We had a first local meeting of our Heaven on Earth Forum yesterday. We will meet every 4th  Sunday at the Unity Church in Grants Pass, Oregon. Here is my first article about it;


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Thanks for sharing, {{{Gary}}}!

Hey Mark, Thanks for checking us out. One of the members of our Forum shared this really inspirational video. Thought I would pass it along to our group. Also for some reason, he is having trouble figuring out how to join our online group.  Is it possible that you could help him with that? Peace and Light. Here is Neil's first contribution to our group: "We are not your body!"

Hi {{{Gary}}},  Neil has arrived, can't say I had a hand in the approval.....would have if I had been here...forgot to log off, so it appeared as if i were here....am in agreement with the title of the video, to a point....we are not "just" our body is a more accurate reference...haven't watched it as yet....when I can make a bit of time, will be sure to namaste'

Hi Mark: Thanks again for your interest. I hear what you're saying. The video is way inspirational and makes the point we are all One despite the many setbacks and roadblocks in life.  Namaste back to you....Gary.

Neil from our local Heaven on Earth Discussion group is providing us with some daily positive messages. Thanks Neil via http://humanitysteam.org/about

Your planet continues to express the expansion of consciousness as the extreme weather conditions place many in distressing conditions. You are also observing that many hidden agendas are being revealed, much to your alarm and anger. Be aware that in the coming weeks and months this revealing of long held secrets within your governments and your religions will continue to shock and cause dismay to the many. 

In the end all must be revealed. These hidden agendas have been known to you on an unconscious level, however it is easier to deny or ignore this shadow reality than to take action. It is a learned pattern to gripe, judge, and feel powerless while you continue to anchor fear.     

Remember, there is a clearing that is occurring across your planet, within your societies, your governments, your religions, your laws and within your own personal lives. We invite you to anchor your divine consciousness as a being of great light and awareness.

--Fear is a Frequency by Peggy Black and the ‘team’

Today's beautiful picture was sent in by Gil Dekel (copyright).

Register now for the Living in Oneness Summit throughout the month of June and listen to some fantastic speakers: livinginone.com

A Vision and Intention for Raising our Youth: More 
Daily Positive Messages:

Gandhi said it decades ago - that if we want to create a better world for ourselves we must start with the children. We must teach them the benefits of peace, a respect for one another, the virtues of life. At present, however, those who we trust to run our worldly educational and political systems catch our innocent youth at the earliest age possible and discipline them. In fact, did you ever wonder how our political leaders got to be so steeped in fear and defensiveness? It's because their parents disciplined their own so rigorously from infancy on that these kids couldn't help but become ardent warriors. Then, as they grew up and became the next generation of leaders they simply passed on what they were taught to their offspring and to the rest of us.

It's a horrific cycle, one that started eons ago in the Caucasus Mountains after the last great flood, and it's time for humanity at large to rise above it all. And that is my Intention for today: that humanity, en masse, awakens to Love and begins, from this moment forward, to raise our youth all across this planet in an environment where we're taught to honor the lives of others, to help one another, to think kindly of all people, to care, to respect, to allow, to bless, to be merciful and to recognize the desire in every person's soul that calls out for us to live out the whole of our lives fully and freely, happily and healthfully, joyously and playfully. 

And . . . I see a world where this has already happened; where we have rejected, en masse, the idea that war will ever make things better and we have replaced it with the idea of serving one another in an environment of the sweetest peace imaginable. 

--The Intenders of the Highest Good; Vision Alignment Project

Today's beautiful picture was sent in by Jackie McGlynn (copyright).

Register now for the Living in Oneness Summit throughout the month of June and listen to some fantastic speakers: livinginone.com

Dear Friends and members of our Heaven on Earth group, here is my report of our second local meeting. Please don't be shy about visiting IONS. I believe networking with other established programs can serve the function of enhancing our vision of spiritual activism and social change. Peace and Light....Gary,.


More positive messages here: A Vision for the Arising of Heart Consciousness on Earth

Today I give my attention to a dream of creation that is filled with a wondrous feeling of alive connectedness. I support with all my might the arising of heart consciousness, or the ascension of consciousness in humanity from the brain back to the heart like the lost son that finally comes back home to appreciate its beauty, comfort, love and abundance of all kinds of beautiful blessings even more.

I envision and create a world, where all wake up to the treasure that is their heart and the love, the humility, the gentleness, the kindness, the consideration and cooperation, the best wishes for the other, the sense for beauty, the connectedness and true community, the deep intimacy and true fulfillment and happiness that takes place there/here in our heart.

I envision a world of heart, where all are full of universal trust in complete openness and vulnerability, as this love and beautiful consciousness of heart is so beautiful that all join each other in the purity of love, laughing together, shedding tears of gratitude and awe, ever ready to offer a hand and heartfelt service in pure compassion and full of trust in the core of life and every living being. I envision a bright world that found harmony again, and balance, as it prospers and flourishes ever more in the brilliant light of unexpected love, grace, glory and beauty. Our deepest longings speak to us of the paradise we create here and now as a world of together and a world of heart consciousness.

Amen :-) \


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