When we reduce the number 2012 it becomes 5 which is traditionally the number of communication. Five comes under the planetary influence of Mercury which in Greek Mythology was the messenger of the Gods. The vibrational energy of the number five is also linked with change and that for me is what 2012 is all about. The Mayan long count calendar comes to an end in December this year and has been predicted as being a time of great change.

 Many Healers and visionaries are predicting a shift in consciousness. Indigenous peoples all over the world speak of this year as bringing a return to the feminine energies, a time of unity consciousness. The energy of the number five enables us to more easily communicate on many levels and in many ways. Over the past few decades there has been an awakening taking place on this our home world. Many people have become more aware of spiritual energies and complimentary therapies many of which act on the vibrational level. I have been fortunate to experience several different forms of healing and one of the most powerful yet gentle therapies was sound healing. I felt totally balanced at the end of the session and would thoroughly recommend it.The Shaman and Medicine men and women of the indigenous tribes have always understood the power of sound and have used toning and chanting in their work from the beginning of time. Monks also use the power of sound to empower their meditations and prayers. We all know how uplifting a good sing along can be. Sound raises our vibrational energy.

Five is also the number of earth magic and earth healing and so I feel we will see more people being drawn to sacred sites to celebrate the turning of the seasons and to unite in healing our planet.

As we move into this powerful year of change I feel that more and more people will become aware of the use of sound and of the energy of words, of language and of how we use words to convey our thoughts. We are also becoming more aware of how our words and thoughts actually shape our physical reality. The vibrational energy of the number five also brings a sense of adventure and encourages us to try new things, to visit those places we are drawn to and to be brave enough to step outside our comfort zone. Five is the number of the free spirit and enables us to spread our wings and shine as the beautiful beings we are.

2012 the number is made up of 2 and 1 and 0. Two is the number of peace and of balance and so it is important that we work on our inner balance. When we work from a place of centred calm we are stronger. It is also the number which enables us to be more aware of the interaction of energy between people. We all have an energy field or Aura and five enables us to better sense and understand how our energy fields interact. We have all walked into a room or building and felt unsettled by it, or met someone who makes us feel uneasy. This is because we are sensing energy. Two brings our awareness to this interaction of energies and encourages us to take responsibility for our actions, to really become aware of how we affect the world around us.

One is the number of independence and self expression and encourages us to accept responsibility for our self and to get on with whatever we need to do. We can no longer sit back and wait for someone else to do things for us. Zero is the number of beginnings of pure potential and simply magnifies the energy of the one and the two. Ultimately this year is a time to make changes. If there is something in our life which no longer works for us then we need to change it. Now is the time to remember our true purpose in being here, to follow our own dream and to find a way of working at something which brings us joy rather than trudging along at something we really don’t feel happy with.

So be adventurous, speak your truth calmly and clearly, follow your dream or make steps toward making it happen. Travel whenever you can even if it’s only to the next town or village. Spend time with people; try new things. Approach life with the enthusiasm of a child. Do you remember how exciting every day was when we were young? All life was an adventure and that is how we need to approach 2012.The changes we make don’t have to be huge. We can begin with something very simple like walking to work instead of driving or taking a different route to change our perspectives. We can try a new food or listen to music we have never heard before. The simplest change will begin to change our energy field and as our energy changes we become uplifted. Our vibrational energy begins to change. We begin to feel better, brighter, and happier and then we begin to attract more of this positive energy into our life. The energy of the number five may affect us differently depending on our personal number for the year but generally five brings change.

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Awesome post, really resonate with this. My own channelings with Merlin and other Ascended Masters tells me sound, crystals and colour are the way forward, bringing the ancient healing energies into the future and combining them for a new way for healing ourselves and the planet.   I look forward to more people joining us for open festival celebrations and sacred healing at sites all around Norfolk ( whilst we're still here then down in Somerset when we move).   I feel 2012 has the potential to be such an exciting year for many as long as we accept and go with the changes happening around us and within us.   thanks for this Vikki xxx


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