I am almost certain that it was in the book "Transformed by The Light" by Dr. Melvin Morse where I read about a study done on people who had recently attempted suicide.  One group was simply given near death experience accounts to read.  Zero people from that group committed suicide during the duration of that study!

Julie Carter:…"THIS 100% LIFE CHANGING NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE happened to me nearly 40 years ago. I thought that I would share it with you.

At the age of 20 I was in the gutters and fast going down the drain. Due to a very terrible and painful childhood, especially the very early years, I had gotten into drink, drugs of every kind, major crime and the final straw …prostitution. As a dealer too, I had at that time plenty of bluies (amphetamine based) This particular day I was out of my head on drink and drugs as usual. I had been hurt again by a guy and my best friend said to me.. “JULIE YOU CAN’T GO ROUND WITH YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE; YOU WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO LOCK IT AWAY OR YOU WILL JUST KEEP ON GETTING HURT.”

I left her flat and those words kept going round and round and round in my head. I remember going home to my empty flat and realising that I couldn’t lock my heart away. I figured that if we all locked our hearts away, then there would be no love coming out from our hearts and going into the world. I saw that with out us putting out love, everywhere would go cold and dark. Everyone would slowly become hard and cruel and selfish. The image was terrifying; I took more drugs to make me feel better, but I just got worse and worse. I NEEDED HELP, SERIOUS HELP. I had no idea where I could get the help that I needed. I couldn’t turn to God as I was a staunch atheist; during my traumatic childhood I had decided that there couldn’t be a God. In total panic I wanted my best friend Hillary, even though it was her that had said those fateful words. I remember that night with crystal clarity. It was a freezing cold night as I got on my bike. The roads were icy but I didn’t care. I got to Hillary’s place but as I stood outside of her door I saw that she didn’t have the HELP that I needed. I didn’t know what the help was, but I knew what it wasn’t. I got back on my bike and went to another friend’s door, a guy, the same thing happened. He didn’t have the HELP!

I spent hours going round the town. I never knocked on one door. I felt devastated when I realised that all my friends could offer me was more booze, drugs or a shag. It was all these that had got me into this panic stricken state. I couldn’t remember getting back to my flat. I do however remember making the decision that seeing as I couldn’t lock my heart away and I couldn’t stand being hurt by men anymore, I had to end my miserable existence. I put my favourite album on by Supertramp and started washing down vast amounts of bluies with my favourite drink; half a pint of cheap port or sherry mixed with half a pint of strong cider. As I started to feel that I was about to slip away, something in me rose and screamed out loud.. “IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT PUT ME ON THIS GOD FORSAKEN EARTH, YOU HAD BETTER HELP ME NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.” Nothing happened so I necked another handful of pills. The last thing that I remember was Supertramp singing…“DON’T ARRANGE TO HAVE ME SENT TO NO ASYLUM.”

The next thing that I was conscious of. Was that I was kind of floating inside a type of white light cloud. As I became more aware I started to sense that this white LOVED ME. IT REALLY REALLY LOVED ME. IT NEVER SPOKE BUT I FELT IT FORGIVE ME AND IT WASHED ME CLEAN OF ALL THE BAD THINGS THAT I HAD DONE. I don’t think I had any form because I didn’t see myself. Then a beautiful being of light came and indicated with its wing that I should follow. I was taken to a garden where there was the most awesome and beautiful tree. It was laden with all different shaped and coloured fruits of light. At the foot of this magnificent tree there was a tiny chair and the angelic being pointed for me to sit in it. I remember thinking that there was no way that I would fit in it, but I did. I was told to GIVE ALL MY LOVE TO THE TREE AND THAT THE TREE WOULD GIVE ME EVERYTHING THAT I NEEDED.

