Betty Shine was a gifted spiritualist medium and healer from England. She was born in 1929 and passed over in 2003 at the age of 73. Before embarking on her healing and clairvoyant careers, she sang professionally. At times she also delved into vitamin and mineral therapy as well as medical hand analysis. She also taught yoga.

As a child Betty had many psychic experiences. She often had a male voice talking to her and assumed everyone did. She realized this wasn't the case when comparing notes with a friend.

Betty Shine suffered for many years with choking fits, dizziness and palpitations. Doctors were unable to help her situation. Fearing that she may be going to die she visited a well known medium by the name of Charles Horrey. Charles Horrey told Betty that she was to be a healer and the attacks were caused by a build up of unused energy. He told Betty that once she started healing her health problems would clear up, and they did. He told her she was also going to be a great medium.

As her healing work expanded Betty Shine was able to see mind energy which she felt resembled a halo as portrayed in biblical times. She assigned various mind exercises to help her clients improve their mind energy, and hence improve their situation. If a client was depressed their mind energy would funnel in toward their head. As her healing sessions continued this energy would change its shape and begin to radiate out as a healthy mind would.

Betty Shine wrote many books in her lifetime. Three that I have stress the importance of using your mind energy to help you achieve what you want in this lifetime. She encourages people to use their mind energy and their visualization skills to achieve whatever they want. She also compiled a mind workbook with all the exercises from her previous books to link mind, body and spirit.

The first thing I tried as recommended by Betty Shine was to attempt absent healing. Betty suggested imagining you had your hands on the recipients shoulders and that you ask for healing to be put through the patient. You concentrate on the person for around five minutes asking for healing of whatever is troubling them. When beginning the healing session visualize the person, say their name and where they live (town), either out loud or to yourself, and begin the healing. As Betty became known the people asking for absent healing from her grew to huge proportions. She would write their names on pieces of paper and ask for healing to all the people named. She did this twice a day.

Another exercise to relieve stress goes like this. Find a nice quiet room and lay down on the floor and close your eyes. Hopefully the room is carpeted. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply three times. Try to breathe through your nose so the air makes a slight hissing sound as you breathe in. Hold the third breath for as long as possible, then let it out in small puffs. As you do this you will feel energy circulating throughout your body and you will begin to feel warm. You may also feel a bit light headed, if so, do not hold your breath for so long next time. Repeat three times. Now visualize energy building up underneath your body. little by little, until it is a sold mass. When you are successful with this part of the exercise, move on. You will feel at this point as though you are going to levitate, and that you are in a dream state. Forget everything and enjoy every minute. Stay with it.

When Betty Shine first started healing she was still working, but as time went on Betty gave up her job to heal full time and this often had her working into the night. As her healing abilities increased so did her mediumship. During the healing sessions she would pass on messages from loved ones to the person receiving healing. Sometimes she would feel the need to use hypnosis on her client, and although she had never studied hypnosis this ability came to her when required.

Betty Shine was an amazing lady, who healed many, many people during her lifetime. The people she couldn't cure, she was able to alleviate some of their symptoms. Her study of mind energy fascinated me enough to practice some of her exercises and also to learn healing myself.



She's so down-to-earth . . . it's spooky: Those who encounter Betty Shine's supernatural powers find it hard to remain sceptical. How can a medium talk such sense?

Linda Joffee reports: Source ~ The Independent


Betty Shine has a curious problem at dinner parties. Invariably, some guests are reluctant to be seated next to her, because they think she will read their minds.

'Well, first of all, I'm not interested in reading their bloody minds,' says Mrs Shine, renowned clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer, with a hearty chuckle. 'The other thing is, I can't do it.'

Betty Shine's books Mind to Mind, published in 1989, and Mind Magic, in 1991, became instant bestsellers, lasting a combined total of 19 weeks in the Sunday Times Top 10 list. They have now been followed by the final volume of her 'Mind' trilogy, Mind Waves, published by Bantam Press.

Mrs Shine, a lively, down-to- earth, markedly uneccentric former opera singer, believes she is misrepresented. She complains that most journalists write about people like her as 'fairground mediums . . . repeating the same old things, the same scepticism', the same comments, she says, about scientists not being able to prove that she actually does what she purports to do.

When I mention that readers of this newspaper would probably also be among the sceptics, she points out that her last two books on the subject evoked an avalanche of positive letters, adding with a wry smile: 'I would hate to think, out of all those tens of thousands of people who have written to me, that none of them reads the Independent.'

