I do believe in the power of faith and hope. But I'm really sick of this so-called culture of violence. What about you? I'm open to ideas you might have on how to change consciousness to value life.  Perhaps we could try our own collective consciousness whereby we see the world free of violence, and we affirm together each day that Love is the dominant force in the universe. We might even tap for self-love and the sacredness of life as follows: "We totally and completely accept and love ourselves, and we reject all that is negative and harmful."

If you're sure how to do this Emotional Freedom Technique, I've written an article about it too: My Emotional Freedom Approach

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I believe in the power of faith and hope, too, and I struggled for years to try to understand how God's loving children and God's good Creation got so messed up here.

I started out by blaming the violence on "all the usual suspects" (cosmic forces of sin, etc., etc.) before realizing the answers are much simpler -- but also much harder to accept and deal with!

In my work as a channeller and academic researcher, I often consult with the person-of-soul who once lived as Jesus son of Joseph.  One day a few years ago he laid out for me a very straightforward path to peace which he called (somewhat unsurprisingly) The Peace Sequence.  The four major steps are (1) education (2) mentorship (3) personal personality and (4) peace.

I quickly wrote down the four basic steps of his Peace Sequence -- then spent the next few years "unpacking" the meaning (which just goes to show you should never ask an angel for clarification unless you really, really mean it! ).

A lot of what Jesus taught me about the practical steps needed to implement The Peace Sequence found their way into The Blonde Mystic, one of the books I've written and posted on-line.  The summary statement can be found here in case anyone would like to read more about it.  All the posts for the The Blonde Mystic can be found by clicking on "The Blonde Mystic" category link on the righthand side.   This book is non-denominational and is meant to approach questions about the brain-soul nexus from a modern viewpoint that blends science and faith and everyday life.  But it's also very tough in places because sometimes the tough questions (eg. violence and evil) need some tough. practical answers in response (in my view, anyway).

Take care, and all the best to everyone!


Wow. This is so cool Jennifer. Thank you for sharing The Peace Sequence. Will check out your book, The Blonde Mystic too. Sending you Golden Light today...Gary.

Hi Gary,

I appreciate your kind words.  Thank you so much!

In my post above, I inserted what I thought was a link to one page on my website (the summary post I mentioned).  After the 15 minutes of editing time was up, I suddenly realized I should test the link.  Of course, it didn't work the way I intended .  The link goes to my home page, not to the page about the Peace Sequence I was hoping to highlight.  So I've decided to cut and paste the text of the summary here:

Thanks for your patience!


This post is the final essay in the Blonde Mystic series.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Of the books I’ve written so far, I think this one has been the most challenging.  It’s not an easy matter to write an introductory text that approaches old topics in new ways.  I opted in the end to write essays that speak to both your heart and mind and don’t ask you to rely on blind faith.  Genuine faith, as opposed to blind religious faith, is only possible when you’re willing to open up your own inner senses and really learn how to learn.  So my goal in this book has been to point out some new ways of learning you may not have thought of before.

Everything in this book has been focussed on helping you expand your toolkit rather than shrink it.  So I’ve purposely written this material in a such a way that it can’t be used to sustain a “closed system” of Law.  You’ll find very few rules you have to follow.  But you’ll find many suggestions for how to challenge existing beliefs in thoughtful, reasonable, appropriate ways. This is a trick I learned from Jesus, who was always much more interested in “teaching people how to fish”  than giving them daily hand-outs.

Several years ago, Jesus introduced me to his model of the Peace Sequence, his crystallized version of the correct sequence we need to follow if we want to create Peace for ourselves, our communities, and the world as a whole.  Here is the Peace Sequence in a nutshell:

First, Education.
Second, Mentorship.
Third, Personal Responsibility.
Fourth, Peace.

