O'siyo..I come to talk with you about Ceremony...In all of our walks..we all celebrate in ceremony in some way..SO..Question is.."If you 'intend' to do the ceremony correctly..is it proper..or well meaning?And further..If you like this part..and that part..and Oh Yeah..some of this part,from another culture..and combine them..is the intent ..enough to "OK"..this culture vulture to go on with this?"NO!It isn't..Ceremony is, what it is..(Sacred)..Just like each of our languages...In language..is our Spirituality..the words..have roots..and at face value..they tell about the "surface meaning"..But..each also tell of the "Spirit" within the word..In Lakota..the word for woman..is described by Rock,or,base and love..The sacredness is that all..are sacred beings.."life Givers"..as it is in all Native Nations......As it would relate to ceremony..if you draw someone into a ceremony(native)(female) ..and combine a male part of an Egyptian ceremony..this is not only out of place..but wrong!You have defiled the ceremony..and not one,but two cultures!
Learn about your culture..your ceremonies..and all parts of the Spirituality of them..you'll see that the most minute detail can have the greatest implication of "intent" to Spirit!Think on this..and let's hear your ideas,thoughts..concerns??
Grey Wolf

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Agree.... Doesn't seem Logical to intermix Male and Female Spirit during Ceremony. Spirits having different Intents and Purposes on this Earth may cause each other great Confusion!
Good Day Grey Wolf,
could you possibly tell me where I could learn about my culture and ceremonies? My public library does not have much on Shawnee.... I do have a theosophical society close by but I only saw 1 small book shelf on Native American, and I'm just not sure where to begin.

Love and Light
O'siyo..One of the best places..with the most accurate info spots..can be at Powwows!"www.powwows.com",look there and find 'em in your neck of the woods..
Also..Look online at the New Native American Center/library service at the "Smithsonian Library"..in Washington D.C.(go to Google)..If that still does not fill your plate of study..Find a reservation..and an Elder on it..that will be willing to share,what you are asking for..and ask in a proper,respectful way..and they may do it for you..All else fails..Come here to New Mexico..and Myself and an associate can/will teach you in the old ways!
Hope this all helps?
Blessings..Grey Wolf of the Mountain Tops
Grey Wolf;
I have read and re read what has been written. I agree that ceremony is sacred. I agree that it should not be disected to do only what is desired and mesh or combine with others. Yet I have to state that there is no right way or wrong way to connect with the Great Spirit...and I have found that with the people it has been left ot interpertation on many levels...with that said I will post below what I have just written, and in my knowing state...isn't it good when the student comes with a pure heart, in trying to connect with the Great Spirit, that no matter what their road to the Great Spirit, as long as the connection is made...it is good. Isn;t it obligation to us as teachers to encourage that?
A Reminder of the Teachings of White Calf Buffalo Woman

Recently I had the opportunity to sit and listen to some people sit and discuss tradition, ceremony…about how we are to walk. About what it is to be Native American.

As I sat and listened to the words that came forth, I was greatly saddened by them. They have forgotten of the truths of the teachings. What will make this nation whole again. It is not in judgement that I say these words, but mearly in observation and sadness as to how far off we all have gotten from the true path. The Nation is slowly awakening, not the Native Nation, simply the Nation of people, of the Four Legged, of the Winged Ones, of the Plant People, The Stone People… and all are looking for what once was and will be again.

They spoke of pipes, and ceremony and I asked of the pipe. Who is it that may smoke them? Who is it that is meant to share the smoke? And the reply came back as there is ceremony, and only certain people may smoke. Women may smoke with women, Men only with men during this time. And only the chosen may carry the pipe. Again sadness tugs at my heart, how is it that we think we do not walk in judgement yet we feel as though we are the chosen, the rightous? It is not our path to judge…it is our path to be unconditional, to teach, to share…to love.

For today I will share some words that will hopefully respark the rememberance of what is to be, and should be carried in our hearts. With that said I remember the story…the story of White Calf Buffalo Woman…and these are some of her words that she left with us, to be heard through all generations, that obviously need to be heard again.

“The people have forgotten, that which is more precious than water. You have forgotten your connection with the Great Spirit. I have come with a fire from heaven to rekindle again your memory of what has been, and to strengthen you for the times to come.”

She then took from her side the skin pouch that she carried. “In this pouch, is a pipe. This pipe is sacred. I give it to you all to help you remember the teachings that I bring. Always treat this pipe with respect. Carry it”

Throughout the spoken word that she presented to the people…the main messages were always of the gathering of nations. “The fourth breath on the pipe. Let your prayer be that your tribe will always remain among them, and that one day the people that remain true to reality will include “ALL Nations of the World”.”

“A great fire can be ignited from a single, glowing ember! For when the storm is over, the ember will ignite a dawn brighter than and dawn before. With that new dawn will be gathered not only tribes shaded red, but white tribes from the north…black tribes from the south…and yellow tribes from the east. In Harmony the races will live beneath the boughs of the new tree, The age that will be seen will be the best that has ever been. All that has been broken will be made whole again. The Sacred Hoop mended. The great Spirit will be active among all, living, breathing, creating through all the peoples of the earth. Peace will then come to the Nations, for the original creators of life, the Winged Ones of the heavens will return.” - White calf Buffalo Woman

We all are the single glowing ember, that burns brighter as we come together during this awakening, the earth’s renewal. The sacred pipe is for us to offer our prayers to the Great Spirit. No matter the color of our skin, no matter what nationality our heritage is, our blood is all the same. When it bleeds it is red. Not red of the Native Americans, but Red from our human bodies that were all created the same, yet different. Live in the moment, unconditionally love each other, for who are we to judge? There is no right religion, nor is there any wrong religion, there is only the road that gets us there to the Creator that makes it the correct one. Different for everyone, yet with simplicity the same.