Scepticism is the starting point for an illustrative case that Mrs Shine recounts in her latest book, concerning a successful, well-educated London couple and their young son, Alex. Once an extremely intelligent and healthy boy, three years ago he was struck down, at the age of nine by a severe form of encephalitis - inflammation of the brain, or 'sleepy sickness' - that left him in a coma-like state. The doctors had expressed no hope for his survival and had given the grim prognosis of three months to live.

In despair, Felicity, a publicist, and her husband, Jeremy, an architect, did something out of character. They had been told of Betty Shine and her reputation as a spiritual healer, and despite their deep scepticism they wrote to her about their son.

The couple were clutching at straws. 'I defy any parent in that situation not to try absolutely anything,' says Felicity. 'All you are interested in is keeping your child alive. We were desperate.'

While Felicity was among those willing to talk with me about their experiences with Mrs Shine, she did so reluctantly. Being professional people, both Felicity and Jeremy are concerned, quite understandably, about what their clients and colleagues might think. They themselves are still shaken by the events that followed their contact with Betty Shine.

Upon reading their letter, Mrs Shine meditated for a few minutes and received an 'instruction', as she describes it, to reach out telepathically to Alex, who lay in a hospital 50 miles away. Within seconds, she claims, the boy revealed to her an incident concerning his goldfish before he had gone into hospital.

His mother had temporarily put the fish into a small bowl while she was disinfecting the tank with boiling water. Jeremy, not knowing what was happening, walked in, saw the fish, felt sorry for them swimming in the bowl, and poured them back into the tank, killing them instantly. Alex was deeply upset about this.

Mrs Shine telephoned the number she was given in the letter and Felicity answered. She told Felicity the story she had just picked up telepathically from the inert Alex. Felicity could not believe what she was hearing. 'We're pretty rational people, and we'd never been involved in anything like that.'

She tried to rationalise what she had heard. Most children of Alex's age have fish, she thought - could Mrs Shine have simply made a good guess? No, the details were too specific.

With guarded intrigue and still much scepticism, they embarked with Mrs Shine on a year of spiritual healing for their son.

A constant stream of chat from Alex to his parents relayed via Mrs Shine was an unexpected bonus. Mrs Shine says that although 'mind-reading' as such is not part of a medium's repertoire, she was able to communicate with Alex telepathically because her special abilities do include receiving messages 'from another dimension'. (Or, put simply, she can talk with the dead. She also, at times, sees them, jokes with them and follows their instructions when they are helping her with healing.) In Alex's comatose state, she explains, his 'mind energy (was) about 95 per cent out of the body' and would be 'linking up' with minds in the other dimension.

Alex would have known that he had to give Mrs Shine plenty of specific, factual information that could be verified - the kind of things, remarks Felicity, that Mrs Shine could not possibly have known about and which were always eerily accurate - to convince his parents that he was indeed communicating with Mrs Shine.

According to Mrs Shine, 'minds from another dimension', which, she says, are what survive after we die, are available to help us when we require them most. As for the spiritual healing, she claims to have the ability to diagnose the source of a problem - sometimes in conflict with medical opinion - by merely looking at a person, as well as the facility to effect, in many instances, a great deal of healing, if severe deterioration has not yet set in.

Mrs Shine explains that if a body has deteriorated too far, as in Alex's case, there is a limit to what she can do. Nevertheless, she is confident that she can invariably do something to help.

A contributing factor to Alex's difficulties had been large amounts of mucus in his lungs that was responding poorly to treatment. For months Felicity and Jeremy had listened to their son's rasping breathing, and regularly used a portable pump to help to clear his passages, with only limited success.

Mrs Shine says she performed a 'psychic operation', during which she stepped back and watched 'two pairs of spirit hands' take over and put tubes down Alex's throat to pump out the mucus. Felicity and Jeremy were standing by. After a few minutes they heard Alex's breathing becoming more restful.

That was in April 1990 and his lungs have remained free of mucus to this day. More to the point, Alex, although paralysed, is now not only no longer comatose, but inexplicably physically fit and healthy, despite all medical reckoning.

Alex's doctors have offered no explanation for his turnaround. Felicity and Jeremy have not told them about Mrs Shine and the spiritual healing.

Felicity's and her husband's views have now radically altered. 'You do still fight against believing in all this to a large degree,' she says, 'because it just can't be right. Yet so many things have happened that you just can't dispute, really. My husband, for example, finds it very difficult to accept what has happened. But, on the other hand, he cannot deny it.'

At one point during a healing session, Jeremy witnessed a bright light around Mrs Shine and Alex. Jeremy was so disturbed by what he saw that he had difficulty telling anyone about it.

