Hi Everybody...

I've been asked to post my comment as a new thread as it would be a great subject to discuss...

First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself...

When the whole "wing" process started, I didn't know anything about it... I don't have time to meditate at all either and I just knew the really basic stuff about chakras... I'm a single 35 y-o mom of a beautiful 12 y-o... just started a new job and I'm going through what a lot of you are going through.. i.e.: "The Shaumbra Symptoms"... for example, this week, I cut ties with my family... necessary break up and clean up...

Over the last few months, I started feeling as if my whole torso was changing... I mean by that that I could feel my torso's bone structure change... much like a slow motion version of what "werewolves" go through... felt as if bones where slightly moving from their original place to have another alignment... also felt as if they weren't totally solid, but more like souple to, precisely, allow them to "move around"... why? I didnt know... I just felt it...

Then one day, I started having a pain between my spine and my right shoulder blade... At first I told myself that it must be a muscle or something like that... even though, deep down inside I knew it wasn't the explanation... The pain was positioned as an oblique (much like a backslash "\")... it had a particular length and width... and that night, I dreamed that I had white arch angel wings...

The next day, I had no pain at all... then the day after I had the same pain at the same place, same length and width... and it lasted 2 days... and then nothing and then it came back...

The next week, I had that pain but on the other side of my back (I had nothing on the right side)... and it lasted almost a week of back and forth (pain, no pain)... and the following week, I had that pain in both sides of my back... / \

I got information that when a certain chakra opens (Thymus) then you get etheral wings... I heard ppl say that, some of them, even have 3 pairs of wings... Somebody told me that getting wings like arch angels makes me a "guardian"...

The pain kept on being there and at some points it was excruciating to the point that I had to miss work coz I could barely move otherwise the pain would intensify... even moving my arms was painful... Nonetheless, I tried to do the star seed activation and the pain went away...

My wings are still growing at the moment I'm writing this... and their weight is felt 24/7... The thing is that no matter what transformation I went through, I can't seem to be able to get answers to my questions... which probably some or a lot of you might ask the same questions...

- Why people have different types of wings?
- What are the purpose of having different types of wings?
- Why some people have several pairs of wings?
- What do the different kinds of wings represent?
- What can we use our wings for?
- What color(s) are your wings?
- What does being a "guardian" means? (people with Arch Angel wings)
- What's a guardian's mission?
- Is there a lot of guardians out there?

These are just starter questions... so please feel free to answer as many you'd like to and to add your own question(s) to the discussions...

Much Love and Blessings...



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My God it is so wonderful to hear other people talking about this! I started feeling my wings in 2001, after I had an awakening at a spiritual retreat with Neale Donald Walsch. It wasn't painful though, I just feel sweet, tingly energy in a "V" on my back. I'm kind of split, though, because when I came back from the retreat I was in a state of bliss for three months and my family thought I was manic, so they put me in a hospital for 9 days and drugged me until I gave up my joy. I think I got stuck in the middle of my transformation, so now it's like I have a "no" side and a "yes" side, but seeing it that way helps me use them for guidance. If somebody lies to me, or I'm not supposed to do something, my left wing will "buzz" with energy, or even give me a slight twinge of pain if I'm not paying attention. My left wing seems to be more active than my right -- I guess I'm running into more negative stuff that I need to avoid than positive stuff I need to jump into.
I'm doing fine now because I was able to heal my parents of a couple of things and prove that what's happening with me is a spiritual transformation, not a mental illness. I still don't talk about my "wings" with them. I do talk to some people in the holistic healing field about them but I usually say that it's just a symbolic way that Spirit communicates with me, I don't try to tell them I'm an awakening angelic human.
I've been working as a massage therapist for three and a half years now and now I'm transitioning into doing spiritual healing and Reiki full time. I now use the knowledge I picked up with massage to fine tune my somatic communication with Spirit, mostly by using Louise Hay's work about the body as messenger.
I'd love to talk to you more... phone ringing though...

Sarah Ray
I must say I can totally relate--my brother wo is actually quite psychic and has spirit guides and talks to the trees said that I could get on disability and just paint if I told everyone I was feeling spirits and seeing visions! I was really laughing today because it's true that most Dr.s' would diagnose as manic or schizophrenic!!!! I told him well maybe I am crazy and I just don't know it! No there are real things going on all over the planet and people are becoming aware but it is also important to use discernment at times.
I wish you luck
I started feeling my wings coming out a few years ago. I have had problems with severe tension in my neck & shoulders since the early 1990s, and because of this I have been going for regular massage for several years. It was durring massage I first started feeling my wings. I think they were trapped by the muscle tension, and as I had that worked out, they were able to emerge. As the tension in other places began to dissipate, I started feeling a new tension in the areas between my shoulder blades, which was my wings beginning to stretch & flex. I think the massage relased them from being pinned flat to my back. It felt more like a verticle tension (II) as opposed to (\/ or /\). I have seen that they are white and very large. They look like the wings in traditional angel pictures. (I suspect the "type" has to do with what our mind expects to see... If I traditionally thought of wings as bat wings, I'd probably see that.) Anyway, since they've emerged there are times I feel them flexing... stretching out... I haven't figured out what their purpose is other than an identificatoin. I do have some guardian energy, but what I have been told is that I am a "watcher". I got that message before my wings began to emerge... I spent a few years "invisible" which was very disconcerning. I would go to gatherings, and although I'm usually a very outgoing person, and knew several people there, people would seem to not notice me... no one would come to talk to me... they would walk right by as if I wasn't there. After I had received the message about being a watcher, and after I understood it, the "invisible" experiences stopped for the most part. I've learned that my purpose is mainly to watch, to see the progress of those around me, and to not interfere in any way... mainly I am to observe & understand the human condition. Occasionally the observations show me that I am to step in and provide assistance to those few I see who are both looking for a new way to see & interact with the world *and* who are ready to hear suggestions on ways to do that.
I have seen my wings. How it happend was I was groggy one day and about to lay down for a nap. I have white wall in my bedroom. It was while I was facing one of them I saw my wings in my third eye. They started white and then some of the white feathers fell out and red and blue ones replaced them. They are shaped like my totem animal the bald eagle's wings are.
Thank you all for sharing those experiences and info with us all!!! :))) I have to say that it's very interesting to see how the wings come out for each of us...