I am proud to be Native, but I am more proud to be of Creator and who I am…and I am Bear.
Great Bear I have been told this story only in simpler terms from an Anishnawbe friend some years back.

I am a child of different descents My mother from El Salvador which the spaniards eventually conquered the Pipil tribe, my father is of English descent and roots from Irish which the English controlled. Now this mix was infringement on a people and their culture. Inadvertently created a new sub culture rooted in old tradition and ways as seen in Latin America. Unfortunately in some places there is still a lost sense of identity. Mainly because ignorance and intolerance of people and their own roots.

My understanding from this teaching is this each of the four great nations carry strength and uniqueness of character of strengths but also carry deficits. That the day these tribes meet and share blood and seed. Will be the beginning of a new nation that of brother and sisters with the combined strength of all our gifts to share as one. I don't believe we will lose our heritage but create a new era of combined spirit in love harmony and connection to all that is. Please if I misinterpret anything please let me know. I am here as a child only to learn.
I have just joined this discussion group on things sacred to the Native American and have been drawn to your view ... in agreement ... for the times ahead must be times of Unification of the People ... under the banner of the Human Race. Does this mean I disrespect the traditions of indigenous cultures? In no wise is that the case. We are entering a new time ... an age when the circumstances upon Mother Earth will make it difficult to survive unless we loosen the tight grip we hold on our traditions and move towards a 'Rainbow Nation' perspective.
The teachings of White Buffalo Calf Woman are intrinsic to this transitionary period as Mother Earth goes through great changes that will test the calibre of all who 'withstand the day'.
The 'Keepers of the Earth Mother' must remember to 'look to the East from whence your Deliverance comes' as was spoken by she who promised to return 'when the sacred hoop breaks and scatters the spokes to the four winds'. Pahana will return to fight for her people and have their lands restored unto them. She will stand and speak and it will be an open and shut
case. The Times of Restitution of All Things is to be finalized on the earth with the return of lands, dignities, self-esteems and opportunities commensurate with the Native American tribes of the United States and the Aboriginal tribes of Canada. Know this. Know this. Know this. Know this.
I have thought on all of the views presented here..The ending times are upon us soon..and a New Sun will bring many new things..One MUST,"Must" be traditions.. in Pure form..I'm adamant on this..Each people..will have theirs,,Yes!And Truths..not interpretations of it..BUT Truths..must be waled into the future..If the truth is not available..then you need to find one who will share that!We..everyone of us..MUST learn anew everyday!If you do not..You will not persevere!This is all I have to say on this..I am glad that you have come here..and like you..I speak the ways I have been taught by TRADITIONALS..
I honor their truths..and the 6 directions!Aho..Mitaque Oyasin!
Blessings..Grey Wolf of the Mountain Tops!
Hello Grey Wolf
I agree with you ceremony is sacred because it has a meaning in relation to whomever or whatever the cause. It is not meant to be changed but to be honored and sacred to those involved. Celebrations of the earth are just this, celebrations of healing, customs. Perhaps part of our culture remains in the changes or adding of ceremonies that were once sacred and known but man/women felt it was alright to change the wording is this not the way in most places of worship and religious beliefs taught (just an example from my past no offense is intended to anyone). I remember as a small girl hearing a certain prayer taught to me and, it was sacred to me a celebration of who I was this same prayer is still used but through the years it seems more words were added and I remember thinking where and how did this come from. As a grown woman I know this answer and the choices I make to create my own sacred space with my brothers and sisters of pure love and intent of light. This is my thought thanks for letting me share.
In the changing..is the diminshing of it's potency!If one looks at a particular language of "Native/Indigenous"..origin..You will find in that language..(in each word)the sanctity..of the people!Changing a prayer to english,because you can not speak the Indigenous language,that it came from..Can,and Most often does detract from that which is Sacred!Learn ,Yes!Change to "Meld"into one mud puddle of a people..NOT on My Watch!There are reasons ,why "women"..do not participate in some ceremonies,sometimes..THE basic reason..The difference in Men's and Women's medicine..and Moon Cycles..and More!Not for any other "imposed "reason!When in "cycle"..for all of you uninformed males...A woman's Medicine..is very strong..So..depending on the ceremony..could cause undo disruption ..rather than a Positive "intent" from that woman!NOW...re-examine your views..and re-think your approaches to this..and look at this without your fogged glasses on!I have performed many traditional ceremonies..and some "blended" ceremonies where the couple involved were of two different nations..SO..in that stead..a ceremony..to provide a combination of prayer for the two..is done..BUT..The language is not changed..and the facts remain intact!The ceremony in that case..took twice as long..but was doubly rewarding to all!One may accomodate a Joining..YES!But One WILL not ..WILL NOT..do anything in a Sacred Manner..if you take pieces/parts..and Meld the "intent"..to make it easier!Being "Traditional"..Is a life long walk,and very often..not an easy thing to accomplish at all!
Thank you for validating my thoughts this is why as I stated at a certain age when I could make the choice I decided that I could pray to the divine on my own with no church to tell me I had to (and be raised by such) to wonder why growing up it changed. I have read that womens medicine is stronger I can tell you at moon cycles (mainly full) I am drawn and if I put my hands to the moon I can feel vibration so I understand I think what you are saying. I beleive as stated that sacred is sacred. As a person of Reiki I consider this a sacred universal healing the only change I learn from doing it over the years was that intent was and is the true meaning from the heart.
Thank you Grey Wolf... this is making much more sense... words and language are very powerful as is the waxing and waning of the moon. I wish to learn the sacred language when the time is right that I may understand a greater wisdom. Thank you friend.
You are welcome..When you are ready..Let me know?!
Grey Wolf


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