Hello peoples,

I have had quite a lot of change. First thing is that I finally after 3 years of being a contractor got a full time job. This means that I don't lose pay for holidays, and I can take a day off sick, or whatever! It also means I can be more invested in my work and that is a great feeling. Another change is that my wife and I have to move out because they want to sell our rental house. That's ok, but it is a lot of work to pack.

All in all I'm doing all right. Today I am realizing that when I'm at my best, my intuition is too. Intuition can be used in all kinds of neat ways to make the day go along more smoothly. 

Going into the new job I decided on a few things:

1) Let things go. People will do things that bug you, just let it go.

2) Be fearless. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

3) Stay cheerful.

4) Really watch the snarky thoughts about things. It's so easy to be sarcastic all the time, but maybe just maybe more healthy to not have such nasty thoughts. Break the habit.

4B) Think the best of everything as much as possible.

Overall I have healed a lot and am feeling very good. It took a ton of small miracles to get here and I'm grateful for them all.

Namaste' all!

~~~ Michael ~~~

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Michael.. Thank you so much for informing me. I am happy for you about the new job , that is so so good in your favor---finally something good happens to you.. and now you have to move again--oh my gosh..Well, another journey and there is a reason for it all... I am happy about your new attitude that is so grown up and wise. I miss you on FaceBook--so come and visit us there as well. I am not on this group page anymore--I am posting blogs in the main forum..either way, I still do not get much response.. hummm. There must be a popular group on here. I will have to check out.. ok keep up the good work and attitude and I wil send Healing and hope it all go's your way and hope you find a better place.Mary

Yes, a new attitude toward what happens in our life can sure help us to be happier people.

I really liked the film "The Secret" that I saw on Netflix a few months ago.

Mary Ellen, I just began a discussion on "Jesus, Great Teacher or God" that I would love to get your reaction to:


Why reincarnation was edited out of Christianity by Bruce F. MacDonald Ph. D.


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