How would your life change if you could connect with The Core -- the place of pure Divine Love that is God's heart -- every day?

What is it like to spend time each day in the place that Dr. Eben Alexander has called The Core?  What is it like to go there without having to be near death to do it?  Can "regular" people connect with the feeling of Divine Love that emanates from The Core of God's Heart?  What is each person's role in this kind of experience?

As a mystic and channeller, I've spent many years on these questions.  What I've learned is that everyone -- all people -- can connect with the feeling of Divine Love, but no two people will experience the connection in exactly the same way.  So the comments I make here about my own relationship with Mother & Father God will sound similar but at the same time very different from the echoes and whispers and dances of Love felt by others.

Long before I found my voice as a mystic and channeller, I was guided to experiences and opportunities that were right for me -- right for who I am as a soul.  This is why I have academic training in the hard sciences (especially chemistry) and work experience in the mental health field.  I view everything through a very rigorous lens of scientific observation and analysis, and I write in a straightforward manner.  But this isn't to say I don't enjoy and appreciate art and poetry and music.  I do!  I just don't use a lot of poetry in my writing, so you'll have to forgive me if I sometimes sound a bit formal.  It's just my style.

Besides, there are times when I'm so overwhelmed by the beauty and intensity and constancy of God's Love that I burst into tears, and it's very hard to carry on with daily tasks while you're blubbering and emoting like a Hallmark card, so for me it works better to keep a calm, steady course when I'm talking about our Mother & Father.

So by now you've probably figured out from what I've said that connecting with our Mother & Father in the Core each day doesn't change your life very much on the surface.  There's still all the usual stuff to be looked after -- relationships with family and friends first and foremost, plus work, household chores, lots of daily rest, paying the bills, and so on.  That part doesn't change.  What changes is your inner attitude towards, well, towards everything.

When I spend time talking and sharing feelings with our Mother & Father, I feel an indescribable sense of safety.  It's the kind of emotional and spiritual and intellectual and physical safety that only comes when you know you're truly KNOWN and truly ACCEPTED AND APPRECIATED for who you really are.  It's so much easier to go out into the world and be strong and courageous when you know somebody actually believes in you.  It's not about perfection, of course.  It's not about being able to "do everything" or "be everything."  It's about honesty, the kind of pure, simple, searing honesty that so few of us ever know in our lives as human beings.

Mother & Father God never lie to me about anything.  If there's something I don't understand, they're honest with me instead of trying to shield my "feelings" (i.e. my ego).  (Though I stopped feeling sorry for myself years ago if I can't do something or understand something.)  They're also incredibly PATIENT.  There have been many questions over the years that I've asked again and again and again, and they've very thoughtfully continued to help me work on the answers until "the penny dropped" for me, as the old saying goes.

These are just a few of my thoughts on what it's like to visit with our Mother & Father every day.  I just . . . I just cannot fully express how awesome they both are and how wise they are and how deep, deep, deep their love for us grows each moment of every day.

We're all totally blessed.  And we're so LUCKY!  Mother & Father, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to hear from others about your experiences of Divine Love.  I know with all my heart we need to hear each other's stories about God so we can find our way to healing for everyone.


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Jennifer: This piece is beautiful and lovely. Thank you so much for inviting all of us to share how we connect to Divine Love. I'm curious to find out more about your process of divine connection. Do you use a special prayer or a certain form of meditation?  Along these lines, I've written a series of articles that I call Love-Light Within.

Hope you enjoy the first one:

Hi Gary,

I love the flower in the sun you chose here.  Did I mention I love flowers?  So much gorgeous beauty!

I read Part I of your "Love-Light Within" and could feel the pain and injury you endured.  I can also relate all too clearly to the impenetrable politics that sometimes take place within churches that are supposed to be healing and protecting us.  The United Church of Canada (which I belong to) has an official policy manual that's 275 pages long.  The purpose of The Manual is to provide step-by-step guidelines for dealing with all aspects of the church's daily operations, including any and all kinds of staff/board/ministry/presbytery conflicts.  It would be nice if we didn't have to rely on such manuals, but it seems we still need them when there are tensions within a congregation.

The answer to the question of divine connection would be fairly long one.  (So far I've written 5 books on the topic!)  A lot of relevant themes and experiences have been explored by others, and each person has to find the sources that work best for him/her.  Having said that, there are two main points I think are necessary for anyone no matter what their unique voice or access point to the Divine.

