Spiritual Networking is in essence Lightweaving, or the art of building a web of life. It is expressed through strong connections that can extrapolate social and business bonds. It multiplies exponentially your power to connect with others. Lightweaving is a new way to build relationship-building opportunities: Interacting with an extra–net of good willing people, truly committed to help each other to prosper. Together, we can create ripples through the law of attraction.

In our Network Partnership Program, you automatically add value and quality to your message, as you discover a matchless world of possibilities through a much larger circle of influence, visibility and creativity, with an outstanding background of respectability and professionalism.

We understand that Spiritual Networking is much more than can be described by the generalities of an arrangement of sets of connections. It is a labor of the art of weaving light through the various levels of human relationships, but it is geared in a way to help you build a broader circle of Influence, visibility, credibility, as it improves your general performance and reputation.

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Here I will confirm everybody ....
Organization UNIFICATION PROJECT ..looking for persons who can starting TOGETHER a worldwide project/mission…

It is time that we coming to actions and realising......
It is good to write, to speak and tell about spiritual issues, that are reminders and remembers to wake you up.
But still is missing the reality of to DO.

The missies with the specific tasks , charged with or adopts as their main purpose:

This is a mission from out our spirits and inputs, from the divine source without thinking on a work, it is more from out the ethic the mission to helping and healing, spreading the light of Love and Peace...
To go to any coutry and helping people with every illnesses, situations, spreading the spirituality, learning the peoples to heal, helping and supporting in any way and situations, fighting until the poverty. Given treatments too a big group of persons.

In this moment it is important to make a step together in a good directions and my proposal is to you all:

Necessary points to charter this project:

*coming statements of the purpose of an organization
*building a new society of members
*to find a fund for spiritual missionaries’
* one bureau on one fixed place (I am thinking on America) for the whole world to given all information’s about the intentions of companies, pr work, connections between countries what asking for help and us the group of healer, management of new healers around the world, what will travel and building with us and so on....
*to find a travel bureau what have a fixed amount for one year, where the spiritual missionaries can fly around in the world on one ticket.
* the important think to find sponsoring that we can do our missions.

what is important for the worldwide missions…

lightworkers/healers, managers, travelbureaus, bureau and bureauworkers, sponsorens

You can sign up on my site

Visit Unification Project

and I will given everybody an answer back, suggestion, every helping hand is welcome ….let us begin the first step together to the way ONENESS to bring the light in the world.

Let us Do it together under the vision:


God blessings,
~~/|\ ~~
This i like to write from my heart, my own guide is my spirit and the input of the higherself.

under the number 36074431955-47 by the European Commission
Hello Ilona,

This group was made to discuss ways we can contribute with each other...by your comment above, I wonder if you are willing to work with us and find common solutions, or if you are just looking for the promotion for your group; but know that we are a legal non profit in USA, so before we can support your project, there has to be a legal structure. I hope you know that there have been a lot of hard work to make the structure of this program (partnership) and others to work. There is much work involved in making something of this magnitude to happen. We share the same views, but we have different approaches , as you can see.

I wish you success and many blessings in your endeavor.

Liane Legey co-Founder of Humanity Healing Foundation and General manager of Humanity Healing Network.
Dear Liane,
thank you for your answer.
We are free spirits and living without bounds and it is coming from out a clearly and bright motive of the rules from out the universe and through my inputs what was given to me. I brought it to the world and looking for partnership on a free manner....without profit...well under the name of organization and dropping of the European mission. Yes, it is a new way with new effects. I researched that SPIRITUAL missioners not exist under any category. I am also dropping under your discussion as reminder....lightweaving....to given a point to help each other and to flow the light.
For me as person it is only given the way to do what is to do. How many persons know about it, that will bring more lights together and we can bring and spreading the light of Love and Peace on this manner around the world.
Here I am asking to support this way and given many peoples the chance to help many peoples around the world.
thank you for your time to reading my words,
Embracing in the Light of Love and Peace
~~/|\ ~~
Dear Liane,
until jet I got on my second respons no answer back.
Here I will made a proposal....
1. Join me as our European Chapter
2. Be independent, to formulate and organize my Unification Project

Thank you for your attention and hope on an answer back,
Embracing the Light of Love and Peace
~~/|\ ~~
Hello Ilona,
I do not understand... We are on the States...


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