'He was confused and obviously upset with himself,' says Felicity. 'He thought he was hallucinating or something. It just was totally alien to him to be able to admit what he'd seen to himself - and certainly to talk about it to other people. Even me.'

Martin O'Collins, a television documentary producer, has closely observed Mrs Shine. After making a programme on psychic powers several years ago, which included a segment on Mrs Shine, Mr O'Collins came away as sceptical in general about the so-called 'practitioners' as when he embarked on the programme. But Mrs Shine, he says, is in a wholly different category. 'She is as solid and reliable as anybody I have met,' he says.

In the light of the considerable evidence that he and his team rigorously investigated and double- checked, he concludes that 'she has clearly done some quite remarkable stuff'.

Many well-known personalities have sought Mrs Shine's help; among those who have endorsed her publicly is Michael Bentine. It was Bentine who first encouraged Mrs Shine to write her 'mind' trilogy and introduced her to his publisher.

Bentine has absolutely no doubts about her powers. 'I've met an enormous number of phonies in this field who are self-deluded,' he says. 'I can spot a phoney from 14 miles off. Genuine healers are about as rare as hens' teeth. Betty is genuine.'

In person, Mrs Shine is certainly credible. Even so, the startling stories she writes and talks about so matter-of-factly - of her conversations with dead folk, of visiting 'other dimensions', of seeing 'spirit people' - could in fact be merely the work of a vivid imagination and persuasive gift of the gab or, at worst, a seriously unbalanced mind.

It really boils down to three choices. She is lying. She is crazy. She is telling the truth.

Still sceptical, I played some of my lengthy taped interview with Mrs Shine to a senior psychiatrist at a London teaching hospital. He also read passages from her books. His assessment? 'She is certainly not a crazy lady, from hearing her speak,' he says, 'nor does she have the ring of a charlatan. She may well be in touch with the spiritual dimension; some of the things she describes would be difficult to explain unless you accepted her explanations.

'I don't think most psychiatrists deny that side of life. After all, Jung said much the same thing with the 'collective unconscious'. So it is not something that is unknown to psychiatry and medical science, although it's not an issue we generally address.

'My personal opinion is that it is possible for human souls, if you like, to continue to be around and possibly manifest to certain people, at certain times. This kind of phenomenon is not incompatible with science or with medicine.'

Mrs Shine would be the first to admit there is nothing 'other worldly' or superhuman about her. She is not especially careful or prudent in what she says or does: her often earthy language, for instance, and occasional sweeping or contradictory statements suggest an all-too-human emotionalism and fallibility. But essentially she comes across as someone with endearing ebullience, conviction, commonsense wisdom and, above all, a genuinely kind heart.

She has written her trilogy, she explains, because she was repeatedly told through 'spiritual messages' to write them, to convey the possibilities of spiritual healing, but most of all, to reassure others that there is no such thing as death and to dispel that fear so we may live more fully.

'The mind and personality do not die,' Mrs Shine says. 'There is not a shadow of doubt about that. We come here for a purpose. And what we don't learn or fulfil in this life, we carry on to the next.'

In response to the notion that her motive in writing the books might be simply to try to capitalise, both personally and financially, on the popular interest in psychic and astrological matters, she replies: 'I am absolutely, totally, utterly truthful in everything I've ever done in my life.

'Everything I've written about can be proved by other people - not by me, but by the people to whom they've happened. The honest answer is I felt that all the experiences I've had - and I was told this through spiritual messages - weren't mine to keep.'


The Day Betty Shine Became My Friend, Mentor and ‘Mentee’

Adapted from ‘©My Life with Betty Shine’
by Mercedes Leal

It must have been summer, because I wore a light jersey suit and no coat. It was a sunny day and the appointment to see a talented healer had been arranged by a mutual friend with whom I had worked. I had been suffering with slight back pain, the result of an injury sustained in childbirth and had heard that someone with the illuminative name of Betty Shine lived close by and could help me.

My boss, the managing director of a national department store group, was not happy that I was taking a full lunch hour, for I rarely took them in order to be able to leave work soon after closing time to be with my small daughter.

As I stood on the steps of the suburban apartment, I had to knock twice. Eventually the door was opened and I found myself staring into a smiling face surrounded with curly blonde hair and pale green eyes which surveyed me with a laser of observation. I knew instantly that there was something very special about this person. I could feel her gaze absorbing every aspect of my life and its history and without dialogue, I knew, as we stood mutely facing each other, that she would become special in my life. Time seemed to stand still as our spirits spoke and we stood in silence absorbing and transferring inner data without speech. Then I felt as if I had passed a secret test as her welcoming smile broke into an apology for her delay in answering the knock on her door. It was nothing at all, I responded truthfully, as she led me to a sunlit room with pale blue walls and invited me to hop on her therapist’s couch.

