Thoughts on Ascension and double and triple dates.

Twelve Steps to Ascension.



There is a lot of talk about the magical triple dates and as a Numerologist I do feel that these dates have significance. At the very least they bring opportunity to focus on the changes we need to make. There is a lot of speculation about what is going to happen in 2012 and the truth is no-one knows for certain exactly what will happen. What we do know is that the Mayan long count calendar ends in 2012 and the Mayan people speak of this as a time of returning to the feminine energies which is a good thing. Most indigenous cultures have prophesies about this time in human history and pretty much all of them speak of positive change. As a Numerologist I love numbers. I am passionate about the energy of numbers and of how the energies move and dance and relate to each other. As a healer and psychic I know that everything is energy. We are energy, the trees are energy, animals are energy, the planet itself is energy and we are all connected. This is being proven by science.

I have been working with these triple dates since 01.01.2001.and for me these dates have enabled us to gradually raise our level of vibrational energy. This is talked about in the book The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. It’s a bit like a ladder with one being the first step and twelve being the top step. As we climb the ladder we become more aware of who we are. We begin to recognise our place in the universe. We begin to connect with our true self and to allow our light to shine. As we do that we allow ourselves to grow and re-connect to the All.

Step one 01.01.01 was very much about connecting to self, to really looking at the self and being prepared to throw away the rule book and start again. A time for letting go of anything that did not serve your higher good (including the Ego). For many people this year brought changes and opportunities to develop the self. Like the circle this year enabled us to think about our true potential as Human Beings. On an esoteric level this was the beginning of the countdown to 2012 and I personally feel that this is where a lot of people began to really think about the changes that are coming.

Two 02.02.02. Was about looking at the way we interact with others. Re-assessing our relationships and making changes. Recognising our strengths and weaknesses and learning the art of self control. Two is symbolised by the vesica piscis which represents the birth portal. This year enabled us to begin new projects, to bring our ideas and dreams into the real world and make them work for us. Two also represents sensitivity and an ability to become more empathic to our fellow Humans and to understand how our energy field interacts with the energy fields of those we come into contact with.

Step three 03.03.03 brought opportunities to recognize our ability to manifest our own future. Beginning to understand that what we think really does affect what we create. There has been a lot of speculation and controversy over the last few years about whether the Law of Attraction actually works. Personally I am a firm believer that what you give out is what you get back and actually now science is proving that we can actually change things by changing the way we think. I have seen this for myself this year (2011). The lesson came via my daughter who decided she was going to work the festival circuit. She had no money and nothing lined up but managed to manifest an amazing summer and worked at about 6 or 7 festivals. Watching her really made me think about this lesson.

Step four 04.04.04. Was all about grounding. If we are to open our self to the higher energies we need to be grounded. We need to be able to stand firm in who we are. It was also a time for really thinking about what we want to achieve in life and planning how we will make it happen. I have seen a lot of people changing the way they work and beginning to realise the importance of walking their own unique path and not following someone else’s.

Step five brought opportunities for spiritual development and also artistic endeavours. At its highest vibration five is the number of magic and of working with the elements, of loving and recognising our connection to nature and the elemental energies. It gave us insight to how to balance the self and stay in balance whilst we work and learn.05.05.05. Brought opportunities to really look at and think about how we communicate on many levels.

Step six 06.06.06 brings us closer to home. It makes us look at how we interact with our loved ones, with our children. This year brought opportunities to learn about love, true, unconditional love. This is where we were guided to understand that love has no boundaries, no rules, and no conditions to it. If we truly love someone we set them free and allow them to simply BE. We extend this unconditional love to our fellow humans and to all living things. This time is also very much about re-connecting with the true Beauty that is Nature.

Step seven gave us a chance to grow in spirit. To recognize that the spirit or soul is eternal and that we are beings of both earth and the universe. Like the Tree we are rooted in earth and yet have the ability to reach out into the heavens. This was the time to get things in perspective and really look at our priorities. This year we were able to learn how to let go of the things we have no control over. It also brought opportunities to understand and develop our sixth sense or psychic abilities.07.07.07 was quite a turning point for me on a personal and professional level? I think it was for many people.