The first main point is forgiveness.  The second is mystery.  Both of these are crucial to my practice of divine connection, and, I believe, to the practice of anyone who wants to move more deeply into full connection with God.

When I began to develop my inborn skill as a channeller, my angels were insistent on the role of forgiveness for my journey.  I had already read many, many books on spirituality and energy healing and chakras and, well, pretty much everything there is to know in these fields, and my angels weren't really interested in any of that.  Every time I tried to talk about energies, they changed the topic to forgiveness.  They were relentless.  Absolutely relentless.  And because I'm channeller, I could actually hear what they were saying -- so there was no getting out of it or pretending I didn't understand.  (Believe me, I tried that, and it didn't work )

It took me a solid year of work to master the practice of forgiveness.  Once I understood forgiveness, though, it was as if a bridge to the truth of Divine Love suddenly materialized in front of me!  (Of course, it had been there the whole time and I just hadn't seen it, like Dorothy's way home in the Wizard of Oz.)

The second important thing I discovered is that each person has to follow the path of Mystery or they'll be miserable on their journey.  What is the path of Mystery?  Well, here's the thing . . . it's different for each person.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It's a good thing because as you follow the path of questions and practices and answers that make your heart light up with wonder and awe like a really big Christmas tree inside you, you'll learn many things you didn't know about yourself, and at the same time you'll learn many things you didn't know about God.  The bad thing is that you have to learn to listen to your own heart, mind, body, and soul and stop accepting other people's teachings simply because they're popular or trendy or ancient.  Ancient isn't necessarily good, and trendy isn't necessarily good, either. 

Discernment then becomes a daily spiritual practice as you struggle to figure out what works for you and what doesn't.  And each day is different.  And each season is different.  So you end up with a whole spiritual closetful of shoes -- one pair for family commitments and a different pair for private contemplative practice and another pair for hanging out with your work buddies and so on.   (I've shared many chuckles with Mother God about this thing with women and shoes!)

So the spiritual practices that allow me to connect with Mother & Father God revolve around forgiveness, asking questions that generate a deep sense of Mystery within my heart, daily discernment, and having the flexibility to shift gears (change shoes) depending on what the situation calls for.

Sorry if I've gone on for too long.  I hope this helps answer your question!  If not, ask away, and I'll keep trying.



Well Jennifer, I think you hit another home run! I enjoy your humor that you weave within your writing voice too. You have so much Light to offer others.  I will ponder and mediate over your suggestions. And I will incorporate your ideas into my simple threefold system: speak our Word; see our Word; feel our Word. Sending you purple Light and blue butterflies today....Gary.

Hi Gary,

Love the blue butterfly.  Thank you!

I noticed your response to the saying from Rumi: "You have no need to travel anywhere.  Journey within yourself, enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light."

This is actually a good description of what it's like to visit the Core and spend time with Mother & Father God.  It's a journey within the self that a person can take at any time and in any physical earthly location as long as he/she has prepped all the "inner pathways" of the human brain and central nervous system.

Jesus called this process "entering the Kingdom of the Heavens" (though Mark and Luke changed the phrase to "Kingdom of God").  (In the original Greek, Heavens is a plural noun but that's not clear in English translations.)

It's a gradual process of inner transformation.  A person starts out with a series of beliefs and defense mechanisms that makes his/her brain look like a nest of tent caterpillars crawling around and chewing up everything in sight.  Do you have tent caterpillars in Oregon? They can strip small trees almost bare of leaves just the way an unhealed brain can strip the dignity and self-worth from another human being and leave behind a quivering, terrorized, abused soul in desperate need of healing.

But then you do the whole cocoon thing, where you quietly and honestly and repeatedly reflect on your own mistakes and harmful beliefs and schadenfreude-type indulgences, and you add the magic elixir of forgiveness, and when you come out of your cocoon you look like a butterfly, and suddenly you can fly on your own inner pathways of love and forgiveness to the place where all things are True.



If anyone is interested in knowing a bit more about the brain-soul nexus and how it looks from the point of view of your guardian angels, the post called Intuition and Whole Brain Thinking: Filling You Up Inside explains it in a little more detail (with a kitchen analogy instead of a nature analogy.) Please let me know what you think!

