The case of 'happy meal' uncorrupted

What happens if you leave a happy meal from McDonald's on a table and photographs during the 137 days? Nothing. That's the most shocking of the experiment York art photographer Sally Davies, who is immortalizing the evolution of a burger and fries from the fast food chain in the living room of his house and posting the snapshots on the Internet.

Both products were not observed any signs of rust, putrefaction or other processes that affect normal human food out of refrigerators. More than four months after the artist bought them, are virtually unchanged from the first day, which incorrupt arm of Santa Teresa.

The project has a clear intention: to denounce the artificial food of McDonald's and demonstrate its alleged abuse of preservatives. And like everything that serves to solfa the multinational has a strong viral spread in social networks. However, the experiment has little original, because the tests of time hamburger chain has been happening on the Internet in recent years.

In 2004, Morgan Spurlock, author of the documentary "Super Size Me ', got menus from various fast food chains in glass jars and recorded their progress. The burgers themselves were broken down, but McPatatas remained intact for 10 weeks.

U.S. nutritionist Karen Hanrahan showed in his blog in 2008, allegedly purchased a burger at McDonald's 12 years earlier, he had kept stored in a tupperware out of the refrigerator. The appearance had hardly changed, according to the testimony of his having, only "starting to crumble a bit and gave off the strangest of smells." In the picture, the burger of 1996 is on the left, compared with purchased fresh at the time.

New York review 'Stay Free! " compared in 2005 with a burger and fries from a fast food restaurant in the neighborhood of Brooklyn with one of McDonald's. In one week, the first was completely rusted, while the second had only minor specks of fungus.

In March 2010 the blogger Nonna Joann babybit published in an entry titled 'Happy birthday, happy meal', which ironically celebrating the first birthday of a chain bought the menu a year ago. Once again, images of the hamburger in 2009 and now were almost equal, despite having stayed on a shelf in his studio in Denver (USA) for 12 months. "It has never smelled bad, it has never been broken or rusty," said Joann. "I think the ants, flies and mice are smarter than people, because they were not fooled. Never touched the happy meal. Children should not do it."

The latest clinical trial hamburgers McDonald's has carried out this month, a personal trainer in Oklahoma (USA) called Christian Henning, with the same result: three months outdoors and no sign of decomposition or the flesh or in the chips.

And McDonald's, what does all this? The post of babybit had such an impact on the network that the network was forced to issue a statement defending its food. "Our meat has no added preservatives hamburgers," he claimed. A fact which insists on its website: "The whole pieces of meat are mixed and bite without adding fat, additives or preservatives." It recognizes that French fries contain citric acid as preservatives tertbutilhidroquinona.

What explains then the length of the burgers? There are three possible answers. The first, most of these tests were carried out under conditions of low humidity, so the meat just has dried and has remained so immune to decomposition. The question then would be why this does not happen with any other meat fried at home.

The second explanation is that McDonald's lies and put preservatives, which also seems questionable since a simple analysis could get in serious problems for the multinational. The third, very personal, is that there is collusion between McDonald's and the Vatican, which he has given the secret of immortality of the saints to multinational exchange for money and / or free hamburgers, in a deal similar to that maintained with Joan Collins and Ana Rosa Quintana.

In any case, it's a little scary to see these meats inaccessible to putrefaction, which certainly does not invite to be launched to visit the chain restaurants. But perhaps they should worry us the fruits and vegetables that remain intact after months in the fridge yesterday I met with horror some plums and some Paraguayans semiintactos back from vacation. Or those sausages that solidify but never rot. Or those loaves that do not turn green or the edge of a swamp. Of course not labeled McDonald's, and then sells less critical.

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