In my experience for over two decades, I learned that the negative emotional charge stored in us from the past painful experiences (early childhood, moment of birth, our pregnancy, soul and past generations) are the main cause for the creation of this energy field in us called:


- The pain body isn’t a problem of some individuals only, but is a trait common to all humans. The pain body is the pain each human being inherits and shares with the others. Nations and societies also have their own collective pain body, shared by all their members.

- The pain body is a pain remnant. It’s the combined result of the resistance to and denial of something we experienced. It’s recognized when some insignificant event triggers a disproportionate response. It’s also recognized in your reaction when something goes wrong or when someone says something you find annoying.

- The pain body emerges when the vital force can’t flow freely. Then, pressure accumulates and pain appears. When the pain body emerges, the feeling of unhappiness and emptiness increases up to an unbearable level. If we attempt to flight or to fight it, the pain grows.

Symptoms of the pain body are different in each person.

- It may be perceived as a turbulence, a constraint, a "rock" in the solar plexus, a "ball" in the throat, a sensation of heaviness or heat, or by feeling dizzy, terrified, or intensely pressured.

- The pain body may be submissive or aggressive. The pain body may be passive or active. There are those that are always active, as happens with people who suffer depression, chronic irritability or physical pain, or who are addict. The vital force is often trapped in the pain body. T

- The pain body must come out to feed itself from time to time. Its feeding period varies from one person to another: it may be once a day, once a week or once a month. While its feeding, the pain body gains control over our mind and gives rise to destructive, negative thoughts.

- The pain body is intensely addictive: once it has taken control over the person’s mind – and, consequently, of her responses – that person doesn’t want to be at peace anymore, but "needs" to go on suffering.

- The pain body needs the others´responses and feeds on them. It the individual is alone, it reviews once and again what happened or imagines what is going to happen, in order to create uneasiness and inner tension. When someone’s pain body is ready to emerge, it attempts to provoke reactions in the pain body of their nearest and dearest.

- The pain body likes "drama". Unfortunately, most relationships are full of drama, and when a "drama" occurs, the mind already aligned with the pain body will find any excuse to add some of its usual tricks to a heated argument or a tense confrontation.

- To acknowledge our pain body is the beginning of a healing and transformation process. As the trapped energy is released, the individual’s health, vitality and creativity increase. When we accept and "observe" the pain body, we cut its links with the mind and prevent it to control it. Then, the only residue it leaves in us is an energy field felt as uncomfortable.

- The pain body isn’t our enemy, It is a contraction in our energy field, so that we won’t fight against it nor try to eliminate it.

- The stronger the pain body, the stronger the motive to transform it.

- What is called "karma", that is, the unconscious repetition of past energy patterns, is consciously solved and dissolved when the pain body is transformed.

- Being part of the human race, each of us shares a part of collective pain and registers in her the conditioning of millions of social, cultural, genetic, planetary and, very likely, also galactic influences.

I hope this information will help you in your healing process.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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Thank you Great article
Dear Luis,

That was most enlightening. It certainly makes sense although I doubt getting rid of the pain body is as easy as it might sound. I remember after my teenage daughter was killed that there was a part of the grieving time when my family and me were almost comfortable with the grief, the pain--it had become a part of us and still is to some degree after 27 years. I also discovered a few years ago that I am an empath. I feel other's emotional and physical pain even when they are hundreds of miles away and I don't know until later that they were in pain. This seemed to occur after a series of near death experiences in which I was dead and had to be revived many times. I don't remember any of it but I did finally realize I was emphathizing with even strangers. Is this type of thing a part of the pain body or just another annoying "gift" that does not help the one suffering or me the one feeling their pain? Thanks for the presentation and for listening to my remarks.

Micki Peluso
Yes, it may be a gift or a curse. It depends how you are using it!
Are you in any way doing any artistic, spiritual or healing work?
It may be very useful in that case.

As you say, grieving has its place and is very necessary, but when its too long of a time, it may became some sort of addiction.

Thank you for your comments.

I can definitely relate to this article. I had an experience in the past few days where someone I had just met triggered negative feelings and anxiety in me because of someone in my past and the hurt that I experienced from that relationship... This person is very nice however there are too many triggers and it is not possible for me to have any kind of close relationship with them... I know that I need to rid myself of these feelings however, I am still in the grieving process of this relationship and the triggers no longer emit feelings of sadness or love, I am having feelings of anger... My goal now is to explain to this person that I am not able to have a close relationship with them. I am going to be honest and tell them that I am still grieving another relationship and tht I am not ready... I just have to be tactful and not reveal the deeper reasons, the triggers, the similarities because I don't want to hurt them with details and make them feel inadequate... Much thought has gone into this today... and I am once again, at peace...

much Love, Gretchen


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