Our existence is as unique as our fingerprints and is imprinted on each cell of our body. Our whole being is an intelligent, integrated, and individual hologram. We actually are a holistic being, not a sum of parts. Labels such as "body," "mind," and "spirit" are artificial, and their only use is to help us study and understand our existence as human beings. In the cell hologram, each point contains the complete information about the whole. The body may be healed if and only if the mind and the spirit are also healed. In other words, to achieve a transformation by means of this process, it must be approached in an integrated way.

Cell memory is imprinted by an energy field full of information called info-energy. If you expand the size of a cell until all its atoms are visible, you can verify that we are designed according to delicate masses of info-energy. Quantum physics has already discovered that the building blocks of visible matter are light and sound.
Cells are the hologram pieces that bear our identity and our name. Every human being has a unique life. As there are not two leaves of grass that are exactly the same, there does not exist and won’t ever exist, someone exactly like you or like me. The combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual material is a unique masterpiece that cannot be duplicated. The human body is formed by cells that grow, differentiate, and multiply, carrying with them the basic information obtained at the instant they were conceived. This unique combination of info-energy is the foundational matrix of a human life until death, at which time the hologram disintegrates. Our body’s cells are the building blocks of the hologram that represents a human being, which is in turn the main vehicle of the existential experience we call "my life."

The cells of our hologram carry with them all the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual information. Our cells transport the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) including the genetic imprint and the complete design of our body. Also lodged in them are the impressions of our mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. The cells keep information of all our genetic conditioning and of all our past experiences. This information is unconsciously alive in us, determining our every physical, emotional, and mental pattern. We are an energy conglomerate vibrating and resonating just like a musical note. The whole of humanity is somehow represented in each and every cell of our body. None of the positive or negative experiences we have escapes the highly conditioned design of our hologram.

Our conscious life is like the tip of an iceberg, the visible portion representing only 3 to 5 percent of the whole that we actually are. The submerged portion of the iceberg is the subconscious portion of our life, the one that permeates cells with information and memory. The subconscious operates as if it were behind a veil, conditioning our way of perceiving and responding.

Our cells need to be part of the creative energy flow of the universe. Giving and receiving love is essential for cell growth and expansion. Our hologram has been designed to be nourished by unconditional love and grow with energy. Knowing the dynamics of cell functioning will help to understand it better. The hypothalamus is the region of the brain in charge of synthesizing proteins to adapt them to different organic functions. These special proteins—called "neuropeptides"—are released in the bloodstream each time an emotional state is triggered. Each emotional state produces many different kinds of neuropeptides, which quickly travel through the bloodstream until they find the cells with the appropriate receptors. So, our cells have a certain amount of receptors available for certain neuropeptides. For instance, we may find many receptors able to lodge neuropeptides generated by the sadness or frustration of a person who is permanently depressed. On the other hand, that same person won’t have enough receptors to lodge neuropeptides generated by optimistic or joyful states. If our cells are daily and unconsciously bombarded by emotions (such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, etc.) generated by thoughts and belief patterns creating contractions, they will have less and less receptors able to manage the assimilation, nutrition, cleaning, and healing functions. People who daily give and receive love (to and from others and themselves) may enjoy more health at all levels, while those who spend most of the time judging, complaining, and blaming (others and themselves) will have many more physical, mental, or emotional problems. Love is, literally, what gives cells their vital force, while lack of love drains our vitality and health.

That which resists, persists. Resisting is attracting. This old maxim is very useful in understanding our problems. Cells are constantly being born, growing, and dying, which reflects the unrelenting change, transformation, and regeneration of the universe. We can flow with the changes that life puts in our way or we can resist them. Our work with cellular memory lets us observe that illnesses and dysfunctions we suffer are largely a direct consequence of our habit of resisting the flow of life as it manifests in our lives.
Cells seek naturally to transform. Accepting the flow of life and the consequent changes has a profound healing effect, because this attitude gives rise to inner and outer peace. This state deeply affects the cells, which instantly update the information contained in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual files. All useless information is removed from the cellular memory, to be replaced by new ways of being and acting. Techniques included in the protocols of CMR are designed to help produce these changes smoothly and deeply.

Cells are designed to clean up and eliminate patterns that are no longer useful, and to integrate new patterns that may awaken our ultimate potential. Cells get rid of that which they no longer need or want, and also fulfill this function energetically, eliminating useless resonances. Once the old toxic patterns have been discarded, they are replaced by newer ones that help us live in a healthier way.

Luis Diaz

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