Step eight gave us time to learn about balance. As we open more and more to higher energies we need to maintain a sense of balance. The octahedron is good for this as it represents our connection to both earth and the heavens. On the run up to 08.08.08. Tom Kenyon channelled a meditation called The Holon of Balance which uses the octahedron to bring about perfect balance. Again just  like a tree with its roots firmly in the ground and its branches reaching up into the sky, we need to be grounded yet flexible.

Step nine saw us come full circle. Now was the time to let go of the old and get ready to embrace the new. It was a time to reconnect to earth and earth energies and to heal old wounds and move on. Many of us found our self travelling, visiting new places, and meeting new people.09.09.09.reminded us of the importance of dreams and of how we can bring those dreams through into the physical world. Nine is the number of the visionary and so we are given opportunities to share a world vision of a more sustainable and a more co-operative way of being.

Ten brought many changes and the lesson to learn to accept change with Grace. There was a big move toward healing the waters of the world and many psychics noticed an increase in visions and visionary ideas.10.10.10.was a very powerful and intense change in energy frequencies. A real wakeup call reminding us that we can no longer ignore the state of our world. We have to work together and stand up together to encourage a shift in the consciousness of humanity before we completely destroy ourselves.

Step eleven brings the lesson of truly letting go. In order to emerge from our cocoons and become the bright shining beings we were born to be we have to let go of fear. Fear holds us back; it controls us and prevents us from growing and developing to become all that we can be and more. Many people will find themselves having to face their fears this year in order to let go. On a personal level I have noticed an increase in Dreams and have also had some strange experiences which seem to highlight a lifting of the barriers between the realms. It is almost as though in some places the planes of existence are over lapping. I have seen vehicles disappear (and I’m not the only one to have seen this phenomenon).I have also met with Angels in the dream state and the Angels have appeared in human form.

Traditionally eleven brings cathartic change which wakes us to our spiritual path and makes us look at things differently. That for me is what this year is all about. It is simply the next step on the ascension ladder and having come so far already the only way is up.

Our thoughts really do shape our reality and in order to see clearly through the illusion of fear we must be able to stand in our own light and allow our light to shine.

The twelfth step comes next year on 12.12.12 and it is here where we will finally realise and KNOW that we really can and do manifest our reality. When enough Human Beings reach their potential to hold the light and truly shine then we will tip the balance and welcome unity consciousness.

So how can we prepare for 11.11.11.?

Well there are several very simple things we can do.

 We need to look to our diet and do our best to eat regularly and healthily. We can grow our own food and thank the universe for our abundance. If we prepare food with love then the energy of love enters our body with every mouthful we take.

We should try to drink plenty of fresh water. It is important to keep the body and the brain hydrated. As we fill a glass with water we can take a moment to hold the glass of water in our hands and thank the water. Gratitude holds a high vibrational energy so if we thank our water before we drink it we are putting that higher energy into our body.

We can tell the people we spend our time with that we love them and thank them for being a part of our life.

We can thank the universe or the goddess or god (whatever you perceive it to be) for all the good things in life.

We can make a conscious effort to help others, whether it is simply by taking time to say hello to a neighbour or buying a cup of tea for the beggar on the street. We may even decide to make a regular contribution to water aid or some other world charity.

We need to make time to simply be, to walk and to appreciate nature. To breathe and absorb the beauty of nature whether we are in a field, a garden or a city park.

We need to make time to stop and listen to the sounds of life.

Most of all we can make a real effort to think positive thoughts.

The actual year number this year is four which is the number of order and of foundation and so above all else this is a time for laying the foundations for the future. This is our chance to really turn things around and wake up to our true potential as Humans. Let’s not waste it.

I will be holding a meditation on the 11th of November to tune into the energy of the day. Details will be posted nearer the time.

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