I would love to hear more stories/experiences about it... so dont be shy...

Thank you! :)))

I just became a member here and I am so glad to see these posts... I have the same symptoms... as well as when I wake from sleep my feet hurt and my legs as well... I also get the feeling that I am falling sometimes all in my minds eye not physically... also since I was young I had heat travel through the palms of my hands... now I feel that heat in different areas, especially when I am around certain people(children to) or doing my spiritual studies and work. I am constantly giving advice and help for others and don't even remember it(like it was ment only for them and not me).
Wow, I have had this feeling off and on for years. At first I thought I had pulled a musle in my back. After it got better I would still feel sensation in that area and I thought it might be some kind of attachment. Doing decrees and clearing seemed to have no effect. perhaps this is what I have been feeling.

Wow! I have had so many questions like that in the past, I gave up trying to understand, My journeys have been so varied, starting as a young child, then getting really involved in seeking all the texts we could find, figuring angels must means seeking all kinds of religious texts, and just like sly could find the answers nowhere. I went within, because I became much to "sensitive" to handle the outside world. I honestly believed I was crazy, I was hospitalized several times, tried to kill myself several times, always failing, even when the doctors said I should be dead......Uhm anyway, not a Lori blog here, sorry.
What I was trying to add, was that when my wings open up it is as though it starts with that v shape in the back, and then I can feel them unfurl, for the longest time, I just thought I was feeling spirit or getting angel hugs, by the time I realized what it really was I had stopped seeking so much and began just living day to day, giving, loving, sharing wherever I felt moved to, and judged by so many, that I shut up about it for so long.
I am so grateful to see you all writing about these things.
I have joined another group here as well now that is helping me with understanding new "gifts" that have been arriving over the past several months, It is wonderful, amazing, and terrifying at times, how just when I think I have got it under control and can live with my "oddness" in a world of so many hurtful people without my heart breaking, that the next door opens and I find, I am once again at a level where I know nothing.

bless you all, and Love, I honor the light within us all, and am so glad to see the sharing happening here in humanity healing network.
Live, Love, Laugh,
Beautiful to see all of you open up like a flower that blossoms... Being open to the new gifts and experiences that life brings you...

Sorry for the delay in which it took me to reply now... I wish my life was easy, tranquil, calm lol... unfortunately, I dont lol... I have to laugh at it coz that's, almost, the only thing that keeps me sane in the fast pace I've been living in... Right now it's a bit better though, calmer than usual... still, not calm enough for me... though I have to say that I GREATLY appreciate the fact that it's calmer than what I'm used to...

I found interesting to research a bit my type of wings and what it can do... it's purpose... and why I have them... I invite all of you to reasearch yours as it can prove to be very useful in understanding your purpose here... Yes we all have the general purpose for being here (like everybody else)... Then you have your own mission/purpose... you can have more than one... and I think knowing more about which angel group you're from will help define a bit more some grey areas of your life mission/purpose...

I have to say that I'm so glad and feel privilege to have read each of your posts, as I believe it is a blessing to have someone share personal things and details of his/her life to me... Somehow, I feel closer to you all... And I thank you for all of those blessing your bestowing upon me by, kinda, making me your confident...

I hope that, in those dark moments in life, you'll remember that you can always ask ArchAngel Micheal to disperse the darkness (that surrounds you, that's in your life) with the light of his sword... I read that somewhere... I tried it and I have to say that it worked right away... My heart became lighter, problems dissipated... everything became clearer and my loved ones became more attentive and loving...

I believe there's miracles everywhere we look... it can be small or big... they're all miracles... if you look at it this way, you'll see what difference it makes into your life...

I thank you and love you all so much!!! <3<3<3

Namaste and I hope I'll read more of your wings and experiences...

Wishing You Love, Light & Blessings in Abundance...


wow, what a beautiful dream to have angel wings....

Yes sounds like you really have gotten your wings....I was feeling like I got my wings after my awakening.


 I was thinking that if I set my intention and felt it as if where so then my angel wings would manifest in physical form.

thank you, erika

I read somewhere that there's gonna be a time when there'll be one person who will have physical wings (instead of just ethereal)... I saw that written on the Lightworkers.org

It would be take a strong person to go through what the world would put that person through... I have to say that I would certainly LOVE to see a person with physical wings... If and when that's ever gonna happen, that's another story ;)

Many blessings of love and light! :) <3


erika said:

wow, what a beautiful dream to have angel wings....

Yes sounds like you really have gotten your wings....I was feeling like I got my wings after my awakening.


 I was thinking that if I set my intention and felt it as if where so then my angel wings would manifest in physical form.

thank you, erika


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