Aligned with the Divine.

Recently a visitor to Heartland – a lawyer from Melbourne - wrote to me, sharing her understanding that the only thing that really matters in life is:

“…..staying in a constant state of alignment with the Divine. It’s so breathtakingly simple yet so painstakingly difficult to do. But I know that it’s the only thing to master- everything else will unfold exactly as it's meant to. Being in a state of love, gratitude and joy. What else is there really!”.

Those of you that personally know me would understand my delight at reading such words as they deeply represent the simple truths I try to share in all my programs. Being in a state of love, gratitude and joy. When we do so we really do become aligned with the Divine.

A few weeks back I ran a program at the Sivananda Ashram in Fremantle (I recommend a visit by everyone living in or visiting Perth!). It was so heartening to see so many people willing to find their abundance though conscious expression of the “Divine Within” rather than through their external bank account.

Everywhere I turn I find people turning to God – and turning away from their egoic desires.

The world is changing….so many people are choosing to align themselves with the Real.

Maxeen, a deeply committed Heartlander (that means, one who is deeply committed to expressing her heart), recently designed new flags for our Retreat entrance. They contain 75 affirmations that, consistently followed, would surely bring anyone into a living relationship with the Divine.

I share them with you – and encourage you to create your own - affirmations regarding the goodness of life and the opportunities you have for inner growth into the awesome being you truly already are!

* I honour my Presence in this world and express it with Divine bliss.
* I gracefully accept my place in the world.
* I love myself the way I am as I deeply nurture my growth in all ways.
* I am never alone but always held by God.
* I accept and joyously express my greatness.
* I trust myself to use my power with the utmost integrity.
* I have faith in a loving God that lives and breathes through me every day.
* I know that when I reach down inside the love I find will set me free and I will come alive.
* I Am Love and Love is all I need to give to all I meet and all I do.
* I create only positive and life affirming thoughts in every moment that nurture my soul. So Be It.
* I am beautiful and capable of being the best me I can.
* I love myself.
* I delight in the beauty of my body.
* I allow my form to sense and express the pleasures of existence.
* I am abundance.
* I believe in myself.
* I am love.
* I am always held.
* I bow to God and know deep in my heart that God takes all of me.
* I realise the miracle of life is worth celebrating as I realise there is no need for turmoil in my life.
* I accept the essence of the Goddess within as I embrace, nurture and give thanks for my femininity.
* I am sincerely grateful to now see how change can happen so rapidly when I make the choice to stand in my authenticity. (TO GIVE TO ALL).
* I allow my body to respond to the symphony of life.
* I plant seeds of light on earth..
* I give thanks for the boundless miracle that is my form.
* I welcome intimacy into my life.
* I am meant to be the way I am exactly.
* Naked I came, naked I go, naked is my truth..
* My body reflects the beauty of the gentle shape of the hills.
* I open my heart and let it show me the way.
* Just by being me my presence makes a difference for others.
* I share my Godliness with gratitude.
* The perfect teachers line my path.
* I am blessed to be supported by the Divine in every endeavour.
* I embrace my wholeness in every moment.
* My journey of remembering happens with Ease and Grace.
* I speak my truth..
* I embrace friends.
* I accept the possibility of a partner in my life.
* I delight in both the male and female aspects of my form.
* As my heart sings its love song my body dances with its tune.
* I express myself caringly and creatively.
* I stand in my strength.
* I accept my Divine connection to All That Is.
* I am peace.
* I use my voice as a tool of creation and love.
* I open my heart and let it show me the way.
* I am already the love I seek.
* I am grateful for the many gifts of change.
* I give thanks for the Godly guidance of my higher self that informs all my actions and interactions.
* I Am One.
* I choose to embrace meditation as part of my daily practice.
* I choose self love as an affirmation of my being-ness.
* I see the gift in every obstacle.
* I make gratitude my attitude.
* I face each challenge boldly.
* I claim my place in the world with love.
* I welcome my connection with spirit.
* I choose to shine light into my dark moments.
* My cup runneth over with my open-ness to life.
* I have faith that I can make it through.
* I seek to align the sacred sound of my voice with the heart of the Universe, creating only that which is harmonious and joyful.
* I go within.
* I can be whatever I want to be when I realise all the dreams I have inside.
* I will always be the perfect me.
* I nurture my body as the temple of my soul.
* I fully appreciate myself as a unique and beautiful spark of the Divine.
* I am truly blessed.
* I celebrate and give thanks for all aspects of my being.
* I am not responsible for the reactions of others.
* I give thanks for the awareness of the Godliness in every person and thing I behold in my life.
* I honour the transformative power of prayer in my life.
* I love myself the way I am there is nothing I need to change.
* I am always safe.
* 1 am loveable.

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