What Mr. Christian Andreason had to say about astrology after his NDE kind of blew my mind!

I am convinced thought that he is correct....... that yes.... astrology does play an important part in our lives.


So astrology does play into our lives?

Yes, it certainly does!  (But please understand, when I speak of astrology I am not referring to your local newspaper's tabloid horoscope!) 

From the Realm I saw that our cosmos is very much alive and holds a very powerful energy and definite intelligence to it.  It is from our Soul passing through what I have come to understand to be 12 unique aspects of a pre-designed intelligence (during the moment our Soul supernaturally travels to our body to be born) that we get our astrological placement and emotional profile (also called a "chart") filled in this life. 

Heaven mandates the use of astrological placement to ensure that we are always made to feel or experience something while we are here.

As soon as a Soul's energy moves into our Earth bound dimension, like a magnet we draw all 12 aspects toward usand become literally imprinted with the precise energies, frequencies and vibrations that are being held and produced inside the aspects by our Cosmos and Solar system at that exact moment.    NOTE: Also, whatever Karmic energy (positive or challenging) our Soul may have left behind from in our last incarnationfinds us immediately as well." (Christian Andreason, chapter 5)

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A very interesting account which, for the most part I think is true.  One of the few exceptions is that, like m,any people, he state the human aura is an electromagnetic field, it isn't, if it was we could measure it and we can't. The aura is part of the human subtle energy field something new to science. If you want to know what a detailed picture of this field looks like go to subtleenergyfields.blogspot.ca.  There are several systems that reveal this field and one of the many deetails we have found is that some people have attachments, as suggested by the book. These attachements drain your life energy but can be removed by energy healers.

A number of people returning from an NDE support the notion of energetic field, one described it as an "infinite matrix of intereracting energies. Also much of the info in this book is supported by the "Conversations with God" trilogy by Neale W. Walsh

I can understand that these universal energies can influence our lives but they do not control us. That would mean we have no free will and of course we do.


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