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AYF and I were discussing this topic the other night about what happens after we die when we are inbetween incarnations. A lot of people who have had NDEs talk about sitting in front of a council of LightBeings who ask them to review their past life and the actions they took and decisions that were made. It got me to thinking about what it would be like for me now if I was to suddenly die tomorrow and were to be standing in front of these enlightened Guides. What would I look back on in my life? Would I be pleased with what I had achieved up till now? Did I waste any of my time or did I focus on what I came to Earth to do? Do I have any regrets and think I could have done any particular thing differently? Or do I regret not jumping into the things I love doing and regret letting fear take over me? How were my relationships with my children, my parents, my friends, my co-workers, my spouse my employees etc? Could I have been nicer, more patient, more understanding?



You see what I mean?


Are you happy with where you are now? I know I'm not. I am going to sit down and do a meditation soon and ask myself all of these types of questions. Because it's NOW that we can make a change or at least start to. Some of us don't ever know when it's our time to go. Some people do know and they choose to do things differently. What if we don't get that chance in this lifetime and realise all of these things when we are doing a Life Review with our Guides? Of course regardless of what we do or don't do even after reading this post, there will still be a Life Review and things we realise that we can't go back and undo from our pasts.


What do you feel you need to be doing that you aren't doing - that you may regret after this life? Who do you need to re-connect with? Is ego getting in the way of a potential healing? Will you regret it when you leave this plane if you do not instigate healing or a peace treaty?


We all have choices and our choices affect everything around us across the globe.


What is it that you really want to do but are living in fear of ridicule or alienation? Be the Individual that you are, embrace your SOUL, your physical incarnation on THIS planet, the person  YOU ARE NOW, will not be repeated again.


When we die, we move on into another form. Embrace your physical identity, have fun, stress less, look at yourself from a third person's point of view. What are YOU doing to make your life and others better? How are YOU making a difference in this world? :-) Are you bitter and twisted about something that happened 20yrs ago? Are you free and void from trauma and pain in your life? Are you materialistic and living in fear that if you don't have money then it's the end of the world?


Do you yell at your children constantly and feel resentful of the constant energy battles.


Are you too busy to sit and listen to someone? Have you acted out in selfish ways recently.


Do you see a homeless person or a drug addict and cringe and judge them in your mind. Do you see a rich, self-centred person and judge them in your mind?


I am sure most of us have been guilty of most of these things (myself included) and are not proud of it.


Sit down today and look within at your WHOLE LIFE STORY, the people (the characters that are in it), the role you play. Has it helped you or Mother Earth or someone else in any way?


Sit under a tree, soak in Mother Nature and become one in her presence, at least  in your Life Review you can say you stopped to smell the flowers without feeling guilty!


How many of us have gone to rest or do something enjoyable to suddenly have the thought come into your mind that you are wasting time and that you should be doing something more productive, like housework, or paying bills or taking some serious responsibility that is connected to the house, daily job, or the kids or some kind of duty or obligation to fulfill? YOU deserve to take a break and lie on the grass under a tree and chill out if you wish! :-) There is no right or wrong answer. Mother Earth also deserves our attention, but most of all pay attention to YOU and your needs. Look within and get to know yourself. Once you can see your true self, and love yourself for the Divine Energy that you are in this FORM at present, the sooner you will accept others around you more easily.

This makes for a pleasant life experience and if everyone could do this - look within themselves and ask these questions, I am sure the world would be a much nicer place to be in.



Blessings n Light

Spinner xx

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great post and I would like to tell you a little anecdote that have change my life when I was 18 years old ........ so lets go in the past.

I was living in my parent's house, just finished my technic school with my degree cum laude. looking for a job :( and it happen in one week end, my parents had just installed a new heater on gaz, and with wrong connection we all get asphyxia during the night, just between dead and life I saw my life screening for my eyes as a movie, nothing very exiting, didnt have a girl friend and of course didnt know what the feeling to kiss a girl, what a wasting time was my life till that point. After been saved by the fire man and opening my eyes, I just make the biggest decision of my life,1 week after this incident I was on my way to Paris, to start the life I always want have, start a the photographic school, work par-time and in one months I had a beautiful girl friend, and from that moment I always did what I want in my life, not always positive or easy way of life, but never boring and never a regret, just enjoying my way of life till now, and still do, the day I am not happy in what I do, I quit and start something different. Never think about money and always have enough to do what I want. Even now, after been separated for almost 3 years, my daughter is living with me and have everything she need, not always material, I mean spiritual and love, because is the most important in a child life. And its such richdom when you see your kid happy, here during a walk in the forest,she love the nature of mother Earth.....:))) 

Aww that's a gorgeous pic of you both! She certainly looks like a child that loves nature!


I think its so important to follow your instincts and dreams because life can be so short. Treasure every moment and show gratitude everyday for the smallest things has helped me to get through hard times. That is wonderful you got the chance to see your life from a different perspective and you acted on it! Fantastic Roberto!



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