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As a child inspiration had everything to do with our ability to learn and adapt in life. We were naturally drawn to the things that inspired us to want to know more about something. when we found ourselves drawn to something of which was negative in our individual experiences of desire, we naturally took our eyes elsewhere wherein we would again find the fulfillment of desire in knowing the joy of following whatever it was inspired us to look therein upon an emanation of beauty from within the eye of the beholder.


We are no different now, we have preferred experiences and those we tend to shy away from. Direction always being governed by desire of fulfillment in knowing of that whereupon we place our eyes. thus the age old adage "Where ever we place our eyes, there we go.". That which Inspires us. as the mind dials in to the desire to fulfill, the eye locks upon the perception and the Iris opens, expanding the Light there upon from within the perceive r, whereby as any good scientist knows by participating in the experiment as even the minutest proportion of simply observing, the experiment has been altered with a variable thereby changing the experience, the experiment has been altered. we are that powerful if perception be truly understood.


For many of us, preferably for our children not, we we're not inspired to our highest and best interest, let alone to pursue that which our own hearts desired. quite often many of us are jaunted from our path of dreams, and led down the path of someone else's inspiration by means of a good sales pitch, and a bad bandwagon. whereby we lost touch with the true desires of our hearts and souls, becoming very much like damaged goods. thus for many of us herein as we found a need to heal the pain of an aching heart we find ourselves in places such as these out of having learned compassion for ourselves and others. So we step out bravely into a new world of hopefully Love,courage,tolerance,acceptance. and re-embark upon a pro active path of spiritual return.


Thus we enter into these safe walls of sanctity and sacredness. for a time we observe, sometimes reaffirmed in our faith, other times nurtured as we heal, other times challenged as we go, dragging our ego's with us from within our own comfort zones, how dare you say that to me cries the ego? Do you know who your talking to cries back the Pride. I've been thrown out of finer places cries the arrogance.Ah the wheel of Samsara as we hopefully evolve in the growth of a more righteous stature in being.


My question to you is this; What does it mean to you to be inspired, how do we inspire others? By sitting back and not partaking or giving back? Or by be spiritual activist that requires action of Love, not mere words. We need help in running this organization as we grow.We need you to please help us inspire others by example of being proactive and becoming an active member. Post up join groups, greet people, say happy birthday.Blog, start a street team.


Being spiritually activist is not just sitting back in chair, observing the wind blow all the time. that is comfort zone of sloth. Step up, have some fun and help us out please.


Much Love and Light.


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