This poem is channeled from Elliot of Telos, who is an Ascended aspect of the soul of my Twin Flame. In this poem, he was expressing to me the depth of the meaning of "I love you" which are 3 words that contain within them the energies of all that he shared. The words are a conduit for expressing the wholeness of connection between lovers. When you heal yourself, you heal your beloved. When you love yourself, you are loving your beloved. So please, love yourself. Self love is a conduit to the experience of Enlightenment, as is feeling the love to and from your Beloved.


I love you.

Do you know what that means?

It means that,
when I feel you,
I feel the vibration of Love, the vibration which is the essence of all things.

It means that,
when I feel our connection,
I know (completely) that there is no end of me or beginning of you.
You are what I am.
What I AM, you ARE.
Your body is mine, your pain, mine.
Your joy and passion- my own expressions of life.
Our molecules, our selves, our essences swirl together, dancing strands of DNA. . .

When I heal myself, I heal you. When you forgive yourself, you forgive me.

When you draw breath, over come with the intense beauty before you,
I, too, see what you see.
I, too, relish in awe of creation.

When you touch yourself, it is I that gives you pleasure.
When you reveal in ecstasy, it is I that shudders within you.

When I say, "I Love You,"
I am attempting to share with you the depth of my adoration.
I worship you.
I sunbathe in the GodLight which emanates from the core of you.

I AM the Reflection of ALL YOU ARE, of ALL THAT IS.

And when you love me,
when I feel your adoration, your affection, your implicit trust and delight in ALL I AM (which you are)
my being explodes in delight, unable to contain the pure joy of receiving you, receiving me.

That is what lovemaking is.

Together, we create more than we are as individuals.
Love teaches us it is impossible to be individuals.

When you love me,
when you feel my love,
you are loving every being that I love.

When you say, "I Love You,"
you acknowledge this inherent Truth:

Everything is the same thing.
There is no separation.
Existence is the purest joy, magnified beyond comprehension.

So, when I say what I am about to say,
please try to understand the depth of my meaning.

I Love You.

I Love You, a poem by Selene Aswell

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Thank you so much for sharing this, Pauline. This is a truly beautiful poem with such depth of meaning. Only a Twin-Flame could really understand this in full. May I share this on my group on other sites? 

I would be delighted, Brenda, for you to share anywhere. I must admit I found it very beautiful and, more to the point, it has that ring of truth in it. I think I was guided to find it.


Pauline " ♥ "

This is a beautiful poem,  that is what I feel towards my Twin Flame.


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