If you coul turn back time---where would you go and why ?

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I would go back to the 1920's gay times when gay meant happy

Would you like to go back with a plan to alter the future so greatly that the holocaust would be prevented from occurring?

I have ran into a near death experiencer who during her OOBE was shown one of her lifetimes from five centuries or so in the future.  She feels powerfully that she is here now to help us make the change over more easily….. and perhaps even more rapidly?

I quote here here on this page several times:



there was no name for them then

and we lived basically inside huge food forests and raised children
in family groups but everything was based on sacred geometry

society was based on circles within circles

so no one felt left out

children are raised by everyone basically

I had five adults and three children in my family but in my bigger family there were many such groups, some with more or less in them

we had almost no impact on the environment and heres another tipoff

everywhere in the "cities" which look nothing like cities now

there were these hexagonal "bricks" that everything was built with

well someone came up with that too" (D. S.)

Perhaps these hexagonal bricks may already have been invented?


Helen Wambach Ph. D. initiated an amazing study that was completed by Dr. Chet Snow that indicates that time…….. is not a straight line but instead branches and branches and branches.

One of the implications of this research is that there is an astonishingly powerful Creator out there in the multiverse…… who is so attached to us……. that every event of our lives has been recorded……. on technology far better than DVD or Imax…….. and moments in the past along with all of us can be replicated and new time lines spun off.  EAch of these events will fulfill Ezekiel chapter 37 in a way that we don't tend to think about.

Just because the earth in our time line did not look like it did in the Dr. Chet Snow study…… does not mean that this could not have happened in another time line!


Dr Chet Snow's Earth Change MapAMERICA IN THE NEW MILLENNIUMAfter the major Earth Changes 1998-2012 ADas foreseen in Mass Dreams of the Futureby Dr. Chet B. Snow


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