“We often dislike what is happening to us and live in a state of nearly constant dissatisfaction. We are rarely happy with our lives. Besides, our “civilized programming” gives rise to the collective belief that we’re never sufficiently adequate or complete. “  - Luis Diaz

hole in the soul


“This is the basic belief underlying progress, and it may have a beneficial side—but at a very high emotional cost.  “I don’t like this way of living,”  “I’m not ready,”  “It’s too much for me,” “This shouldn’t happen now"—these thoughts come to our mind when we can’t acknowledge the simple truth that everything in the universe is flowing, and that our vital force must flow with life in the same way that a river must flow to the ocean.  In denying anything that might happen, we’re fighting against the universe and the whole of creation. It must be understood that this is a lost fight from the very beginning, because the plans imbuing the universe—and everything that was created in it—are very powerful.  When we think in terms of “it should be” or “it shouldn’t be,” we ignore the fact that everything happens for a reason, and though we may not know the reason, it’s supported by the creative force of all that exists.


Thus, to deny or resist what life gives us is equivalent to damming the current of the river with solid rock. “You can’t swim against the tide.”  This refrain was coined after centuries of pain experiences. Isn’t it clear enough? If we change our response, if we accept that “it’s happening to me now and, therefore, exists,” we allow the stagnated vital force to flow again and eventually to transform itself. We can fight against our life force for as long as we wish, we can deny it and resist it till death, but we can also try to make an alliance with it to do such work together as must be done. We can ignore pain as long as we wish, but if we give it a place and listen to it, the door of a crucial transformation process will open before us. Once we commit ourselves to our life and wholly embrace it, the miracle of ease will visit us.

- excerpted from "Memory in the cells"  by Luis Diaz (eBook available now)

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Thanx for posting this Luis, I signed up on the eSeries and hope learn how to accept easily and not block things and feelings I don't like.

Be blessed
Hello Geisha! Yes, the eSeries will help you.
Try to do the excercises too. When you
write it down it helps with a deeper
experience. I wish you much support
in finding the inner joy that is waiting
for you.

in awareness and healing,


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