This discussion is dedicated to all the lovely souls that post or comment on our Heaven on Earth Group. When one thinks about changing world the vision might seem daunting or even impossible.  As we study and discover our true spiritual nature, we begin to understand that we have amazing power to create and accomplish all goals. Near death experiences, out of body experiences, channeling, communication with angels or other divine beings, spiritual healings, paranormal abilities, all hint at the following:  we are spiritual beings of Light; we are connected to Eternal  Consciousness;  there is nothing to fear; we are loved unconditionally by Source; we are One;  and we must start loving each other.

Today, Michelle and I invite you to let your Light shine. One point of Light is powerful; a thousand points of Light is even more powerful.  We begin with lighting one shared candle. Please post your candles, stars, or any symbols of your Light here.  Where there is Light, darkness must yield and dissolve. And so it is.

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Wow! This is fabulous. I'm just going to breathe it in for awhile. Namaste....Gary

Wow!  I think we are on to something here. The question is how do we tap into and manifest this Light in daily life? Just wondering. Namaste....Gary.

Hey Jen: Don't stay away too long. We miss you all ready. I will have a report to share with the group here on 5-26th which is the first meeting of our local Heaven on Earth Forum in Grants Pass, Oregon. Take care.....Gary. And you let your Light shine too!

This is way incredible. Wow. I'll have to breathe this one in for awhile too. Peace and Light...Gary.

Beautiful. Here's one you might find interesting. Enjoy....Gary.

May it be so, so it IS

How do we shine our light in everyday life? We allow it, we do not hide it, we risk the judgement of others, we accept that it is the way we can be truly free, without doubt and with a smile of that acceptance, of ourselves, of our brothers and sisters and of the LOVE that is the ALL encompassing reality of Being. namaste'

Hey guys, this is all so cool. Just got back from a wonderful vacation to the Oregon coast. We didn't have internet access, but that's not so bad. I'm looking forward to the first local meeting of our Heaven on Earth Form in Grants Pass, this Sunday. I'll keep you posted. Sending out peace, joy, wonder, Light, and Love to all....Gary.

Found some more Light to enjoy.....Gary.

This is so true.  I hope everybody who suffers from depression or bipolar disorder will embrace this Light.

Michelle Stokley said:

Very beautiful Michelle. Here's to the Divine within.....Gary.


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