Here is a great opportunity that costs nothing and offers some great insights and speakers.  I had completed the last series and look forward to these upcoming programs.  Register now and enjoy the replays in case you are unable to hear the live broadcasts.

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Neil, this is fantastic information. I plan on getting involved with this. Are there any other members of our Study Group that see the benefit to Oneness Day? Peace and Light...Gary.

I have sent the info to other Unity folks that have email addresses.  No replies to the emails.  Perhaps they need specific help or encouragement for getting on this site when you have the group meeting on the 27th.

Thanks Neil. I will let you know how our next meeting of our local chapter of Heaven on Earth at the Unity Church turns out.  On another note, I was really impressed with these powerful words about Oneness from another online friend at the Institute of Noetic Sciences Discussion: "What is Heaven? Hope our readers will check it out and participate:

"I am not a highly educated individual and have only recently learned of noetic science. I have been raised in the church setting since birth and have experienced my fair share of spiritual experiences in my life. I have battled with my feelings and my beliefs on ideas and theories such as heaven and hell, the messiah and God. I have tried to keep an open mind and researched many different religious stances from the buddhists to muslims to even free thinkers that believe in higher energy sources created our universe as we know it. As of right now with my understanding and teachings I have come to believe this.... I believe that "heaven is a closeness or oneness with the higher power that created us and everything we know..."

Dear readers and friends, join our group of 100,000 and pray this Sunday for peace in Egypt and Syria.  Here's the link to the group:  And I hope you enjoy this video.

Dear readers, here is a report on the success of the peace vigil.  I don't know about you, but a felt a wonderful and powerful connection when I prayed for peace in the Middle East. I hope more of us will join this movement to utilize a collective consciousness called Quantum Prayer.

"Beloved Friends...

The Group of 100,000 has had it's first success. I am now preparing to leave Israel, feeling such gratitude for the tens of thousands of people who join us for the Syrian and Egyptian prayer vigils. The energy we felt at ground zero was so profound. It grew and built during the hour preceding each vigil, then at the chosen hour we could feel a tangible shift. And now we trust that no matter how things look or appear, our task is complete. Peace prevails in Syria, Egypt and around the world!

Now let me share my intention for this Group as we move forward. I intend that within one year the Group of 100,000 grows to become the Group of One Million. Imagine a million people around the world ready to respond to world crises through joined prayer. Can you support me in that goal? It means that we need to continue the momentum we've created during these last two vigils. It also means that we need to share this energy with others we know. As it stands, we did not reach our goal of 100,000, but the tens of thousands of people that did respond are enough to initiate a new movement, one that will continue to grow as we become more committed to peace.

I AM Ready!"

Yes, Gary. I see this will be worthwhile. I've decided to get online for a few hours next 24th of October to make the most of it. Thanks for informing, they seem wise speakers...

Gary Eby said:

Neil, this is fantastic information. I plan on getting involved with this. Are there any other members of our Study Group that see the benefit to Oneness Day? Peace and Light...Gary.


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