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Our existence is as unique as our fingerprints and is imprinted on each cell of our body. Our whole being is an intelligent, integrated, and individual hologram. We actually are a holistic being, not a sum of parts.  Labels such as "body," "mind," and "spirit" are artificial, and their only use is to help us study and understand our existence as human beings. In the cell hologram, each point contains the complete information about the whole. The body may be healed if and only if the mind and the spirit are also healed. In other words, to achieve a transformation by means of this process, it must be approached in an integrated way. This book teaches the integrated way.

Memory in the Cells by Luis Diaz


Chapter 1: Cellular Memory Release
The Search
My Background and Life
An Unexpected Transformation
The Creation of Cellular Memory Release (CMR)
Working with the Pain Body

Chapter 2: All Is Energy
We Are Made of Pure Energy
The Light Body and the Original Resonance
Our Early Programming

Chapter 3: Opposed and Complementary Frequencies
Everything Is in the Energy Field
Between Pain and Joy: the Pendulum
Real versus Imaginary Pain: How We Create Suffering
Real Pain
Imaginary Pain
Chronic Pain
It’s Wise to Avoid Pain; It Isn’t Wise to Resist It
Resisting Is Suffering

Chapter 4: Suffering-Addiction: the Compulsion to Suffer
Pain Happens, While Suffering Is Optional
The Victim Virus: the Suffering-Addiction
Now, write down which of these traits are true in your case
The Model of Self-Responsibility

Chapter 5: The Pain Body
Recovery of Lost Parts
How the Pain Body Is Created
Some Particular Traits of the Pain Body
What Is Not “Real” Creates Pain: How Our Thoughts Affect Our State of Being

Chapter 6: Cells Remember
What Is Cellular Memory?: the Human Bio-Computer
Some Aspects of Cellular Memory
The Energy Field Holds the Memory
Related Research

Chapter 7: Charges that Leave Traces
The Positive Emotional Charge (PEC)
When the Negative Emotional Charge Displaces the Positive One
The Larger the Negative Charge, the Larger the Pain Body
The Dangerous Game of Self-Condemnation: One of the Main Causes of Suffering

Chapter 8: Healing and Transformation Are Possible: Some
Practical Exercises
Pain Can Be Our Teacher and Guide
Transforming Pain
Learning the Language of the Body: Detecting the Pain Body
Returning to the Light Body
The Pain Body Release (PBR) Process: How to Transform Pain into Peace and Joy
Experiences with PBR
Transforming the Pain Body
Four Real Case Examples

Chapter 9: Neural Net Repatterning (NNR)
Exposing the Belief System—A Parable
Three Steps to Start Changing Old Habits and Behaviors
Case Examples Using NNR

An Invitation

References and Suggested Reading

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In awareness and presence,

Luis Diaz

Luis Diaz is the author of the book "The Memory in the Cells" and the founder of CMR international which is an organization that specializes in educating and training people to make positive changes in their lives by using the Cellular Memory Release process. He offers many other valuable resources like e-books, CDs and DVDs. He also trains and coaches people to improve their health and well-being through workshops, tele-seminars and private consultations.

For more than a decade, he's been offering comprehensive personal development programs,  personal private sessions, and advanced Facilitator training to support the participants in the four main levels of life: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. By developing the ability to process negative emotions, you will leave behind behaviors that do not let you enjoy your unlimited potential as human beings and have a healthier and complete life. With this process you will learn to:

- heal physically and emotionally, leaving you free of the conditioning of the past.

- break the habits and behavior patterns that will hurt both you and others.

- discover and utilize these positive parts of yourself that have been stifled by negative emotional charge.

- resolve your conflicts in relationships so that you nurture yourself as much as others.

- heal the painful past that is still alive in you.

- develop a healthy connection to your body and mind.

- recover the natural and spontaneous positive energy we see in young children.

What differentiates the Cellular Memory Release process from other methodologies, is that it is very simple to learn, and once you learn it, you can use it for yourself and share it with your loved ones for the rest of your life without depending on others.

In CMR, people work with the awareness that our Inner World creates our outer world and that our life can improve externally as much as we improve internally.

CMR works with the vital energy of your own body. When you learn it, you get to discover and use the natural power that already exist in your body and as a result, you grow more healthy and empowered.

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