I was given Howard Storm's book, "My Descent Into Death" a couple of years ago.  

Howard was an atheist at the time that he had a NDE while waiting for treatment in a hospital in Paris, France.  At first he could not understand how it was possible for his consciousness to be outside of his body.  When he finally met a "being of light" he asked why the holocaust on the Jewish people had been permitted to occur during the Nazi era:

Howard Storm:

I asked how God could let the Holocaust of World War II happen. We were transported to a railway station as a long train of freight cars was being unloaded of its human cargo. The guards were screaming and beating the people into submission. The people were Jewish men, women, and children. Exhausted from hunger and thirst, they were totally disoriented from the ordeal of being rounded up and sent on a long journey to an unknown destination. They believed that they were going to work camps, and that their submission to the brutality of the guards was the only way to survive.

We went to the area where the selection process was taking place and heard the guards talking about "the Angel Maker." We went to the place the guards were referring to as "the Angel Maker," which was a series of ovens. I saw piles of naked corpses being loaded into the ovens, and I began to cry. ...."These are the people God loves." Then he said, "Look up." Rising out of the smoke of the chimneys, I saw hundreds of people being met by thousands of angels taking them up into the sky. There was great joy in the faces of the people, and there appeared to be no trace of a memory of the horrendous suffering they had just endured. How ironic that the guards sarcastically called the ovens "the Angel Maker."
I asked how God could allow this to happen. They told me that this was not God's will. This was an abomination to God. God wants this never to happen again. This was the sacrifice of an innocent people to whom God had given the law to be an example, a light, to the rest of the world. This Holocaust was breaking God's heart...."

I asked, Why does God let things like this happen? They told me that God was very unhappy with the course of human history and was going to intervene to change the world. God had watched us sink to depths of depravity and cruelty at the very time that he was giving us the instruments to make the world a godlier world. God had intervened in the world many times before, but this time God was going to change the course of human events.// (Howard Storm, My Descent Into Death, page 42,43)

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Another important revelation to Howard was that God was not going to permit a large scale nuclear war in our branch of time:


Howard Storm:

"Because of my fear of a nuclear holocaust I asked if there was going to be a nuclear war in the world, and they said no. That astonished me, and I gave them this extensive explanation of how I had lived under the threat of nuclear war. That was one of the reasons I was who I was. I figured, when I was in this life, that it was all sort of hopeless; the world was going to blow up anyway, and nothing made much sense. In that context I felt I could do what I wanted, since nothing mattered.

They said, "No, there isn't going to be any nuclear war." 

I asked if they were absolutely sure there wasn't going to be nuclear war. They reassured me again, and I asked them how they could be so sure. Their response was: "God loves the world."

They told me that at the most, one or two nuclear weapons might go off accidentally, if they weren't destroyed, but there wouldn't be a nuclear war. I then asked them how come there had been so many wars. They said that they allowed those few to happen, out of all the wars that humanity tried to start. Out of all the wars that humans tried to create, they allowed a few, to bring people to their senses and to stop them.

Science, technology, and other benefits, they told me, had been gifts bestowed on humanity by them – through inspiration. People had literally been led to those discoveries, many of which had later been perverted by humanity to use for its own destruction. We could do too much damage to the planet. And by the planet, they meant all of God's creation. Not just the people, but the animals, the trees, the birds, the insects, everything.

They explained to me that their concern was for all the people of the world. They weren't interested in one group getting ahead of other groups. They want every person to consider every other person greater than their own flesh. They want everyone to love everyone else, completely; more, even, than they love themselves. If someone, someplace else in the world hurts, than we should hurt we should feel their pain. And we should help them.

Our planet has evolved to the point, for the first time in our history, that we have the power to do that. We are globally linked. And we could become one people." (Howard Storm)

Here is a brilliant explanation on why the truth about reincarnation was edited out of the Christian scriptures.

This truth also helps us to put the horrible events of history into a larger perspective.

Bruce F. MacDonald: "Thank you ,Dennis. An awareness of reincarnation is very important. When I was channelling the book, "The Thomas Book: Near Death, a Quest and a New Gospel by the Twin Brother of Jesus," I was constantly made aware of the importance of reincarnation to Jesus and to the early Christians. There are very important lessons about reincarnation in The Thomas Book, and the way it was written depends on the reality of reincarnation. A modern direct descendent of Jesus' teachings about reincarnation can be found in the Coptic Church in Egypt, which claims it drew its original teachings from St. Mark, who received his teachings from Jesus. They assert that reincarnation was one of the central teachings of Jesus himself, but that it was wiped out of the wider church by some of the later Roman emperors because those rulers did not want to think that they might be born as lesser beings sometime in the future. The emperors, in their pride, did not want to believe Jesus' teaching that "you reap what you sow," and that they might have to face the consequences of their actions in a future life. They wanted to be in the position where they answered to no one for their actions, as when they were emperors, so insisted that the Bishops pass a law that they would go directly to heaven instead of being reincarnated to face the consequences of their often cruel actions. 

