Walk-Ins- Soul Braiding
In Soul Braiding, an advanced Soul joins their energy to a body formed by another Soul by becoming the dominant energy of that karmic matrix (body-mind) for the greater development of both Souls.
See also Soul Exchange for more on Walk-Ins.

Causes: When an individual gets to a certain level of spiritual advancement, they naturally become inclined to take on greater spiritual challenges for their continued growth. There are few tasks harder in the universe then taking on the challenges of "Soul Braiding". To understand why this is, compare a Soul Braid to the more common and less challenging form of a walk-in which is a "Soul Exchange".

Classic walk-in situations - "Soul Exchanges" - are very simple: one walks out and leaves forever - and - one walks in and stays for the rest of that body's natural life. In "Soul Braiding", the walk-out is never totally out of the body and so the walk-in is never totally free to be themselves. It is like "me and my shadow": where me is the walk-in (the main energy that the body obeys and experiences) and where the shadow is the walk-out (but unlike a shadow is not silently dragged along).

Which is why it is a "Soul Braid". For, like a braid of hair, the Soul energies are intertwined and lay side by side in the same field. Since they are part of the same whole, each strand of the braid - the part that is the "walk-in" and the part that is the "walk-out" - is independent and each one pulling on it can unravel the braid.

When the walk-out "pulls too hard" on the energy field, it causes sensations of extreme disorientation for the walk-in which disrupts their control of the body. This disorientation can last for hours, days, or weeks at a time and it impairs the individual's functioning and usually results in illness.

When the walk-in "pulls too hard" on the energy field, they will end up leaving it altogether for hours, days, or weeks at a time. The usual result of this is the manifestation of a serious illness in body-mind that forces the walk-in to come back and "fix".

Symptoms: "Soul Braids" seldom have easy lives. They live for long periods of time feeling totally disoriented in their daily existence. They often will experience a string of illnesses which are a direct result of two streams of energy inhabiting their one body at the same time. Usually the challenges of the "braided" life are such that the "braided" individual knows that a walk-in has happened and is inevitably drawn to the resources which are needed to meet the challenges of the "braided" life. In most cases, the main personality is unaware of such occurrences. The integration stage, when different life expressions share space, are entering or departing, can be a confusing and unsettling time for the body vehicle which has the challenging task of being the container of this changing, dynamic flow of energies. Emotionally, it has the formidable task of staying balanced. Patience is necessary to allow the blending of these energies to move comfortably into creative expression. It is best to move slowly and allow time to make the necessary adjustments in harmony with the personality needs.

For the evolved, this blending of souls is for the purpose of a higher nature and contribution to the betterment of humanity. However, those who are troubled, depressed, influenced by chemicals and emotionally out of control may encounter "take overs" of an invasive nature. These souls in trouble then experience what has been referred to as possession or multiple personality disorders. Asking for both spiritual and psychological help in these situations is your best choice. Your humanity is just beginning to understand the complexity and the multidimensional nature of the soul and its affect upon the personality.

After Effects: Soul Braiding is a life sentence. If you are a "braid" and there have been long periods in your life when you have repeatedly experienced bouts of disorientation, then you can be sure that your "braiding" is not going well. The best way to deal with the "after effects" of Soul Braiding is to expand the capabilities of body, mind, and spirit with energy clearings such as Geometric Repatterning or Remote Releasement. A life long program of Chakra and Inner Body Cleansing should be followed to keep the "braid" in a continuous state of energetic harmony.

Advice: "Soul Braiding" is more intimate than a marriage because the "walk-in" and the "walk-out" are together 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The more that the two energies can "get along" and find a way to live together "in peace", the easier it will be for "both" of them. Although Souls can be braided to resolve lives long karmic conflicts, it is more likely that they have been drawn together because they share a problem that neither has been successful at resolving on their own. In working on the problem together, they have a unique opportunity to resolve their karma and speed up their growth. The best advice is for the "Soul Braid" is to become as clear as possible - energetically - by pursuing both Chakra and Inner Body Cleansing.

Case History: Soul Braiding is a very rare phenomena. Given the challenges that are involved, most Souls are uninterested in doing it. For, until they can master their own energy, Soul Braids invariably end up with cancer or another life threatening illness that takes time, patience, resources, and effort to overcome. However, as in any other karmic endeavor, the greater the challenge, the great the reward. Soul Braids - who survive their challenges - usually end up becoming masters of energy (because they have mastered their own) and are able to conduct it more powerfully and cleanly to others than anyone else on Earth.




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