I personally know very little about astrology but I was so impressed by the logical explanation for it that was given by a near death experiencer.


"Next, everyone is scheduled to be born under the perfect astrological sign for their Soul in order to help us achieve the destiny we seek.  Our approximate time of birth is always masterfully coordinated (by Divine specialists in Heaven) to match the lessons and life blessings we need to encounter in order to spiritually mature.

So astrology does play into our lives?

Yes, it certainly does!  (But please understand, when I speak of astrology I am not referring to your local newspaper's tabloid horoscope!) 

From the Realm I saw that our cosmos is very much alive and holds a very powerful energy and definite intelligence to it.  It is from our Soul passing through what I have come to understand to be 12 unique aspects of a pre-designed intelligence (during the moment our Soul supernaturally travels to our body to be born) that we get our astrological placement and emotional profile (also called a "chart") filled in this life. 

Heaven mandates the use of astrological placement to ensure that we are always made to feel or experience something while we are here.

As soon as a Soul's energy moves into our Earth bound dimension, like a magnet we draw all 12 aspects toward usand become literally imprinted with the precise energies, frequencies and vibrations that are being held and produced inside the aspects by our Cosmos and Solar system at that exact moment.    NOTE: Also, whatever Karmic energy (positive or challenging) our Soul may have left behind from in our last incarnationfinds us immediately as well.

As all this happens, the energy of all 12 signs of our zodiac passes right through us.  Our Soul then acts as a kind of filter or netand with computer like accuracy, we are perfectly matched with the energies that suit the destiny Heaven has already arranged for us to experience.  In this moment, it is as if the entire map or picture of our Cosmos is being stamped onto our Soul, and as our Soul reads, compares and translates this reproduction (to help our human brain form and hardwire our upcoming personality)our Spirit also works with the constructhighlighting certain aspects and superimposing over it many detail remembrances of who we are and have been eternally.  Once this process is completed, it will be as if the energy from this Cosmic map will have filled every cell in our body and every vacant slot within our mind, giving us a template to follow in lifeuntil such time as we learn how to regulate ourselves spiritually. " (Christian Andreason, chapter 5,"Reincarnation" )

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