If we can figure out how to overcome our personal problems, then we can apply this same process of transformation to social issues. Transformation of consciousness can bring Heaven on Earth.  Feel free to share here how you heal from stressful life issues. If you need help, I have a few ideas.

Here is an article that I've written based upon my 40 years as a social worker in the field of mental health and addiction counseling: How to Overcome Any Problem

Also feel free to visit our Emotional Recovery Group here on Humanity Healing. Lot's of helpful resources are there: Emotional Recovery Group

Peace and Light....Gary.

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It's tough to believe we can have a sense of Heaven consciousness on Earth when we are hurting and stressed out. This is why I think we need to work more on the concept of balance, which I call emotional recovery; i.e., the balance between mind, body, and spirit.

As a retired social worker and substance abuse counselor, I spend 40 years of my professional life to ease the suffering of others. I think all of us deserve ways to stop the emotional pain; find relief;  embrace peace of mind. Here's another article I have written that might help with this process:


Peace and Light.

I have came to the conclusion that a major aspect of emotional healing is to begin to view that our most selfish, foolish, unwise or even mean acts will often play a significant role in our eventual transition over to an entirely new way of life!


If Bill Wilson had not been such a thorough abuser of alcohol then he could not have been such an inspirational force in the beginning and growth of Alcoholics Anyonymous!

Here's to Bill, all 12 Step programs, and the power of spirituality to heal. There are solutions to all human problems. But people must me honest and willing to choose the positive. Take care Dennis....Gary.

Here is a powerful and brilliant writing about a Christian Pastor who meets a former homeless man in a visionary - dream of heaven!


This story brought tears to my eyes as I read and re-read it many times!


The Story of Angelo by Rick Joyner


"He was My knock upon their door"


He then motioned for me to look up at Angelo. When I turned he had descended the steps to his throne and was right in front of me. Opening his arms he gave me a great hug and kissed my forehead like a father. Love poured over me and through me until I felt that it would overload my nervous system. When he finally released me I was staggering as if I were drunk, but it was a wonderful feeling. It was love like I had never felt it.


"He could have imparted that to you on earth," the Lord continued. "He had much to give to My people, but they would not come near him. Even My prophets avoided him. He grew in the faith by buying a Bible and a couple of books that he read over and over. He tried to go to churches but he could not find one that would receive him. If they would have taken him in they would have taken Me in. He was My knock upon their door."


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