Yeah Jennifer, lots of tent worms in Oregon.  Read and enjoyed your article. Yes to the 'spiritual brain' which I prefer to call eternal Consciousness. I really like your formula: humility, forgiveness, balance, loving God, loving Soul. I'm curious about your forgiveness process. For me, forgiveness is all about stopping self-blame, being non-judgmental, washing away resentments of other people, places, and things. But what does it really mean for you?

Hi Gary,

Thanks for checking out the article.  I'll come back to the forgiveness thing.  But just want to highlight one thing at the moment: the point about humbleness in the article is actually a major part of the work I've been doing over the past few years.  Jesus and my angels draw a very clear line between humility (a traditional religious teaching) and humbleness (which they describe as something quite different from humility.)

Yeah, I know  . . . we need some better words in the English language for these ideas!

In brief, religious "humility" is about "emptying yourself."  This is in contrast to angelic "humbleness," which is about "filling yourself up" in a non-status-based way.  The best way to think about this is to think about the way a young child thinks and behaves with incredible enthusiasm and curiosity but also pure ingenuousness and honesty and lack of guile or cunning.  (Another Jesus saying that makes sense in the context of the Eternal Consciousness -- becoming again like a little child!)

Hi Gary,

Yeah, the forgiveness thing . . . such a big topic.  And such an important one for the healing process.

What I know about forgiveness comes mostly from my own experiences as a mother and a mystic.  It's strange, but when I first enrolled in the Christian theology program a few years ago, I thought we'd be learning about spiritual practices such as gratitude and forgiveness.  But we didn't.  I've taken 18 semester-long courses in church history, doctrine, and liturgy, and never once has a professor raised the messy topic of forgiveness.  This summer I'm taking an online course in Moral Theology (Christian Ethics) through the University of Toronto, and you'd expect that surely someone would talk about forgiveness in a course that's all about moral living, right?  Especially a course that purports to be based on Jesus' own moral teachings, right?

Wrong.  We're learning all about the cardinal virtues of Aristotle as filtered through the Scholastic lens of Thomas Aquinas.  No mention of forgiveness, but lots of talk about sin and Christian grace.

Meanwhile, Jesus has been telling me for years about the importance of forgiveness, and I can see its presence in the Gospels (especially in the Gospel of Mark, though forgiveness isn't of interest to Paul).  It's not a new topic, but it's definitely an under-discussed topic. 

There's a good reason for this as far as Christian orthodoxy goes.  Jesus' teachings on forgiveness contradict Paul's teachings on grace.  The early Christian church decided to go with Paul's teachings on grace long, long ago (almost 1,900 years ago, based on historical records).  This meant that Jesus' teachings on forgiveness had to be ignored.

My understanding of forgiveness looks an awful lot like the steps you describe in your post "What is a Miracle?"  A whole lot of self-honesty is involved.

Being honest with yourself isn't the same as blaming yourself or judging yourself or other people.  Forgiveness starts with finding the courage to be honest with yourself.  Then honesty is turned into something mystical and wondrous (i.e. forgiveness) through the power of Divine Love.  Like an oyster making a pearl around a painful piece of grit, you take that piece of self honesty and you wrap a blanket of love around it.  You don't hide from the pain.  You don't excuse the pain or sweep it under the carpet.  Instead you face the pain with as much honesty and courage and humbleness as you can and say to yourself, "That wasn't my best self.  I can't take it back, but I can learn from my mistake.  I can make a different choice the next time because I have free will and I'm a child of God and I'm worthy of this chance to learn from my mistakes and make a beautiful pearl out of this really crappy choice."

It's not a judgment to point out to yourself that you made a mistake.  It's simple honesty.  Honesty is very important to the soul and to one's guardian angels (as you'd pretty much expect!). 

"Judgment" enters into the picture when you say things to yourself such as, "I'm unworthy of forgiveness.  God will never forgive me for my mistake.  No one will ever forgive me for what I've done.  I'm useless and sinful and too damaged to ever be loved by God or anyone else.  I'm a disgrace to my family and a disgrace to God and I deserve every bad thing that happens to me.  I have terrible karma and I'm here to do "penance."

Now that's a judgment.

Ditto. You're both amazing.....Gary.


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