I told her about my back and she said it was as good as cured; she had not even laid her hands on me yet. In fact, she never did. They hovered a few inches above my face, as I lay on my back looking up at the ceiling, and she kept them that distance away as she moved down my body to my feet.

This was a lady who could see through bodies to find the source of illness, communicate with someone across the globe and without speech or without having ever met you, could tell you all the secrets you held about yourself. Her green eyes were like two laser x-ray machines, piercing the fluff and spotting the truth. There was no point in being anything other than oneself. She knew you after a few seconds better than you would ever know yourself. She believed in a Supreme Intelligence and the Power of its Universal Energy – I called both God.

Betty had hardly started, when a gush of clairvoyance flew forth from her lips like a pack of galloping horses. She started to tell me of the continuing existence in another realm of a cousin who had died very young in a car accident. I was puzzled. No one I knew in the UK was aware of that cousin. She proceeded to tell me so much about this young man, whom I did not know well, which on checking turned out to be accurate.

Then she told me that my maternal grandmother was permanently with me and would help me to develop my career as a healer. That did not make sense to me at all, and I said so. Betty continued to say that in order to believe my grandmother was really there, she was holding a small, brown jewellery box which was all we had left of her belongings after I broke her last, elegantly formed, crystal glass at the age of seven on the concrete-hard floor of our kitchen. I could have cried when she reminded me how much I valued that box for that very reason. It was all we had left of someone special. My mother had been so gracious with my clumsiness and we both had placed great warmth and affection in the last, mottled, beautifully polished brown box.

Betty said my grandmother was showing her further evidence of survival of life after death. She wanted to convince me of her connection to both me and to my mother and this sweet old lady was holding up a gold coloured object which she said was mine, the first valuable item I had received as a child. Betty said it was gnarled – and she made a twisted shape with her hands. I was puzzled. It rang no bells at all.

Betty then added that this item caused much consternation then mirth among my parents because it was their first gift to me and my grandmother was indicating discreetly that something quite strange had happened. I contradicted her by saying she was wrong. I remembered that first item as being a gold, circular St Christopher medallion on a gold chain. I was four years old and remembered my pride at receiving it.

Betty shook her head. "No, it was not circular. It is twisted and it’s gold. Your grandmother says you must check with your mother." I was so very sure she was wrong and asked my mother when I returned home what was the first item of value I was given as a child, confidently expecting confirmation of my memory. My mother’s face softened and she smiled. "That would have been the gold nugget," she said. I was confused. I asked her if she was sure I had that before the medallion. She laughed and said yes, because on being given the item at the age of one, I had promptly put it in my mouth and swallowed it.

Betty continued, "Well," she said confidently, ‘You are destined to be a healer and you will never be really happy until you are healing." I was shocked. Healers in those days – in the late seventies – were not earning very much, Betty included, and after that first session, she refused to charge me because she knew I would help her to excel in her profession. She was not awash with funding either in those very early days; her security would come only when she expanded her knowledge through her books to touch millions how to help themselves.

I had some hefty financial responsibilities, caring for my mother, paying my mortgage and keeping my daughter at a private school. Yet Betty was adamant. I would become a healer. I was equally stubborn that I needed to earn my good salary to take care of my family, after a divorce which netted two dependents. Betty stopped healing and looked at me softly but earnestly, like a mother about to give advice to a child; but she asked a rhetorical question instead. "Why are you in a job you loathe?" I protested I did not loathe my job because it paid me so well. "Has it never occurred to you," she continued in her calm, controlled manner, ‘that you can be paid well and still enjoy what you do?’ I confessed that I did not think the two could be found in the same profession. Her next comment changed my life forever.

"You CAN control your own destiny, and happiness is your RIGHT. You WILL heal people’s lives". She was calm and confident. I must have looked disbelieving, for she continued, "Your grandmother says she will guide you to healing and she tells me you do not believe me; but to prove to you that she exists still and is always with you she will open paths for you to follow which will bring you many inexplicable results."

I returned to work, my back completely free of pain, and immediately typed my resignation letter and handed it to my boss. He was stunned and refused to accept it for three weeks. I had no other source of income, and no job to supplant it, but it felt right. I had faith that something else would turn up. I would make sure it did by doing the exercises Betty taught me in that one and a half hours we spent together, although the healing was only meant to last thirty minutes. We seemed to have so much in common. My boss finally accepted my resignation and my jobs got better and better. Within a couple of years, I was head hunted to work for as executive assistant to the Managing Director of one of North America’s biggest companies. Eighteen months later, the MD resigned and I replaced him as head of the company’s European operations.