In other words, we can’t create lasting peace until individuals are willing to take personal responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions.  Yet the honest truth is these individuals can’t grasp what it means to take personal responsibility until they’ve received mature, appropriate mentorship from family, teachers, coaches, ministers, Big Brothers & Sisters, volunteer advocates, health care professionals, researchers, and the like.  Furthermore, these individuals aren’t able at a biological level to “see, hear, and remember” the wisdom and guidance of their dedicated mentors unless they’ve first received mature, appropriate education.

So it all starts with education.  It all starts with teaching the brain how to think in courageous, holistic, balanced ways.  It all starts with teaching the brain how to “fill itself up” rather than “empty itself.”

The Spiral Path of building your intuition and finding wonder, awe, mystery, love, and faith along the way begins when you decide you’re willing to take the risk of knowing who you really are, of knowing who God the Mother and God the Father really are.  When you’re ready to make this choice, your guardian angels will step in to help you.  They’ll help you move forward on the Spiral Path.  They’ll help you rediscover who you are as a soul, who you are as a child of God.  But first, right here today, you need to understand that God and your angels can’t teach you faster than your biological brain can go.  They can’t give you courage, trust, gratitude, devotion, and forgiveness, because these emotions can’t be given in the way a basket of bread and fish can be given.  All your angels can do — all your angels want to do — is teach you how to reclaim these attributes within your own core self.

In other words, your angels are happy to mentor you so you can learn how to embrace your own sense of personal responsibility in the world.  But before they can successfully mentor you, you have to be willing to learn.  To retrain your brain.  To better understand how your brain works in conjunction with your own core self (i.e. your soul).  To let go of old ideas that aren’t working and be willing to change, grow, remember, and understand.

I said in the second essay of this book — “The Spiritual Kitchen” — that I wanted to talk to you about the beginning of the spiritual journey.  The beginning for everyone must be the first phase of the Peace Sequence: Education.  There’s no other way, at a biological and scientific and practical level, for you to build your intuition or your ongoing relationship with your angels and God.  This is the only “Secret” you really need to know.

As you gradually expand the number of tools you can access in your brain’s 4D/3D toolkit, mysteries of Divine Love will begin to come to you.  You won’t have to go out looking for them.  You’ll discover them on your own doorstep.  The Spiral Path will begin to look less and less like a place “out there” and more and more like the kitchen of your very own home.  The universe will speak to you in the smallest of shy voices, and at the same time it will boom out in songs that only the heart can understand.

Don’t worry.  You’ll know it when you hear it.

Good luck to you, and many blessings!

Love Jen

This is wonderful.  If you can insert a picture of your book here, I can pin it and send it out all over the web. How does that sound? Namaste....Gary. P.S. You touched my heart with your prayers from Jesus. I might just use them in our discussion group in Grants Pass!

Love and Blessings back....Gary.

Hi Gary,

I'm deeply grateful for your help.  I don't have a picture yet of the book, but I'll figure something out.

Glad you like the prayers.  They've helped me a great deal.  Let me know how they work for your group if you decide to include them.



No problem. Is your book available on Amazon.com or Google? Of simply post a picture here like I'm doing with a hyperlink to your book and I'll pin it to my Heaven on Earth Board.

Oh, the prayer you shared is so lovely that I'm taking the liberty of reproducing it here. There is an old wise saying: "Don't hide your Light under a bushel." Namaste...Gary.

Blessed God,

I believe in the infinite wonder of your love. I believe in your courage. And I believe in the wisdom you pour upon us so bountifully that your seas and lands cannot contain it. Blessed God, I confess I am often confused. Yet I trust you. I trust you with all my heart and all my mind and all my strength and all my soul. There is a path for me. I hear you calling. Just for today, though, please hold my hand. Please help me find my courage. Thank you for the way you love us all.
--- from Jesus, December 3, 2007

Wow Jen.....it is wonderful to read that you are consulting directly with Rabbi Jesus/Yeshua!


I have a book to suggest to you that I believe may be useful as you counsel certain people!


The Thomas Book Near Death, a Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of ...