The first century Jewish historian, Josephus, says that the Pharisees and the Essenes believed in reincarnation. Since Jesus spent much time with the Essenes in his early life, it is natural that he would preach reincarnation. When I was told by Kevin Ryerson, one of the foremost trance channels in the United States, that I was the reincarnation of Judas Thomas, the twin brother of Jesus, it was a great shock in a way, even though I had been told by Jesus, when I was channelling the Thomas gospel in the early 1980s, that I was the reincarnation of Judas Thomas, and that was why I could write the gospel which came from him. To have this confirmed by someone with the stature of Kevin made it seem more striking in the modern world. By the way, for those who wonder about Jesus having a twin brother, there was an early and wide spread belief in this twin brother of Jesus (also wiped out by some of the people in power in the early Roman church) as can be found in "The Acts of Thomas," "The Book of Thomas the Contender," "The Gospel of Thomas" and "The Song of the Pearl" (all available on the internet). 

Reincarnation was replaced with a belief in hell, which was a later, non-Christian teaching which found its way into the early Christian church. According to Jesus' teachings about reincarnation, facing the consequences of our actions in future lives is how we are "rewarded or punished" for what we do, and so, as Barbro Karlen says, we make our own heaven or hell.. But none of it is "punishment," even though it might seem like it is. When we face challenges or suffering in our life, it is a way for us to learn the consequences of earlier action -- it is not punishment. And it is the best way to learn. If we have caused suffering for others in the past, we need to learn what that suffering feels like so that we can decide not to do that again. As Edgar Cayce, the famous American "Sleeping Prophet" from the early 20th century says, "We must experience in our own soul what we have brought into the lives of others." That way we learn that bringing love and compassion and joy and peace into the lives of others brings the same to us, and bringing hatred and fear and pain into the lives of others brings the same to us. When Jesus said, "Do unto others what you would want done to you," he is reflecting this idea, because what we do to others is what will be done to us. 

Of course suffering is not always punishment. Sometimes we choose to face challenges in our lives in order to strengthen our faith or our compassion or our understanding in some way. And sometimes advanced souls choose to be incarnated as poor people or beggers or others low in the estimation of the world, in order for us to realize that our negative judgement of the "least of these our brothers and sisters," may be all wrong, because, as Jesus puts it, these may actually be Jesus or some other advanced soul incarnate to teach us about the nature of love and compassion. (If people want to read more about this they can go to


P. M. H. Atwater  M. D. saw something very similar happening in the hours and days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.  

Dr. P. M. H. Atwater:......"Why do I call the disaster a wake-up call? Because of what I witnessed on Thursday morning, September 13th when in a state of prayer and meditation I returned to the inner planes with the intention of going to Ground Zero. I never quite made it there. The soul wave was in the way.

The day before I had been surprised to see the departed souls coming together and forming a soul wave the shape of a giant hand stretching upward, high into the sky. When I came back on Thursday, however, the soul wave was fully formed, with each soul totally conscious and possessed of knowing.

The formation shimmered from all the lights it held, soul light, the holy fire we bring in with us when we are born and take back when we die. And the sound the souls made in that wave, their tonal vibration as an oscillating energy force of strength and power, was one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. It was music, the music of a great love, a love of those willing to die for the benefit of others. Their sacrifice touched me and permeated to the very core of my being.

Before I could think, the soul wave and I merged. What I witnessed, what I came to know while inside the wave transcended my childhood memories of World War II, and the constant replay of the terrorist attack spilling into my living room from television newscasts.

This is what the soul wave revealed to me.

Each person involved in the tragedy, regardless of who, victim or perpetrator, had agreed before birth to be part of this event – to be there at that location at that time as that person. They had not committed as souls to be killed or to kill, necessarily, but, rather, to be present and accounted for, to ensure that the energy needed for the emergency to occur and have the effect it did would be available. It was only as time neared that final decisions were made as to outcomes, that is, who would do what. It was their purpose as souls to create this great "wake-up call," one so horrendous that it would shake up the entire earthplane, affecting every government and every religion, every man, woman, and child, and the environment as well.

I came to understand that in a previously arranged "soul agreement" the people who died or were injured in the attack had offered to sacrifice themselves in order to make the statement that none of us can go on living the way we have in the past. It is time to awaken, to effect significant change throughout society. Our country, especially, has been protected by oceans, soft borders, and a legacy of people committed to creating a free and open society. The passion that birthed the United States became a worldwide beacon, grounded in law, tempered by a willingness to air our disagreements and learn from our mistakes. I have noticed, though, that our complacency comes from putting "things" ahead of service and long-term investments, and to such an extent that consumerism has replaced the importance of the family unit and the spirituality that supports worship and "worthship." (P. M. H. Atwater M. D.)

I think that it is important to notice that the being of light of NDE fame, who met with former Atheist Ms. Beverly Brodsky, DID NOT tell her his name.



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