In the meantime, impressed with Betty’s extra ordinary talents, I invited her to give lectures on mind energy expansion in my home, to my friends. As these classes grew, I helped her to find bigger and better venues, finally settling at the Sheraton Park Tower in Knightsbridge, London, where my good friend Caroline was working in Public Relations. I told her about Betty and asked her if she could help. She was delighted to do so, as she was also impressed. With almost 200 people in attendance, I knew Betty was now a star and could soar unaided. She begged me over and over again to write her life story. I tried several times, but was too busy and never could get beyond the first few pages; I felt somehow she should write this personal document herself. After asking me for a year, eventually she agreed to take my advice.

Betty’s first book went straight into the Sunday Times Bestseller list; her second and third followed, reaching the number 1 position. I was beside myself with pride and joy. More books followed and she sent me a hard backed copy of each one as a gift, each with the most touching inscription to our friendship, addressing me by my middle name, Alicia, by which most people knew me at that time.

Betty was rapidly becoming a household name, with her column in The Daily Mail, and was being sought by the rich and famous for her exceptional powers of healing, mind expansion techniques and clairvoyance. Yet, her life was not an easy one and her health was not perfect; but stoicism and courage were weaved within her strong, stable character and the secrets she imparted to me over 25 years will never be revealed.

Betty’s books now sell in millions and have been translated into many, many different languages. Her lovely daughter, Janet, who is also very talented spiritually and has inherited her mother’s wonderful singing voice, continues her legacy from Sussex. From time to time we still meet. Betty died in 2002. The ‘mind energy’ lessons she taught me undoubtedly helped me to keep my mother alive for fourteen happy years after she received an ‘imminently terminal’ medical diagnosis in 1994. This success triggered my interest in expanding healing beyond family and friends.

Several decades after her prediction about my working as a healer, Betty’s prediction finally came true in 2008, when I ran my first spiritually empowerment workshop on a research basis, with a group of erudite professionals. Lives were enhanced, people were healed, and I was delighted. The workshops grew and more and more people were helped by my healing, especially the sweetest little German boy whose mother did not wish him to endure the stress of an operation. I was a little apprehensive and did not wish to offer false hope; but somehow I felt I would succeed.

The dear little fellow was deaf and about to go to school. In two sessions, using Betty’s techniques, I was able to restore this playful little boy’s hearing. The note from his mother that his German Ear Nose and Throat surgeon had declared that an operation was no longer necessary as her son’s hearing had completely been restored was one of the best to receive in my life. The photo his mother sent to me of her small son, with the inscribed declaration that her son could now hear, is one of my greatest treasures and will always be special.

Additionally, Betty’s tuition, with innate skills inherited from my mother, a powerful manifester, who worked from altruistic love and guided by my maternal grandmother, a very successful professional psychic, created the inspirational techniques’ formula I now use to help clients find a magical light within themselves which can lead anyone to great joy via the acquisition of a winning mentality. Those wonderful spiritual influences are evident in four generations in my family.

Although I still feel her presence very strongly, my biggest regret is that I can no longer sit with Betty at the Indian restaurant where we spent time so often in those early days. A third person, the late Peter Carpenter, was a part of that spiritual ‘sibling’ group, a trio of mutually supportive inspiration. Betty was right, yet again, in her predictions. As she said would happen, despite my defiant protests three decades ago, I am now in the healing profession she wished for me all those years ago – and, as she also predicted, I have genuinely never, ever been happier.

What Betty taught me, I added to what I acquired from my mother and maternal grandmother and to what I had learnt in my first out of body experience in 1992, when I was infused with light from a Being of Light I knew to be God. It is this combination of remarkably blessed gifts which I seek to pass on to you through books and seminars and Skype.

My favourite inscription from Betty Shine, as written on the inside covers of her Book, is ‘A Mind of Your Own’, which she sent to me as a gift in 1998. She kindly sent me a a copy of every book she wrote, and always included a handwritten tribute to some aspect of our enduring friendship, love and mutual support, sometimes also addressing me as ‘Alicia’, the middle name so many of my longest standing friends still call me. For twenty five years we lived like mutually supportive, spiritual sisters and her presence is still evident.

Mercedes Leal

Adapted from an article first prepared in May 2011 for Julie Nelson of Aromatique Essentials in Australia



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I have always found Betty's books interesting, and have been amazed at her many talents ever

since I first came across her (and her books) in the 1990s. Her teachings and theories reinforce that

Energy truly IS everything.

Pauline xox


Check out the Link below

to see a Tribute to Betty Shine



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