
O.Hepfner carried out researches with glass pyramids of different colors and has found out, that orgon energy can be deduced from a pyramid by means of a copper cable.

Randolph Stone N.D. (Polarity Therapy) has revealed data about beams of energy which leave fingers of hands of the person.

New data show structure of subtle energy of pyramids, the subtle energy of person and their interaction Diagnostics of chakras system.

Subtle Energy of Healing hands

Rays of subtle energy go outside from fingers of healing hands

On a photo are shown what color of subtle energy that correspond finger of healing hands. However, before to use this method check up to what color of energy it corresponds. When I have obtained for the first time these data, it has appeared that they mismatch the scheme which is resulted on a photo.

The one who has possibility to use a pendulum (radiesthesia) method can spend such diagnostics.

healing hands

healing hands & energy beams of body


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