Below is the document initially written by Humanity Healing to help the cooperation

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What we are thinking is that we are part of it, not the entirety, first we would ask, if you have anything to add to the document, so as others join, we can make a broader impact. Do you have any new ideas that can be implemented and improved through this program? We do not want to re-invent the wheel, if you have suggestions, in how to make this work in a better way, we will be happy to discuss and work together.
I am working on the little tiny badge for all of us.
BTW, what is your ning?
Sorry, the link did not show up the first time, now I see your ning link.
I joined your network, and now we can post your badge here as well.
Thank you for participating.
Hi. I printed and am reading the partnership program .pdf. It's a great statement, very nicely done, very strong. Let's explore these things --

I am a web-systems builder, working in interfaith and new consciousness. A couple of links: -- database of 11,000 quotations on the emerging new spirituality -- new site I am building for coalition development - just getting started...

My instincts are very spiritual -- for me, everything is about spirit. Humanity Healing is a high-vibe network with a lot of great people. Thanks for doing this.

- Bruce
I will read it first and then respond. However, the idea sounds very positive! Thank-you!
Thank you for inviting me for this. I see no problem in assisting the rest of HH with my ningsite. Keep me in touch on new developments for this Partnership.
Love and Light,

Healers Inc
Peter Shupe /aka. White Light /Creator
Laurence, I am looking forward to your comments and inputs.
I am interested in joining the RING.
Even though my network is quite new, I think we have very lovely and supportive members, and we could learn much from you.
Here is the site:
I have a little doubt: Normally when a new video or interesting blog post is seen by our administrators, we allow to share it across our network. Until today, there has been more positive feedback than negative... would this be considered SPAM on the RING?
Much Metta,
No, I would not consider it spam. WE have a very strict police with Spam, (please see our guidelines). But what really matters is not the size of the network , what matters is the good will. We want to cross promote the good works of others , so we can create a ring (network ) of support and good news, common people can make a difference and sometimes all you need is someone to believe in you.
Soon I will start the scheduling and the discussion in how to implement this ring ASAP
Hi rak,
Very interested to be a partner.
But we are in the medical Healing and facilitation.
Was interested in exploring the options of Spiritual, Hollistic and Medical healing as a group. Because none said and done all of them have to go together.
Do reply to the question and can also have a look at our blogspot


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