Hi everyone,

My name is Mark, I'm an Englishman living in Shanghai; China, I have lived and worked in China for over 13 years now, I was brought up with Chinese Culture and history, I studied WuShu Kung Fu for over 18 years, my wife is Chinese and I'm passionate about Chinese culture, history and traditions. I intend to add topics that are dear to my life such as Taoism, Confucius, Shaolin Si, Buddhism, Christianity in China, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong and anything else you would like to know more about or comment upon.

From a spiritual perspective there is so much to do here in China, the country is running forward so fast that people loose track of where they are and who they are and they also loose track of their history, their culture and their traditions. China is a vast country of over 3 billion souls which is over half of the worlds population, its a country so diverse ethnically and spiritually and there are so many worthy causes that I would like to tell you about....but enough of me rambling along!...

What would you like to learn about China?

Please come and join me on my journey of China and enjoy what you find here.



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Hi Linda,

I will do my best to post some interesting articles and information on homeopathic medicines...Can you read Chinese ?...... Only joking  

Is there anything specific you would like me to add first?

'TCM' Traditional Chinese Medicine is a massive subject, i myself, take TCM when I can, but as a westerner some TCM doctors in China are shy to prescribe, because our physical bodies are different, 'physical body size, body mass, diet etc. But i do take TCM where possible, and i do believe it works! My wife who is Chinese takes TCM whenever possible, she herself has a kidney problem and TCM really helps her.

I have seem many things whilst living in China for the past 13 + years some of which cannot be explained by modern science but i have seen things with my own eyes.

Anyway, thanks for the subject request Linda, I will start posting under a new page TCM.



Thank-you, Mark. You are very gracious to share so much with us, and I would like to know about the causes that most interest you.  Namaste _/\_ Joanne

Hi Jo ,

The rapid loss of ancient culture really bothers me as does environmental issues , i'm also very passionate about the plight of our brothers and sisters in this world who are far less fortunate than ourselves. this world is growing so fast it's like a runaway train, people are making money without a single thought of how their fortunes come about, i mean at the expense of others welfare. these are some of my concerns.



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