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Do you ever dream of tarot? You might dream of specific cards, doing readings, having readings done for you, or even of being a character from the tarot ~ The Fool, or The Hermit, or the Queen of Wands. These dreams can have great meaning, and you should reflect on them as you would on the cards themselves, and take heed of their messages. These dream tarot readings come directly from your subconscious, and have true significance.

Recently I had an intriguing dream involving three cards. Each of these cards' meanings was clear. The dream involved my husband, who was standing at the entrance to a graveyard. It was a pleasant place, not at all eerie. There were symbols of personal significance to him, which I won't detail here. Spirits from this graveyard presented him with three cards - the Two of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, and Six of Pentacles.

My feeling is that these spirits represented invisible help, perhaps my husband's ancestors. Their message of help came through me, via a dream, which has happened before.

The three cards immediately made sense to both he and I, and over the next couple of weeks their indications manifested in his life. Understanding this dream helped him to be open to opportunities and embrace them when they appeared. He has been quite busy in his work, and is appreciative of the recognition and financial reward he has received for it. All of these things were indicated by the three cards.

In a dream I had a while back, I visited a tarot reader late at night in a strange place. The scene was stereotypical. The reader was an older woman, Gypsy-like, reading in a Gypsy-like tent. A woman had a reading before me. Hers had to do with a love relationship. I expected an equally mundane reading for myself. But mine was different. The woman told me I needed to focus on what I could do for society. Then she drew one card, The Hanged Man. She apologized for this! But I said it was okay, I understood the meaning of the card, and I accepted it. The dream heralded a time of changing perceptions for me. I have always believed that great joy cannot truly be experienced without at some point suffering great sorrow or loss. I understand the necessity of sacrifice in our human lives, and thus, I was open to making another; in order to grow and move forward.

Because I work so closely with the tarot, using and reviewing new decks, reading for myself and others, when it appears in dreams the meanings are clear. Tarot cards present no riddles, they can very easily get us in touch with what we don't consciously see, what we are not yet fully aware of.

Working with Tarot in Your Dreams

Anytime you dream "in tarot," write down the dream as well as you can remember it and reflect on the meaning of the card(s), taking into consideration the other symbols and events from the dream. Treat these dream tarot readings as precisely accurate readings given by your own deepest intuition. Take heed of them and apply them to your life. Watch their messages unfold in the coming days, weeks, and months.

You may wish to request to your inner self to receive messages through tarot, in dreams. Meditate on your question before bed and concentrate on receiving tarot in your dreams. Decide before you go to sleep, to remember all that you dream. Be sure you are not focusing on any specific card. Be open to learning the truth.

Also, you can try to dream about specific cards. If there is a card you would like to explore or understand further, decide ahead of time to dream about that card. Meditate on it before bed, leave it by your bedside, or even under your pillow for the night. Ask the card what message it has for you, or what meaning you need to understand.

Tarot and Dreams work Together

The symbols in tarot are recognized by our inner selves. So much of understanding tarot is simply letting the symbols speak to us on that deep level. Dreams too, teach us through symbols that we understand sometimes instantly, sometimes after much reflection. The two, tarot and dreams, work well together, and can provide us with terrific insight and understanding. Try to use tarot in your dreams, remembering to trust your intuition. It's a great way to learn about yourself, as well as learning more about the tarot.


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