Whaledreamers /Indigenous peoples connection to the sacred Soul of the Whale


Whaledreamers /Indigenous
peoples connection to the sacred Soul of the Whale

August 03, 2009 4:08 PM

Indegenous Whaledreamers/
Jullian Lennon Documentary Teresa M.

 Whaledreamers/Indigenous peoples in Austrailia Whaledreamers are connected to something called Dream time connection,where they become One with the Soul of the Whale It was in
the making of over 10 yrs to complete this amazing documentary This
tribe of the Mirning,believe that the whales are there little brothers
and sisters,they sing ancient songs in a circle and do a ritual circle
dances to the ancestors,very similiar to the dance of the Wovoka and the
ghostdancers.It was so amazing to see the connection between man and
whales,knowing we are truly One.

The Mirning tribe unfortunately were taken from the land they lived on and were stewards of, and put into
camps and were taken from the Whales. They lost there dreams and there
hopes and all the connection to the dreams of the whales Soul.During
this video you will see the police and the government escorting them
away from there Dreams.Dream time connection is where the whales meet
Land and Sea.

The whales came from another galaxy,to bring to earth,harmony and Peace,they came from the stars as the 7 sisters chased
them,into the Sea.They hold all eternal knowledge and ancient
Wisdom.The mirning tribe had children stolen,and the government did bomb
testing on there lands and everything became radio active,no good soil,
no water, no fruit no plants could survive.The mirning tribe was wiped
out and thought to be extinct by 1956.

But yet few did survive and became strong in there dreams with the whales.1993 whales recovered after
millions were killed for greed.Now they continue to have dream time
connection with the whales and they say, the white whale has come, it is
an Omen,for all mankind to care for one another and our Mother
Earth.During this ceremony 2 white ravens came, and one white
whale.Giving us the prophecy to take care,live in harmony and
Peace,before it
is too late.Over the past few years the songs of the whales have been

The whales lift the vibration of the planet and open up mans heart chakras,now the Navy is putting strange sounds in our Oceans and
the dolphins and whales are beaching themselves.Could it be that they
are purposely destroying our ancient wisdom to keep us enslaved,and
lost?We are the ones we have been waiting for so now is the time, to
bring all hearts to One Heartbeat,share,live thru love of one anothers
Dreams, with Nature and our great Hashi Inkba Sun Father/Mother
Moon.Without the dolphins and whales,we will all become extinct,2
leggeds, wingeds and 4 leggeds,Hushtaliat Ish Piukpolishke/Great Spirit
may you bless us,help us to become as One,our hearts are in
slumber,yakoke host bulletin

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I had a dream about a year ago.
I was close to the sea and the terrain was rocky. An old small wooden ship lay in ruins between the rocks. It was only the skeleton that remained. A voice said to me. "there was a time when people did not trust these. They called them, foxes of the sea"..it seemed like summer for the land was dry. The grasses had turned golden by the lions roar.
I was with friends. There was an ancient man there. In that golden plain. A very very ancient man. He was short and his only clothes were his own thick bodyhair. I saw him from bellow. As if I was about a foot tall! He was excited! He had dreamed! A dream of fire! He held in his hand a firestone. Flint. And was hitting it with another stone and sparks flew. I looked at him in the eyes and there were sparks in them. My friends urged me to turn back. They were not interested in this ancient man. They wanted to return to Zakynthos. The island where I'm studying. And so we turned around. And there we were. At the town center. With the food places facing us. There was a woman there. A young woman. She was working. But something was wrong. I didn't like it there. She was too submerged in her own world to be able to see the ancient landscape that lay before her eyes. No one saw it.

I left that place. Went to the sea. Stood on the rocks of the shore. There were reefs there. A huge sperm whale came slowly ashore from the right towards the left. I was filled with excitement and compasion and joy. But then I realised something was very wrong. The whale was in much pain. It could not swim. It was very ill. It was washed into the shallows and was caught in the reefs where the waves broke. It gave a painful last cry and defecated toxic bubles and green waste as it died. My heart was heavy with grief.
People came. People that cared. They had blastic speedboats filled with air. They carried instruments. Scientific instruments. But as we went to the deep waters and they were searching for the proper place to do their tests I realised that the waters were quite turbulant. The was anger in the sea. I saw lightning in the water mixed in with the wastes. Zeus of the sea was angered. The people were worried by the turbulance. Decided to turn back. And so we did..

Loved this ! I love Whales and dolphins...always felt a spiritual connection with them.  Thanks for sharing !



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