Excerpt taken from Doreen Virtues' handbook 'Earth Angels'~

~Starperson Linda says:  "My advice to other Starpeople is that it's okay to  feel like you don't belong here on earth...because you don't.  Just be comfortable with this fact.  You're special because you came here to assist this planet with accomplishing peace.  You're on this planet by choice, to heal."

~And Scott's advice for Starpeople is:   "Find others to connect with who share your common view, and keep smiling at all the insanity you're surrounded with.  Teach tolerance and patience and especially love, because that's all there really is.  And Remember that this is only a temporary assignment!"


~Know that small acts of kindness do count.  As a Starperson, you probably worry about Earth's future, or whether you're doing "enough."  You'll feel better by remembering that the thousands of seemingly small acts of kindness you do add up to a huge contribution toward creating a peaceful planet.

Seek out other Starpeople.  It's essential to be around like-minded folks.  If you hold the intention of meeting other Starpeople, you'll soon easily attract them into your life.

~Appreciate your uniqueness.  Your natural inclinations run counter to many earthlings.  Your standard of beauty is based more on what's on the inside than the outside~the opposite of many humans.  Your priorities are more task oriented than relationship focused.  So Starperson please honor your uniqueness, stand firm in your beliefs, and don't water down your capabilities by trying to conform.

   Even though many Starpeople feel abandoned by their home planets, as if they were dropped off here on earth without any say in the matter, they still retain connections to home.  It's common for Starpeople to have ETs as their spirit guides.  They also have etheric cords reaching to starships.  And Starpeople frequently soul-travel to their home planets or starships during dreamtime or meditative sojourns.

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This is a great article. I really agree with all of the advice here. I've always been very sensitive and could never comprehend the casual cruelty of people. This assignment has been hard, even though I have done many lives to gear up for it. A little more support from the home base would be nice! 

I agree Michael.  Kindness & compassion for ourselves & to others is something we all need to express more often.  I have found just the simplest act of kindness can make someone's day.  That has been the case for me when sincere acts of kindness have been shown to me. 

Ask your home for more assistance.  In dreamtime is where we seem to receive a lot of this, is what I have heard anyway.  Much love & light to you dearest Michael

Ditto, Michael.

Nice! Thanks so much for sharing this. It really hits home.

A nice share, here, and Namaste! to you all.


Thank you for enlightening me on Starpeople, I have been feeling different for a while now, I have actually felt like I was not human, and that I am walking around on air or something.  Lately it has been happening quite frequently.  I feel like I do not belong here, I feel very different from other people.  I am so glad my spirit guides helped me to find this site.  When I first started reading this post, I almost jumped out of my skin , when she said it is ok to feel like I don't belong here on earth, because we don't.  That was confirmation.   When I find someone like me I tend to cling to them, and now I can enlighten them with this information.  There is something I can do, and I don't know what that is yet.  Also I don't want people to think they are crazy, because there is one friend of mind , that may not accept who he is.  So I need help in knowing what to tell him, so he can understand that this is not a joke, this is real, and that is why you are different.  God has removed any one in my life that is not good for me.  They can not accept me for who I am.  and now I know why.  I guess we are loners.  But that's ok, there is something I can do for mankind.  Thanks once again for sharing truths.   Lisa. 


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