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I'm not sure if they're advertising a particular method or not, but there are some good blog posts, plus a free self-evaluation, and a free ebook on the subject. This caught my eye because I'm very much into Sound Therapy, and have had tinnitus my whole life. I'm planning on researching this particular method to see if it will help. It seems to help many other conditions, as well. If anyone here has a chance to try it before I do, I'd love to hear what your experiences are.

Here is an overview from the site (cited above). Note...this is only a partial quote from the website. The references they say are included are on their website; I didn't include them here, because this is only partial text.

Sound Therapy Research Summary

Sound Therapy International aims to raise world wide awareness so that all associated specialties and professions will include Sound Therapy in their recommendations. A summary of the science of the Tomatis method and ongoing sound therapy research is given here, references included.

Background on Sound Therapy Research

In the 1940s Dr Tomatis, a Paris based ear, nose and throat specialist conducted clinical trials with singers, aeroplane mechanics and others to determine how their hearing was affected and whether it could be improved.

He went on to develop a method of treatment which addresses hearing and listening from both the physical and the psychological aspects. Through his experiments he also discovered that high frequency sounds, softly played stimulate and replenish brain energy, and are in fact essential for optimum functioning of the cortex.

The Tomatis Method

As his initial concern was with hearing loss, Tomatis’ first experiments dealt with altering the auditory curve.

When there is loss of hearing in a particular frequency it is generally not a total loss – it just means that those frequencies where there is a scotoma are heard at a lower level. Tomatis designed an apparatus called the Electronic Ear, which could manipulate the frequencies of sounds, so it could match a sound to the person’s auditory curve, or it could do the opposite. It could boost the deficient frequencies to make the person hear as a normal ear would hear.

Initially Tomatis worked with singers who had lost certain frequencies from their voices. He found that the dead spots in the voice exactly matched the dead spots on the audiogram, and by correcting the hearing with the Electronic Ear he could restore the missing frequencies to the voice.

Thus he formed his first law: “The voice contains only those sounds that the ear can hear.” This discovery was given official recognition in 1957 by the French Academy of Science as the “Tomatis Effect.” In 1958 Tomatis’ invention, the Electronic Ear won a gold medal for scientific research at the Brussels International Exposition.

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