I don’t know how long I stayed there because I became totally absorbed by the beauty and the divine nature of this TREE. I was brought back and separated from this tree by the voice of the angelic being. It said that it was not my time to die and that I had to go back and tell people that the answer was LOVE. I remember seeing my body laid on the floor and slipping back into it. The being told me to have FAITH and to WAIT. As I pulled myself round and up of the floor an amazing thing happened. I didn’t want to die. I WANTED TO LIVE. BY GOD DID I WANT TO LIVE. It was about 12 hours since I had taken a seriously lethal overdose. I shouldn’t have been alive, never mind feeling ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to go out. I was so full of LOVE THAT I WENT OUT AND SMILED AT EVERYONE.

But here is the BIG PROOF. I had no withdrawal symptoms from all the serious drugs and booze that I had consumed every single day for over 4 years. I had lost friends to drink and drugs. I will write more soon about the very unusual path that my life took after this, Most Enlightening Experience. By the way, I DO SPEAK THE TRUTH. I DARE NOT DO OTHERWISE. Thank you for reading

I have now started to keep all the parts of my N.D.E. posts and other special things on my group page, which is entitled, My NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. All are welcome to view there and join the group.
I hope my story will inspire and strengthen your Faith in Love…. LOVE, CARE, SHARE. Blessings to ALL." (Julie Carter)


My NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. (Facebook group)

Julie just gave me permission to share her story all over the place…… so as you can guess…. I am doing exactly that!  Wow!!!!!

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You can also read all 15 parts of Julie's NDE here….

Julie Carter's near death experience.


This may sound illogical at first…… but I personally  feel that Julie's approach is brilliant………. it is important to let people with suicidal tendencies know that these feelings are understood by Creator and by all the thousands of invisible, higher dimensional guides that are assisting each and every one of us to play out our role in this truly difficult four dimensional space - time continuum!

..Julie Carter...........................".I would like to share my first childhood memory with you, to hopefully allow you to see that some of us commit suicide due to being extremely traumatised and damaged in childhood. Studies have been done that show that babies can in fact be emotionally damaged in the womb. When Mothers don’t want, resent and even hate the baby that is growing within them, the baby picks up on these feelings. When my Mother was expecting another baby, my Father enlightened me when I was about 7 years old, that I was the result of a drunken one night stand. I was the reason that he was forced into marriage. I understood then why my Mother didn’t love me, and my Father hated me and loved to do things to me to make me scream in fear. His treatment of me did begin to improve as he drank less and his promotion made it easier for him to have more affairs with the girls at work.

One late afternoon/early evening a few days before Christmas and a couple of months before my 3rd Birthday, I was at home with my Mother. We lived in one room and I had just washed the hair of my only doll. The doll’s face had turned yellow and I was terrified of my Father coming home and seeing it. When my Father came home he was really drunk and he was always very nasty when he was drunk. He told my mother that he had lost the car somewhere in either Grimsby or Cleethorpes. My Mother wasn’t happy and said that he needed the car for work in the morning. With that he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her screaming to the big stone fireplace. I dropped my doll on the floor. I watched as he held the sides of her head with his hands and began smashing her head against the fireplace. Blood gushed out all over, and as I looked at my Mother, our eyes met, I knew that I had to go and get help. To get to the door, I had to get passed him. I was terrified that he would see me and grab me, but I had to do it.

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me. As I left the room I caught a glimpse of my poor Mother, her legs had buckled and she was covered in blood. I was only wearing a little white nightie and had nothing on my feet. I ran out into the dark and icy street and screamed as loud as I could. A man whom I didn’t know picked me up, and I remembered putting my arms around his neck before I passed out. My Mother obviously lived, but I believe that it played a part in her developing cancer at the age of 29. The damage that this, and many many other traumas did to me, caused me to have great problems. 

When I committed suicide, God Loved Me because he knew the suffering that I had experienced. He knew that I couldn’t carry the burdens that had been put on me any longer, and still try to have love, compassion and forgiveness for others. God wasn’t angry with me. God had understanding, compassion and forgiveness for me. To me that is the True Nature Of God." .............................Your reply to me didn't have one word of compassion in it Linda. You were still trying to prove that your belief was correct. When i raised this you did say sorry. I had I accepted your apology. I had hoped that maybe you would learn to be more sensitive to people's feelings. I am not the only one who you have upset Linda." (Julie Carter)


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