QUESTION: About 3 weeks ago, I was told I'm a Star Child. Having been on a conscious spiritual path for the last 10 years, I was surprised that I've never came across that term. I was hoping you could maybe share your opinion on Starseeds.
HTRYV ANSWER: There is a lot of information out there and some of it is very contradictory. Please use your discernment with everything you read, including what I say here. It is my understanding that all beings on the Earth have genetic lineage to the stars as the Earth was seeded with the geneCtics from 12 different planets. The 12 apostles were representatives for each tribe or race from each planet. The plan was to bring these 12 races to the Earth and we would breed which would create 'human beings' with mixed aspects from all 12 races. The 12 strands of DNA is also representative of the 12 tribes and genetics codes.
We once had our 12 strands activated and working but we fell in consciousness and our 12 strands were deactivated because we began to use our power out of alignment with the Creator's laws and we became dangerous to the Earth, each other and the entire Universe ~ as every planet effects the other (we are one) and we had the potential to create great destruction. So technically, I guess we could say ALL life, including animals, vegetation etc. are Starseeds because everything was hand selected by the Elohim and Creator Beings from other planets to create the Earth environment as a multi racial, highly diverse planet where we would eventually all learn to live in harmony and peace within a heightened diverse microscopic atmosphere of mixed genetics from all over the Universe.
Having said that, because we are in a period of rapid transformation here on Earth and are moving into ascension, there are specific beings who have come here on a specific mission to usher in the shift. People use a variety of names for these beings...starseeds, lightworkers, indigo, crystal or rainbow children etc.
These beings are incarnating with a 'crystal gene' to help activate and accelerate planetary transformation. People with a crystal gene are the first groups to awaken, raise their kundalini and activate their dormant strands of DNA so they can activate and help others with their healing etc. People with a crystal gene also find it easier to tap into the multi dimensions so they can access information from Spirit to assist others with the expansion of their consciousness. People with a crystal gene don't always remember their mission, they oftentimes forget who they are ~ but have a rapid, sudden and oftentimes dramatic awakening because they have a soul mission they must fulfill. Usually, there is a specific age agreed upon that is coded for them to awaken, begin the process of clearing and balancing any karma they have created, and a rapid period of expansion and healing that will lead them to their specific Spirit filled contract to assist in the transformation of the planet into a higher vibrational frequency and state of consciousness.
♥ Sabrina
How To Raise Your Vibration

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Yes, that is largely true. The fall of human kind resulted from the alien reptilian race unlawfully and forcibly interbreeding with the Elohim's original human genetic creation resulting in the genetic fall. See Genesis Chapter 6 in the Christian Bible. Reptilian aliens' interbreeding with human beings is on-going even today. See the book at the link that you can read on-line, "Into The Fringe" by Karla Turner, Ph.D.   

I am a starseed...not easy!!!I awake now...

WOw ! Never knew this....thank you for sharing.....very profound....

Thank you for information!!!  be blessed!!!

I have to admit to only recently coming across the terms Star Seeds, Star Children, and the like. Maybe I know (knew) them by another name. However, now I realise the amount of information available, quite staggering really.


Thank you for sharing very intresting i was told i was a star child just over 10 years ago


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