When I believe in the unconscious belief that "I am unworthy and nobody loves me", I feel sad, alone and afraid. When I feel this way, I may feel nervous and insecure. When I feel like that, I may say “yes when I want to say no” to people, trying to get them to like me. When I do that, I may resent others or even myself for doing what I don't want to do. Then I may feel anger and resentment, convinced that I have to attack, defend and protect myself. Then, nobody loves me, nor even me! I judge and criticize myself and feel unworthy and the cycles goes on and on and on.

Coming from the journey into the pain body, we can explore the unconscious beliefs that create the contractions and coming from a more mental investigation, we can foresee the pain that is created as a result of believing an unconscious belief.
What I like about Neural Net Repatterning-NNR, is that anybody can run their own neural pathways without anyone doing it for them. And once you learn how to do it, you can run multiple chains of beliefs and that get's really exciting!
The CMR (Cellular Memory Release) facilitators teach it to our clients and after few sessions they do it without any of our help.

There are three main goals in doing NNR:
1-Uncover the unconscious assumptions and the links between the beliefs,
2-Bring light to the roots and deepest causes if needed.
3-De-activate the assumptions and the chain of beliefs created unconsciously

1. We become aware of the whole neuropathway looking for the benefits with the presence and curiosity of a child.

2. Sometimes becoming aware of the circumstances that originated the unconscious assumptions is crucial. Even though the story is mostly irrelevant, bringing light onto the cause of the wound can be the catalyst for great transformation. The child created a self image based on very important assumptions and decisions following what was going on then.
to get to know the neuropathway is the beginning but is not enough to de-activate the pattern.
after reading the chain of beliefs backwards a few times to bring awareness, we may ask some questions like:
Do you recognize this pattern? Is it familiar to you? How do you see active in your life? Where is this coming from? Where did you learn it? What’s the earliest memory you have of having it? Is there anything that led you to believe this? Who was involved in this experience? As the file starts opening, we will find what unconscious assumptions that person made inside her mind at that early age.

3. Once we find the origin and the unconscious connections that support the beliefs, we ask some questions to verify if we want to keep believing it or we choose not to.
These question are part of the extraordinary work created by Byron Katie called actually; "The Work" that I highly recommend it to you.

a- Is this belief true? Is it real? Is it something I would teach to a child as a teaching for life?
b- How do I feel when I believe it?
c- Does anyone benefit from it? Real, genuine benefit?
d- What would my life be like if I no longer believe this belief? What would my words or actions be like if I no longer believe them?

In what follows, I'll present some real cases in which the Neural Net Repatterning (NNR) technique was used. These people took the CMR Process for the first time. The NNR approach tries to find the benefit underlying the experienced negative state and allows the healing and transformation of the underlying pattern. I suggest that, after reading each session, you take a piece of paper and a pencil, and write down those neural pathways you have discovered that produce in you unnecessary suffering. Also journal about any beliefs you discover that negate the truth of who you really are. You may be amazed and liberated by what you discover.

Luis Diaz
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Dear brother Luis;
I will definitely check out your website, but I do hope to see more activity within the group. I was a physically abused child, and it has taken me most of my adult life to move on and stop blaming others for my decision making flub-ups. (And to start making good decisions!) I do still occasionally have control issues (I believe this is due to the fact that I was never in control during my formative years, therefore I MUST control everything now), but these are far fewer now. I also did partake in the module 1 activation, and have seen much more peace within myself as a result.

Thank you for this great information. Please do present some real cases here so that we may have examples of how to put all of this to good use.
Much Love,
Thank you Linde for your words.
Did you see the two examples I posted?
I will post more soon.

Can this work not only with people ( teens) who have had traumatic childhoods but with people with brain imbalances, bio -chemical imbalances. Bi-Polar, Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder , Sensory disorder
etc. Especially in the children it is not about finding a belief, so how would this work. And, if someone is bi-polar, how would one get to the beliefs , and does that address the chemical imbalance.
Thank you
Hi Angel;
I apologize for not answering you before. I just found out that this group doesn't tell me when I get a message. I have to figure out what is going on.
Regarding your question, this method work with anybody that is willing to do it. If the person is under the influence of heavy medication, probably won't be able, since the process needs presence and awareness all the way.
What is the situation you are talking about?
If you have more specific questions please send them to luis@cellularmemory.org
since I don't trust I will receive the question right away as I wish.

Thank you!



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