Hi everyone.

I apologize for not being more present with this group. I have been going through quite a lot the past year....well, several. It seems to be ongoing...finally get through one cycle, and another one starts! Continual cleansing!


Anyway, my intent in creating this group was to create a virtual space for anyone who was interested to hang out and be in Lemurian energy, and chat with others who resonate with that energy. I also planned on posting articles when I found them and hoped others would do the same. Unfortunately, whether due to my inability to be here more, or lack of interest, or both, there has been very little (to no) activity here. There were no comments to my last couple of posts. So, that brings up the question...should I continue to post? Should we even continue the group? Has it run its course and served its purpose? Is it time to close it? Would it do better with someone else?


I would appreciate some feedback. If I don't get any, then that answers the question, and I will close the group.


Thank you.


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No I don't think you should remove the group or postings at all, just cos people don't comment on postings dosn't mean they arn't being read nor does it mean they arn't being used as learning tools or shared with others as references in conversations when connections on this topic come up, it would be a shame to suddenly delete them,based on comments from people that then is ego based its like there has to be a reaction to gain knowledge.

Thank you Vlada & Josie for your comments. I was hoping that was the case. I know I tend to do the same. It's just that I've been concerned, because messages have gone out periodically from the managers of HH saying that inactive groups would be deleted. Or, they might first try to find someone else to take over the group, if it's big enough and active enough. So, since I've been posting things, and no one has  commented since Feb., or clicked "like" or anything, I didn't know if it was wasted effort on my part or not, or if the group had run its course, and, as I said, it just looks to the HH mgrs like the group isn't active, so they will delete it. One of my groups was already deleted a few months ago, for that reason. So, it's not my ego looking for gratification. (It is nice to know, though, that they are being read...that's just positive reinforcement). I agree...it would be a shame to delete all the posts. It took time to gather them. I brought that point up when their first message went out. I was told that, if I felt strongly enough about any of the posts, to copy them for myself.They don't have any way of storing them.


The first thing they are looking for is the group owner being active which, as I mentioned earlier, is hard for me to do because of my circumstances (which changed dramatically after I started the group). The next thing they said they're looking for is member participation. i.e. if the only action is from me, they'll still delete the group. It's possible that, since my group is still here since the last message they sent out saying they would delete inactive groups or at least find new moderators, that maybe enough people said please don't, so maybe they changed their minds. But, it kind of looms over me. So, I wanted to get feedback and see if anyone is still really out there. Again, thank you.


When I first started this group, I had a very difficult time finding any material on Lemuria, let alone something that seemed credible and that I could post. That was one of the reasons for not much activity. Since then, there seems to be a lot more, but still not as much as other subjects like, say, sound therapy. And, I only post what I resonate with...what feels right. So, that narrows it down a bit, also. Which makes it hard to be "active".


I was also hoping that this group would be a little more social and interactive. I was hoping people would "connect" and it could be our Lemurian "chat room". I have been trying to find people I resonate with, so I thought a group that focused on a particular energy, such as Lemuria, would be a gathering place for that energy. But, unfortunately, people have just wanted to learn and not socialize. Not that that's bad...it's just only half of what I was hoping the group would accomplish.


Again, thank you for your feedback.


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