 By Ph D Bruce Fraser MacDonald


Page 224:  "Then one night, as I was sitting by  the road and doing my meditations, the inner voice of the Christ came to me again and said, “Thomas, you must now learn truth of what sages of the East have learned long ago.  Have you not heard that there were wise men from the East at my birth, and that they knew of the plan which the Father has for His world?  So also you can learn from the wisdom of the East.  They have not the whole of the knowledge of the Father, but they have come closer than any, to the sort of knowledge which can lead to salvation.”
“You wonder why the Scriptures say that the Children of Israel are the chosen ones.  The Father chose them to carry the burden and blessing of His Word, and they have carried part of His truth.  But no one people has the whole truth, and no one nation can come to God.  Rather, the Father has given it to many nations to strive, each on one part of the plan, that in the latter days of this age, all peoples, working together, might come finally to the Father and His love.” (Bruce MacDonald PhD, The Thomas Book, A Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of Jesus).

Well Dennis you blew my mind again. I've started to read this 'New Gospel'.  There wonderful new spiritual insights present in this work. I hope all our members check it out. Peace and Light...Gary.

I read My Descent Into Death by former atheist Howard Storm several years ago.  He asked God why the holocaust had been allowed to occur and the reply that he got can sure go a long way toward helping us to have a better grasp of how the existence of evil fits into the long term picture!

(I edited this slightly in order to send this to an Orthodox Jewish friend of mine and then gave away the book so I can't fill in the missing phrases):

Howard Storm:

I asked how God could let the Holocaust of World War II happen. We were transported to a railway station as a long train of freight cars was being unloaded of its human cargo. The guards were screaming and beating the people into submission. The people were Jewish men, women, and children. Exhausted from hunger and thirst, they were totally disoriented from the ordeal of being rounded up and sent on a long journey to an unknown destination. They believed that they were going to work camps, and that their submission to the brutality of the guards was the only way to survive.

We went to the area where the selection process was taking place and heard the guards talking about "the Angel Maker." We went to the place the guards were referring to as "the Angel Maker," which was a series of ovens. I saw piles of naked corpses being loaded into the ovens, and I began to cry. ...."These are the people God loves." Then he said, "Look up." Rising out of the smoke of the chimneys, I saw hundreds of people being met by thousands of angels taking them up into the sky. There was great joy in the faces of the people, and there appeared to be no trace of a memory of the horrendous suffering they had just endured. How ironic that the guards sarcastically called the ovens "the Angel Maker."
I asked how God could allow this to happen. They told me that this was not God's will. This was an abomination to God. God wants this never to happen again. This was the sacrifice of an innocent people to whom God had given the law to be an example, a light, to the rest of the world. This Holocaust was breaking God's heart...."

I asked, Why does God let things like this happen? They told me that God was very unhappy with the course of human history and was going to intervene to change the world. God had watched us sink to depths of depravity and cruelty at the very time that he was giving us the instruments to make the world a godlier world. God had intervened in the world many times before, but this time God was going to change the course of human events.// (Howard Storm, My Descent Into Death, page 42,43)

Oh my! This is incredible information. Wow. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope more people in our HH community will read this post. Also thought you might want to check out Dr. Alexander's Web site Eternea. He is trying to change the world with his NDE. Peace, Light, Love: Gary. Eternea

Gary, Dr. P. M. H. Atwater had three near death experiences back in the '70's.  She got so adept at controlling the out of the body state that she projected to the scene of 9-11.  I know that you will be powerfully inspired by what she writes  about what she saw.  It was amazingly similar to what former atheist Howard Storm was shown was happening behind the scenes during the holocaust!


The Challenge of September 11

A Memorial ... from the pen and heart of


P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.)

Yeah Dennis: I am blown away by this. I hope all of our members check out Atwater's link. There are answers to the 'scared mysteries" we just need to open our eyes and look beyond the veil. I really appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. Namaste....Gary.


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