Dearest Beloved’s, we wait for thee, whilst you sojourn once more back to the earth, till that time returns when, as a Drop in the Ocean of Infinity, we are Reunited, having shared each other’s thoughts, happenings and experiences, you through the earth, and your beloved, once again in the Divine Spheres.  Each of our time apart, Constitutes One Vast Whole in the Plan of the Universe. 

We meet up each night whilst sleep, dreams and astral travelling is undergone, and that joy of our Reunion is as The Sun – it is merely moments in time, before it happens again.

The Strength And Light From The Highest Realms, help to sustain you dearest heart, for in essence, we are never apart.  Yes, to us both it would seem that way – after all, can you always hear what we say?

That path of deepest love and devotion, adoration known, is felt nowhere more so, than when we are both Home.

The many steps taken by the Beloveds in the Divine Spheres, are and will be added to your Own Reserves, so that when the time comes and we Remain as One, longer than has been for Far Too Long.

Dearest heart, your many lives have been added to mine… together we shine as yet another Star in the Galaxy of a Million Lights.  Each Star is known to us of the Light, none more so, then when there is night.  As we look down towards our Blessed Earth, that planet of suffering, yes joy too, but we here in the Heavenly Worlds we love to see our Eternal Flames, who appear far from our side, but with those unbreakable bonds of the deepest love, we can be with them in but a second. 

That is all it takes to be As One, as we await our dearest ones, back to Their Eternal Home.

Many are there of us who Await the Return, of their Eternal Flame of Paradise Lost, which is what it feels like for all of us, as we await the Reunion of our Eternal Flame.

For some here the wait is longer, the Other Part of Themselves Have Many Years Left before the Call of Home Envelopes Their Being, as they return in joy and delight, to Meet With Us, their Eternal Beloveds, far from the Density of the Earth, to those Lands Above in the Planes of Light, where we are Bathed in the Radiance of the Creator, as we are joined together within the Very Breath of the Spiritual Sun, the Rhythmic Heart of our Beloved Father, Creator of all Worlds and Universes, and in Whose Light, Blessed Are We Once More.

We Rest at Peace knowing our days apart are over and we can now go forward into Future Planes of the Highest Light, Together – No Separation Exists.

What joy that will be, as we, like all our Brothers and Sisters, Move Upwards and Onwards to Newly Planned Realms of Light, which have been waiting for us since the Dawn of Time, for all that is and will be, has been in the Planning and Conception of the Mind and Thoughts of the Godhead. 

We go joyously forward, as Memories Return to us, of Other Times and Places in the Far Distant Past, where all the Eternal Flames Were Home. 

Each Set Being Permanently As One, as we Remember How it was When the Worlds Were Young, and Innocence Was Felt, before the Loss From Separation Came Into Being.

But Here, at this Time, there is No Loss, for we are Once Again Reunited, The Eternal Flame Of Our Beloveds And Us, Never Need To Be Apart, for from Herein, we are able to Work Together, Side By Side And As One, As We Journey Into Further Planes Of Light, as the Creator So Envisaged When He Dreamt His Dream, Of All Life As One In Unity.

Therefore, dearest heart, we wait for thee, till that time returns when we will Remain As One, able to Separate At Will And Reunite, With The Great Blessings Of The Creator, Who Shares With Us, That Twin-Ship Of Eternal Love And Light, Each With Their Own, In All The Spheres Of Existence.

Thus Harmony Is Experienced Throughout The Many Universes, As Dual Breaths Are Taken, As All Life Resonates As One, One Breath, One Whole In Oneness Of All That Is, And Has Been.


September 2012

Channelled through Pat ...

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This is beautiful Pauline. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much, Chandi ~ it is words like these that take us 'home' -~ although we live our lives in the hope that we are still 'there'.


Pauline ♥♥♥


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